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XYZZY Awards Games

The following games have been collected as eligible for this year's XYZZY Awards. Want to vote on who the winners should be? Go here! Think we missed a game? Mail the organizers.

But first, the categories:

Best Game

Best Writing

Best Story

Best Setting

Best Puzzles

Best NPCs

Best Individual Puzzle

Best Individual NPC

Best Individual PC

Best Implementation

Best Use of Innovation

Best Technological Development

Best Use of Multimedia

List of Games

111 cm. de aprendizaje (Laura Baleztena)
1181 (ricassofiction,notgojira)
16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds (Abigail Corfman)
30 kilogrammes (verityvirtue)
500 Apocalypses (Phantom Williams)
The Adventures of Rogelio Price (Sam Ursu)
AETERNAL (massivebittrip)
Aether Apeiron: The Zephyra Chronicles (Hippodamus & Company)
Aftermath (OurJud)
Alexander Systems (M. Darusha Wehm)
All I Do is Dream (Megan Stevens)
All Your Time-Tossed Selves (Porpentine)
The Anachronist (Peter Levine)
Another Day (Soda51)
Antropology (Oreolek)
The Anxious Object (Karol El Masri)
Area 51 (Jim Gerrie)
Ariadne in Aeaea (Victor Ojuel)
El asesino durmiente (Candy Von Bitter)
Ash (Lee Grey)
At Anchor (B Minus Seven)
Atrocitron (Michael Martin)
Awake (Josh Giesbrecht (as joshg))
The barbarians are coming! (Daniel Kosacki)
Barroom Brawl (Mathbrush)
The Beast, Nian: A Chinese Text Adventure (IFforL2)
Because You're Mine (Owlor)
Before the Storm Hits (JY Yang)
Best of Us (Teo Kuusela)
The Black Phone (Oreolek)
Black Rock City (Jim Munroe)
Blood Will Out (Ella Risbridger)
Blow Out the Candles (Luke Skytrekker)
Bower of Blood and Thorns (Chrysoula Tzavelas)
A Brief Introduction To This Game (Jacques Frechet)
The Brigand's Story (Laura Michet)
Bring Me A Head! (Chandler Groover)
burning alexandria (Javid R.K.)
Burning Temples (ghostwrassler)
Cactus Blue Motel (Astrid Dalmady)
Campus Row - Part 1 (Dylan Lockhart)
Cancel Cable Or Die Trying (Tony Smith)
Candle flames in windless air (Teaspoon)
Cannonfire Concerto (Caleb Wilson)
Cat Simulator 2016 (helado de brownie)
A Checkered Haunting (Andrew Schultz)
Cheesed Off! (Hulk Handsome)
A Child Without an Eye: Chapter 1 (RatGrimes)
Choice of Alexandria (Kevin Gold)
Choice of the Pirate (Alana Joli Abbott)
Choices: And The Sun Went Out (Tin Man Games, KG Tan, Alyce Potter, and Felicity Banks)
ChoiceScript Interactive Tutorial (Lynnea Glasser)
Christy (Joey Jones)
Cinnamon Tea (Daffs O'Dill)
City of Dead Leaves (Felix Plesoianu)
Coffee and Tea (Brian Kwak)
Collision (Daniel Burchinal)
Color the Truth (mathbrush)
Commander (Nathaniel Holle)
Como la Gente Civilizada | Like Civilized People (Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez)
Compound Fracture (Jimmy Evans)
Congresswolf (Ellen Cooper)
Conversatio Nihilo (Adam Bredenberg)
Countdown (Soda51)
Cryonix (OurJud)
The CryptoGame (Manan Singh)
La cuarta especie (Laura Baleztena)
The Curious Incident at Blackrock Township (Bitter Karella)
