XYZZY Awards 2018: First Round Open

The XYZZY Awards for the interactive fiction works of 2018 is now open for first-round voting. (Probably setting a record for the latest in the year; sorry about that.)

The XYZZYs use your IF Comp login; if you need to register an account with the Comp, or you’ve forgotten your account details, go here. You can log in here (you’ll get kicked back to the front page) and then vote here. In the nominee round, you can nominate two works in each category. You should not nominate works that you authored, and you should not direct voters to vote for particular games or slates of games.

The first round will remain open through the 19th of July (technically, with votes closing at 1 AM US-Pacific time on the 20th).

The full list of eligible games, harvested from IFDB with the help of juxi and Claire Furkle, is here; if there are any errors or omissions, please let me know (either at, in comments here, or on Twitter at @XYZZYAwards or @tsawac ).

Below the cut are the list of works listed on IFDB which were not eligible for the Awards.


These are IFDB entries which don’t seem to correspond to a real game, or which don’t seem to be available to the public.

Alone with Yourself, Jeremiah Van Elgort
The Amusement Park, Ryan Dolner
Amnesia, Mads
A Cockwork Orange, Jame Gumb, Jr.
Cookie Clickers, ITzJayGames
Date Night: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening in a Dangerously Delicious Time of Modern Romance, anon
Defender, Eggball4444
Effects of Wealth on Sentencing, Chase Foreman
Instruction Set
Men Don’t Play With Dolls, Jordan Leendertsen
na, na
The Neophyte, Bilal Mahmood
Pirates are a Hot Mess, Anonymous
RealityQuake: Bootstrap Redux: Paradox+, necrophobicgoth
Samantha’s Cover Letter, Samantha Cheung
Red Alert – Adrift in Space, Gizmodeus
Scourge of Andromeda, Nicholas Fuhrmann
Smish Test v0.1, Anonymous
Solus, DrYitz
Toby’s Misadventure, yoon
vampiro, vico
weird first time quiz with ending, Tyconxcon
Winter Quiet, Nathan McRae
White Waker, PsychoFox
The Voodoo You Do 3, Marshall Tenner Winter
Wrath of Chance, A Dashing Saint

Works in progress, updated games, works which only exist as DLC or expansions for earlier games, and ports of older games are not XYZZY-eligible. In particular, this means that Fallen London Exceptional Stories have not been eligible, since they are expansions of Fallen London that cannot be played separately.

The Beast of Torrack Moor – 30th Anniversary Edition, Linda Doughty, Chris Ainsley, Andy Green: a slightly updated port of a 1988 PAW game
Chiara’s Adventure (Unfinished), TheGiantPig
TrolleyMania, Gareth Pickford
Where the Heart Is, cheekygimp

The Bones of London – Gavin Inglis
Daylight – Ash McAllan
Factory of Favours – Graham Robertson
For All The Saints Who From Their Labours Rest – James Chew
The Magician’s Dream – Mary Goodden
A Little Pandemonium – Jack de Quidt
The Murgatroyd Formula – Mary Goodden
The Price of Loss – Kevin Snow
The Pursuit of Moths – Harry Tuffs
The Rat-Catcher – Chandler Groover
Required Repairs – Gavin Inglis
Written in the Glim – Mary Goodden

Exfate: Sen (a platformer)



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