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XYZZY Awards Games

The following games have been collected as eligible for this year's XYZZY Awards. Want to vote on who the winners should be? Go here! Think we missed a game? Mail the organizers.

But first, the categories:

Best Game

Best Writing

Best Story

Best Setting

Best Puzzles

Best NPCs

Best Individual Puzzle

Best Individual NPC

Best Individual PC

Best Implementation

Best Use of Innovation

Best Technological Development

Best Use of Multimedia

List of Games

10pm (litrouke)
1958: Dancing With Fear (Victor Ojuel)
4 Alice : Lorange Journey (Mia Blais-C)
8 Shoes on the Shelves (Marc Duane)
9 Secret Steps (mathbrush)
Absence of Law (mathbrush)
Advent (Krishan Coupland)
Adventura (Leighton Swannell)
The Adventure of Esmeralda and Ruby on the Magical Island (Marco Anastasio)
Adventuring 101: Rogue Like (Joshua Castillo)
After the Giant's War (Emily McCosh)
Ajana Path (Sumana)
A.L.A.N. (Mia Blais-C)
Alantros Survival (Kazbiel Software)
Al Final del Recorrido (Guillermo Crespi)
Alice Aforethought (Hanon Ondricek)
All Hail The King! (Luke Skytrekker)
All Visitors Welcome (Bitter Karella)
all you have to do is survive (Lily Lapidese)
Alone. (ATwy84)
American Angst (m3g1dd0)
Another Color of Hope (Kristan J. Wheaton)
Antiquest (Anton Lastochkin)
The Architect (Vault Games)
Arc Symphony (Sophia Park & Penelope Evans)
Arizona Craters (Norbez)
Arkham Investigator (Delacannon)
Avatar Of The Wolf (Bendi Barrett)
Backslash Mountain (fortis)
Back Then (Janelynn Camingue)
Baking with Lizzie (Adri)
Balefires Burning (Cassandra Wolf)
Banneker Boulevard (KittyDaKat)
A Bathroom Myth (Anya Johanna DeNiro)
The battle with the Half-Orc (Zack)
Beached! (Prelude) (Theodore C. Lim & Ewald Bal)
A Beauty Cold and Austere (Mike Spivey)
Behind the Door (eejitlikeme)
Black Marker (Michael Kielstra)
Blind Date from Hell (rook)
Bloody Raoul (Caleb Wilson (as Ian Cowsbell))
Bobby and Bonnie (Xavid)
The Bony King of Nowhere (Luke A. Jones)
Bookmoss (Devon Guinn)
The Boot-Scraper (Caleb Wilson (as Lionel Schwob))
brevity quest (Chris Longhurst)
Broadway: 1849 (Robert Davis)
Buck the Past (Andrew Schultz)
can you say my name again (nadia nova)
Can you stop Jeremy Corbyn from joining ISIS? (Tom McNally)
Captain Piedaterre's Blunders (Wade Clarke)
Case #410113 (FetusCommander)
A Castle of Thread (Marshal Tenner Winter)
The Castle of Vourtram (Alexandre Torres)
Cereal (Brian Kwak)
A Chance for Destruction (Efi)
Charlie The Robot (Fernando Contreras)
Choice of Rebels: Uprising (Joel Havenstone)
Choice of the Cat (Jordan Reyne)
Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (Tin Man Games and Felicity Banks)
Choose Your Own Writing Career (M. C. DeMarco)
A Christmas Game: The Sequel (Luke.A. Jones)
Cinco divertidos juegos para Halloween (Santiago Eximeno)
Civil Mimic (Andrew Schultz)
Click Agree (Craig Morrow)
Clockwork Heart (Alex C. Hughes (www.ahugheswriter.com))
Code Name Silver Steel (SpecialAgent)
commodification (cesario)
A common enemy (David de Torres Huerta)
Communion (Eneasz Brodski)
Conscientia - The Book of Eidos (Bruce Burns & Eliot Corley)
Corrupter of Dreams (Robert Patten)
Crocodracula: What Happened to Calvin (Ryan Veeder)
The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford (Paul Wang)