The Daring Mermaid Expedition (Andrea Phillips)
Darkened Dreams (StoryP4nda)
Darkest Words Soldado (Doug Egan)
Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 2: Journey to Hell (Marco Vallarino)
The Day time stood still (Marius M)
The Dead: A Story (John Leo)
Dead Man's Hill (Arno von Borries)
Death at Hamsterley (Judith Buendgens-Kosten et al.)
Death's Tomb (D.B.T)
Deeper (The Pixie)
The Depths Of Sarcasm (Sam Wilson)
Destination Unknown (Mark Mihalko)
Detectiveland (Robin Johnson)
Le diamant blanc (Benjamin Roux)
Dietro l'Angolo (Paolo Lucchesi)
Distance (Zachary Nadel)
D (L. C. Frey)
"Do Not Meddle" (Teaspoon)
Draculaland (Robin Johnson)
The Dragon Diamond (Kenneth Pedersen)
Dragon Fate (Kris Schnee)
Dreamland Revised (Carolyn VanEseltine)
Dream State Zero (Mero)
Dr. Sourpuss Is Not A Choice-Based Game (P.B. Parjeter)
Dude, Where's My Scapula? (Zachary Hodgens)
Edith's Cats (Roboman)
Eh what drink did you order? (chintokkong)
Eidolon GGJ2016 (Austin M Jones)
Eight characters, a number, and a happy ending (K.G. Orphanides)
Ember's Diary (Amy)
Enchanted (Felicity Banks)
Endure (Emily Short)
ENGINE MACHINE: The Deities of Time and Space (Adam Bredenberg)
Enough (Hannah Powell-Smith)
Entropy (David Cornelson)
Epitaph (Max Kreminski)
Escape | ???: A text adventure game for Chinese learners (Olle Linge,Kevin Bullaughey)
Ethics AI: Don't Freeze Edition (Sherry Jones)
Euphoria (Martyav)
An Evening at the Ransom Woodingdean Museum House (Ryan Veeder)
Evermore (Adam Whybray,Edgar Allan Poe)
Evertree Inn (Thom Baylay)
Evita Sempai (Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez)
EyeMoon: Protect My Precious Vilg!!! (Porpentine)
Fair (Hanon Ondricek)
Fallen ?? Leaves (Adam Bredenberg)
Famous Baby (N.C. Kerklaan)
Fantastic Backflip (Norbez)
Far-Out Space Freaks (J. Robinson Wheeler)
The Filmmaker (Unimatrix Productions)
The Final Labyrinth of King Minos (Ariadno)
The First Day (Brett Chalupa)
Flash in the Pan: ADHD Simulator (Thom Simonson)
Flight of the Necrovoyager (Joey Bones)
Florida Road Trip (Mooeena)
Foo Foo (Buster Hudson)
Fourdiopolis (Andrew Schultz)
Four Sittings in a Sinking House (Bruno Dias)
Fridgetopia (Mathbrush)
A Friend to Light Your Way (verityvirtue)
The Futographer (Lyle Skains)
Gaia's Web (Nigel Jayne)
The Game of Worlds TOURNAMENT! (Ade)
Garbage Collection (Matt Weiner)
Get Lost! (S. Woodson)
The Ghosts of Christmas ______ (Laika Fawkes)
A Gift For Mother (Natalie Zed)
A girl and a boy (Emanuel Nordrum)
The God Device (Andy Joel)
Going Home (Santiago Eximeno)
A Good Wick (Little Foolery)
Grofast Industries (Brwarner Studios)
Guns of Infinity (Paul Wang)
Hand Washing Simulator 20XX (Soda51)
Hanferd Goes To Camp (D.B.T)
Hanferd Meets The Wolfman (D.B.T)
Hard Puzzle 3 : Origins (Ade McT)
Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony (Ben Kidwell,Maevele Straw)
Hello Chagall (Toulousio)
Heretic Dreams (Hannah Powell-Smith)
Her Majesty's Trolley Problem (Buster Hudson)
The Hero Project: Redemption Season (Zachary Sergi)
Hill Ridge Lost & Found (Jeremy Pflasterer)
A History of Publishing (Marcus Bertrand)
Hollowed Weed (Alex Beauchesne)
Home Open (Emily Boegheim)
Honeysuckle (Cat Manning)
The House Abandon (jonNoCode)
House of Lies (Brandon Zhou)
Howled House (B Minus Seven)
How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors (Brian Kwak)
A Hunger Games Prequel, by Connor (Connor B.)
A hypertext night (chintokkong)
The Ice-Bound Concordance (Aaron A. Reed,Jacob Garbe)
Iceweb (Gil Williamson)
I Didn't Really Like It Before (Drusilla)
i love gardening (shecallsmecdawg)
Images Across a Shattered Sea (Stewart C. Baker)
Impetum Maleficus (Hamish McIntyre)
In Good Company (A.M.)
Inside the Facility (Arthur DiBianca)
Interstellar Pizza Brigade (Peregrine Wade)
Into the Dragon's Den (Xanmag)
The Jinni (Alexander Newcombe)
Jones N. Forebuts and the Secret of the Golden Butt (Casper Candlewood)
Juicing Simulator (emma bean)
Just Talk to Them (Raymond Vermeulen)
Killing the Hero (Erin Carter)
Kinsale Horror (Arek Arktos)
Knight Moves (Lord Ruthven 2000)
Korenvliet (Alexander van Oostenrijk)
Kotodama (Aidan Doyle)
Kruo (Adam Bredenberg)
À la basse et au chant (Eva Simonin)
Labour's Letters Lost (Christopher Huang)
Labyrinth of Loci (anbrewk)
Ladykiller in a Bind (Christine Love)
The Last Rites of Doctor Wu (MaximumOD)
Latch Trap (Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez)
The Laughing Gnome (Teaspoon)
The Legend of Blackbrook Village (OurJud)
Lethophobia (Jess Mersky,Olivia Wood)
Letters (Madison Evans)
Lifestream (Unimatrix Productions)
Life with OCD (Adri)
Light into Darkness (Christina Nordlander)
Literary Intelligence (Arielle Davis)
The Little Lifeform That Could (Fade Manley)
Li You's Secret Admirer (Mrs. Pollard)
L'Observatoire (St)
The Locked Room (Andrew Stone)
Lost Circus (D.B.T)
The Lost Crypt (D.B.T)
The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom (Mike Walter)
Low (Peregrine Wade)
The Lurking Beast Chapter 2 (D.B.T)
The Lurking Beast Chapter 3 (D.B.T)
The Lurking Beast (D.B.T)
Machinations: Fog of War (Chris Conley)
Make Trump Great Again (David Axt,Janis Vernier,Mia Woelm)
The Mary Jane of Tomorrow (Emily Short)
Mayfly (Christopher Brent)
Mazurka - A Ghost in Italy (Xalavier Nelson Jr.)
A Messenger Adventure (Kilian Valkhof)
MetaQuest (Soot)
Mhairie Sioux Escrivain and the Dracula of Hogwarts (Roger Carbol (as M Grablowsky))
A Midsummer Night's Choice (Kreg Segall)
Mighty Mage (IncogitableZ)
Mind Games (me)
Mirror and Queen (Chandler Groover)
Miss Clemory & the Wall of Fire (Porpentine)
The Missing T (Anonymous)
La Missione di Kyle Remerook (_draedr_)
The Monster In Me (Alice Rendell, Gauthier Andre)
Moonland (BillyJaden)
the morning after (verityvirtue)
The Mouse (Naomi Z (as Norbez))
Mouth of Ashes (verityvirtue)
Moving Day (helado de brownie)
Ms. Lojka or: In Despair to Will to Be Oneself (Jordan Magnuson)
Murder Simulator (How To Get Away With Murder) (S.P.A.K.)
Mushrooms Red As Meat (A C Godliman)