Crypt Shyfter: Colossus (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Dreadnaughts (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Exile (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Mon Magma (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Rebellion (Kung Fu Space Barbarian)
Crypt Shyfter: Vortex (kung fu space barbarian)
The Cube in the Cavern (Andrew Schultz)
Danielle's Inferno (Olivia Rivard)
Dark as Blood (Masha Lepire & Eugene Fasano)
Data Doesn't Lie (Jim Munroe)
Date Night (Anonymous)
The Day I shot Alex (Marius M)
Day of the Djinn (paperyowl)
A dead man's hug (Leaner Gilts)
Dead Meat in the Pit (Christina Nordlander)
Dear Child Me (chelsey)
Decision Makers (Mehitabel Glenhaber)
Decolor (Godokoro)
Demon Mark: A Russian Saga (Lorraine Fryer & Vladimir Barash)
Departure (Malaika Shard)
The Desert Breathes. (piratescarfy)
Deshaun Steven's Ship Log (Marie L. Vibbert)
The devil tree (A.I. Wulf)
dhan (litrouke)
Diamant Rose (Teo Kuusela)
Diaper Quest (Aika)
Disabled by... (Beest)
Dogface Finds a Stick (InkThinks)
Do It (Santiago Eximeno)
Doki Doki Literature Club (Team Salvato)
Domestic Elementalism (fireisnormal)
Don't Mind My Apocalypse Head (Bruno Dias)
The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now (Newsreparter)
The Dream Self (Florencia Minuzzi)
dripping with the waters of SHEOL (Lady Isak Grozny)
The Eagle's Heir (Jo Graham & Amy Griswold)
Eat Me (Chandler Groover)
Egress (Aleks Samoylov)
The Elevator Game (Owlor)
Emoji game (Enola)
En la oscuridad (Dark Mike)
Enlightened Master (Ben Kidwell & Maevele Straw)
Escape from Fetchville (Bitterly Indifferent)
Escape from Terra (Mike Gerwat)
Escape (Kirsty McGill)
The Exegesis of John the Martyr (spncryn)
Fake News (Mike Sousa)
A Farewell to Terra (Ethan Burgess)
The Fifth Sunday (Tom Broccoli)
Find Burdock (Delani Valin)
A Fire Darkly: Chapter 1 (Louis Rakovich)
The First Quest (Matthew Mayr (with some help from Mike Bryant))
A Fly On The Wall, or An Appositional Eye (Nigel Jayne)
A Fly On The Wall (Peregrine Wade)
Foggy Road (Blue Glasses Publishing)
Fog Lights and Foul Deeds (Tom Sykes)
Footnotes in Ashes (Jeremy M. Gottwig)
Four Days of Summer (David Welbourn)
France (Alex Mak, Betsy Larson, Abbie King, John Pascone & Kyle Pasciuto-Kenny)
Frore Inc. (Tobias Svenblad)
Futility (A.I. Wulf)
Future Threads (Xavid)
Gallery Exhibition: A Love Story (Madison Scott-Clary)
Get Seen Tonight (Hannah Powell-Smith)
Getting Things Done, or The Labyrinth of Doctor Bernstein (Aleks Samoylov)
GNOEM (Joyce Lin & Matthew Reed)
Going Down (Hanon Ondricek)
Golden Threads | 黄金线索 (Allan Xia)
GOOD BOY! (Bailie Karcher)
Goodbye Cruel Squirrel (Extra Mayonnaise)
Good Night (XanMag)
Goosebumps-ish : Escape the House! (snail)
Grand Academy for Future Villains (Katherine Nehring)
The Great Tournament (Philip Kempton)
A Grim-ish Tale (Jeremy Wilfinger)
Grue. (Charles Mangin)
Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets (Bitter Karella)
Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous (Bitter Karella)
Hacked Mechanics (timsamoff)
The Hall of the Sorcerer King (Celia)
A Halo, Flaring (audo)
Happy Pony Valley Riding School (Lynda Clark)
Harasho: Love Live Yuri Dating Sim (Ching Lam Yung)
Harbinger (Kenna)
Harmonia (Liza Daly)
Haunted P (Chad Rocketman)
Heart of the House (Nissa Campbell)
Helena in Looking Land (Joel Marler)
The Herald of Consul Sloon (Caleb Wilson)
The Hero Unmasked! (Christopher Huang)
Hexed Adventure (Matt Gruskin and Alex Rosenthal)
Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth (Gabriel Floriano)
Hive Mind (Cel Skeggs)
The Horste (Roger Carbol)
Human(it)y. (Deirdre Sprenger)
Hungry Ghost(s) (Gaydarade)
Ice gift hunt (Olga Makarova)
If You're Here (Serene Sherman)
Imperialismo, IGM e inicios del cine (Laura Baleztena)
Industrial Accident (John Ayliff)
Inevitable (Matthew Pfeiffer)
Infinite Loov (Konstantinos Vasileiadis (Tall Guy Productions))
Inpatient: A Psychiatric Story (Alana Zablocki)
Insect Hospital (Loren Sherman)
Insignificant Little Vermin (Filip Hracek)
The Integration Game (Gregory Pellechi)
In the Wilderness (Bits)
Into The Dark (Byron Kiernan)
迷雾中 | Into the Haze (Olle Linge & Kevin Bullaughey)
Ishmael (Jordan Magnuson)
I woke up next to you again. (zephyo)
汉初 (郝景芳 (Jingfang Hao))
JoinDispatch (Kyle McCullough & Suki-Rose Simakis)
Journey to Lunar Nine! (Joel Marler)
Just Another Day (Theodore C. Lim)
Just Get the Treasure v0.9.1 (Ray B.)
Just Saving A Mate (Element Productions)
Karen's Secret (goddamusername)
Kemono Friends (Ching Lam Yung)
Le k (Hugo Labrande, Yue)
Kill Thy Neighbor: ~A Quiz~ (moist_boi3000)
Known Unknowns (Brendan Patrick Hennessy)
Land of the Mountain King (Kenneth Pedersen)
last&final (1beetle)
left/right (chandler groover)
Les petits cailloux (Kathleen Rousset)
Les Quatre Alices (Mia Blais-C)
Let's Get Better or At Least Different (3_2_1_nothanks)
Levels over Sky - WIP (Badger Ciar)
little (chandler groover)
Little Red Riding Hood (@jschomay)
Live from the Bunker (Gregory Pellechi)
The Living Puppet (Liu Zian)
LOCALHOST (Sophia Park & Penelope Evans)
LongWalk (ProtossProbe)
The Lost Heir 3: Demon War (Mike Walter)
Lost in the Pages (Adrao, Cecilia Rosewood, Felicity Banks, Sashira)
Lost in time (Gerardo Adesso)
Lost My Mind (Xavid)
make build --deity (joshg)
Malakos Online (Anonymous)
Malcolm: a Hero's Journey (Sam West)
Mama Possum (Bravemule)
MANTRA - The Forbidden Scroll (Dark Forest Media)
Max's Adventure (EC Holm)
Measureless to Man (Ivan R.)
Metal and Ice (Josh Giesbrecht)
Mikayla's Phone (Mikayla Corolik)
Miki's Futa Adventure (Dee Wodecock)
Mind Realm (EarthRipelyy)
minor fall MAJOR LIFT (Lady Isak Grozny)
Monstrous Neighbour (mendax)
Moon Base (Andrew Brown)
The Morning After The Night Before (Hazel-Rah)
Ms. Terwilliger's Ring (Henry Klotz)
The Murder in the Fog (Xiao Ru)
My night (Ivsaez)
Natural Pressure (ocdunlap)
Nightbus (Josh Keeling)
Night Drive (flankstaek)
Nights in Boulder (Zane Fulton)
Niney (Daniel Spitz)
Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood (Andrew G. Schneider)
N O I R (Mars)
Not Quite a Sunset - a hypertext opera (Kyle Rowan)
Nouns (Andrew Plotkin)
Nyna Lives (Sarah Rhiannon Nowack)
Off the Rails (Katie Benson)
One way out (Story by Steffen G)
Order Of The Fallen (PentemSully)
Org Chem Adventure (Hemang Rajvanshy)
The Owl Consults (Thomas Mack)
Painted World (Glitterbug)
Panic Mansion (beatlesfan317@yahoo.com)
a partial list of things for which i am grateful (Devon Guinn)
Peeling Lucky (Peregrine Wade)
Pixie's Quest (Quest Forum Questers)
Plenty (Paul Younger)
Portfolio Piece, Writing for Digital Media (Kira John -)
Portrait of a Troubled Artist (Joel Marler)