Mustard, Music, and Murder (Christopher Huang)
My Last Rodeo (Mike Sousa)
Mystery! (Gene Welborn)
Nadia's Late (Jim Munroe)
New Town New Me (piratescarfy)
Night House (Bitter Karella)
Nights of the Arcane: Blacklam (iSketchworks)
Noble crook (Karmo Talts)
No Quiero Verla (Jeremy Spillane)
Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing (Re-Dock,Young People of Wigan, Burnley, Hull)
Not All Things Make It Across (Bruno Dias)
Not Another Hero (Cecilia Rosewood)
November 9th, 2015 - Jan 26th, 2016 (Art Siriwatt)
Odin City (Hannah Baltes,Jannik Sch)
Open Sorcery (Abigail Corfman)
Open Up! (Brendan Patrick Hennessy)
Orpheus and Eurydice (Ethan Chu,Whitley Marshall,John Rendleman,Abhishek Das,Courtney Brady)
Out There Chronicles - Ep. 1 (FibreTigre)
PATHOGENS: An Interactive Zombie Survival Gamebook (James Schannep)
The Periwink (Jedediah Berry)
Pink (Xian Xian)
Pogoman GO! (Jack Welch,Ben Collins-Sussman)
Point Blank Blank (Christopher Huang)
The Poisoned Soup | ???? (Steven Dong)
Portcullis (Robin Johnson)
Powers of Two (B Minus Seven)
Predictions of a Strip Mall Psychic (Jake Elliott)
Psychomanteum (Hanon Ondricek)
P (Thomas B)
Put A Sock In It! (Leonid Pilchin)
The Queen's Menagerie (Chandler Groover)
Quest for the Traitor Saint (Owlor)
Racing (with a twist) (heidibear8@gmsil.com)
Rastros (Incanus)
Realistic Zork (lempamo)
The Realm (Sylen)
Reference and Representation: An Approach to First-Order Semantics (Ryan Veeder)
Relentless Drag (B Minus Seven)
The Reveal (Mike Sousa)
Rite of Passage (Arno von Borries)
Rites of a Mailmare (Owlor)
Roberta Williams Eats a Sandwich (Bitter Karella)
The Role of Music in Your Life (Five Dials)
Room (Justin Bruystens)
Rough Draft (Erica Kleinman)
Saga of the North Wind (Tom Knights)
Save the City with Hatsune Miku from Zombies. (Yoyogi Jotaro)
Scars (Olivia Dunlap)
School 4 (GRMMXI)
SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD! (Xalavier Nelson Jr.)
Seachange (Alex Butterfield)
The Sea Eternal (Lynnea Glasser)
Shady Brook (Unimatrix Productions)
The Shape of Our Container (Rocketnia)
sheep here (Teaspoon)
The Shoe Dept. (Aquanet)
Sigil Reader (Field) (verityvirtue)
The Silence of the Night (vrusciante)
Silver Spooning: Close Encounters with Mr. Right (A. Hagen)
Sisters of Claro Largo (David T. Marchand)
Six-sided Die: The Text Adventure (Bungatron)
The Skull Embroidery (Jeron Paraiso)
Skull-Scraper (chandler groover)
The Skyscraper and the Scar (Diego Freire,Ruber Eaglenest)
Sleepy Puppy's Rest Quest (Kackington)
Slicker City (Andrew Schultz)
Smash Your TV (Soda51)
Snake's Game (Nahian Nasir)
Sorcery! 4 (Steve Jackson,inkle)
Sorcery Is for Saps (Hilari Bell,Anna-Maria Crum)
Space detective (Karmo Talts)
Space Pizza Delivery (Brian Kwak)
Space Police (Marius M)
Space Poop (Collin Pointon)
Space Princess Coronation (Marie Vibbert)
The Spectrap (Alex Ball)
Spellbound (Adam Perry)
Standoff (Matthew R.F. Balousek)
Starship Adventures (Felicity Banks (editor))
Stars (Zoe H)
Star Yonza (Betaproject)
Staying Put (verityvirtue)
stay | leave (pseudorachel)
Stealing the Stolen (Rachel, Sabrina,Ms. Dooms)
Steam and Sacrilege (Phil McGrail)
Stone Harbor (Liza Daly)
A Study in Porpentine (chintokkong)
Stuff and Nonsense (Felicity Banks)
Superhero Stress (Michael Yadvish)
Superluminal Vagrant Twin (C.E.J. Pacian)
Swag Simulator 2: #Based Baller (Joshy Washy Wishy Wham)
Swamp Castle (Philip Kempton)
Swedish Dads (Xian Xian)
Synchronicity (Cat Manning)
Der Tag an dem Emilia W. verschwand (Georg Philipp Baldwig)
Take (Katherine Morayati (as Amelia Pinnolla))
Take Over the World (Marie L. Vibbert)
Tangaroa Deep (Astrid Dalmady)
Tao Through Space and Time (Marion)
Teeth and Ice (Hannah Powell-Smith)
Tentaculon (Ned Vole)
That Damn Elevator! (Binkley Beardman)
Thaxted Havershill And the Golden Wombat (Andrew Brown)
Theatre People (Michael Kielstra)
This City Knows You (Lido)
This is My Memory of First Heartbreak, Which I Can't Quite Piece Back Together (Jenny Goldstick,Stephen Betts,Owen Roberts)
Three-Card Trick (Chandler Groover)
Three Little Pigs (JD Chan)
The Thulheim Ritual (Brett Reinke)
A Time of Tungsten (Devin Raposo)
The Time Travelling Watch (smolblooky)
TinyHillside (Emily Short)
TinyUtopias Football Manager: Super Soccer Slam Edition (A. Johanna DeNiro)
Tipelau (Hugo Labrande)
TL-MEGA-777-13 (DWaM)
Toiletworld (Chet Rocketfrak)
Toiletworld Omega (Brian Kwak)
To Kindle A Light (Jon Vasilevic)
Tokyo Wizard (Adrao)
To The Wolves (Els White)
The Tower and the Toucan (E. Lily Yu)
The Train of Life (Marco Innocenti)
Transplant (Caelyn Sandman)
Traveling in a sueno (Alvaro Nino)
Tu Gutes Spiel (Stefan Sch)
The Tunnel (Natalia Theodoridou)
The Twilight Zone - A Stop at Willoughby (D.B.T)
The Twilight Zone - A Text Adventure (D.B.T)
Uh Ah! Capybara (Sirius, kidkidkid,Capy)
Ukraine Ghost Story (Rhea Dykoski)
Una noche en Darkadia (CandyVonBitter)
Underground Adventure (D.B.T)
Underground Dungeon (Ben Ehrlich)
A Universidade (Diego Nascimento)
Unreal City (Joey Jones)
The Unstoppable Vengeance of Doctor Bonesaw (Caleb Wilson (as Lewis Blanco))
Untie (Mathbrush (as Alex Ellis))
Ventilator (Peregrine Wade)
VERSUS: The Elite Trials (Zachary Sergi)
Vesp (Porpentine)
Violets (Jessica Hammer)
The Way Home (Kenneth Pedersen)
We Are Unfinished (Ade McT)
Welcome to Pineview (Filthy & Free Publishing)
What Fuwa Bansaku Found (Chandler Groover)
What to Do When You're Alone (Glass Rat Media)
Who Are You, Mr Cooper? (Litvinov Serhiy)
WhoDunnIt (Oranges)
Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist (Xavid)
WitherOver (boak)
Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder (Konstantinos Dimopoulos)
Worldsmith (interactive Fables)
Xanadu - The World's Only Hope, Part 2 - Revenge (XanMag)
The Xylophoniad (Robin Johnson)
Yes, my mother is... (Skarn)
Yesterday, You Saved the World (Astrid Dalmady)
You are standing in a cave... (Caroline Berg)
You (ClickHole)
You Matched! (Mike Sousa)
Zigamus: Zombies at Vigamus (Marco Vallarino)