Power, MT (Phil Strahl)
Primer (Christina Nordlander)
Prologue: Awaken Despair (Kurai)
Psyche (Malaika Shard)
Pushing Loyal People (Bitterly Indifferent)
The Pyxis Memo: On Resurrecting the Free Web (Lyle Skains)
The Queen (Elliot Yokum)
Queens of Wrestling: Road to Victory (Squaregate)
Queer In Public: A Brief Essay (Norbez)
Rage Quest: Disciple of Peace (John Ayliff)
Rainbow Bridge (John Demeter)
The Rats in the Bulkheads (Bruno Dias)
Redenci (Godokoro)
Redstone (Fred)
Re-Entry (Mary Goodden)
Reflections at Sunset (Charles Hans Huang)
Refugee (Mark C. Marino)
The Relief of Impact (Ghoulnoise)
Remanence (Stephanie Chan)
Reor's Bush-Cave - EXPLICIT VERSION (Richard Headkid)
Replacement (Xalavier Nelson, Jr.)
Retratos sobre la Violencia Espa (Ruber Eaglenest)
Revenge (forta)
Revoluciones en Francia e Inglaterra s.XIX (Laura Baleztena)
Rib Lake (Craig Morrow)
The Ribos Operation (Kelsey Lewis)
The Richard Mines (Evan Wright)
Rise of the Memelords DEMO (HughMungus)
The Ritual (Mogibear)
The Road to Adventure (Mighty Owlbear)
A Room of One's Own (Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez)
The Roscovian Palladium (Ryan Veeder)
Run of the place (WDx1F479K)
Runt of the Litter (Kelly Sandoval)
Russian Roulette (Malaika Shard)
Sacrifice (Hamish McIntyre)
Salt (Gareth Damian Martin)
samsarhah (yusef bangzhi)
Saturdays (verityvirtue)
The Scent of Death (Derek Labat)
The Second Floor (litrouke)
Secrets de p (Les Aventures d'Un SoirHugo Labrande)
Seedship (John Ayliff)
self-care for wizards (Kayla Bashe)
Sex on the Beach (Hanon Ondricek)
Sh*t, Where's My Poop (M3G1DD0)
Silent Streets: The Boy with the Flower Skin (Richard Cobbettstudio Funbakers)
The Silver Gauntlets (Jean-Paul Peschard)
The Sissy Training School (Lucygirl)
The skinny one. (Annie Z.)
Something In The Night (AnssiR66)
Something (Linus Lekander)
Somos el espejo (Miguel Mu)
Stink Bug Plague (zephyo)
Stone Cold Coup D' (Sam Dukhovni)
Strayed (Adventure Cow)
Stream of Pretentiousness: The Daily Interactive (Nat Quayle Nelson)
Stuff Is Way (Mehitabel Glenhaber)
The Superlatives: Aetherfall (Alice Ripley)
Susurrus: Season of Tides (Evil Overlord Games)
Swigian (Mathbrush (as Rainbus North))
Take up the Crown RPG (Noah Marshall)
Tally Ho (Kreg Segall)
Ted Strikes Back (Anssi R)
Temperamentum (Matthew Sawchuk)
The Temple of No (Dominik JohannWilliam PughCrows Crows Crows)
TextCraft: Alpha Island (Fabrizio Polo)
That Darn Bone (Trigg3rhappygamers)
Thaumistry: In Charm's Way (Bob Bates)
中正恐慌 THE CCU HORROR (Seth Silverstone)
The Theft of the Anathema of Vorus (Audrey Higgins)
This is a Picture Book (A. Merc Rustad)
Tickle My Goose! (Jon Bardi)
Time to Feed (Sharang Biswas)
La Tour d'Orastre (Corax)
The Tower of Random Doom! (Catherine Griffin)
Transient Skies (dgtziea)
The Traveler and the Old Mill (Nimbus)
Traveler (Charlotte Racioppo)
The Traveller (Kaelan Doyle Myerscough)
T-Rex Time Machine (Rosemary Claire Smith)
Trial of the Inuop (Jordan Jones)
Trials of the Thief-Taker (Joey Jones)
Tripladin Massacre (Melanie Rees)
T-Shirt Blanket (Rhetta Lynnea)
Étude Circulár (Adam Black)
Tuuli (Daurmith & Ruber Eaglenest)
Twinge (Twin Petes)
Ultimate Escape Room: IF City (Mark Stahl)
Unit 322 (Disambiguation) (Jonny Muir)
The Unofficial Sea-Monkey(R) Simulation (B.J. Best)
Der uns (Christian Holmok)
Utopian Jam (Astrid Dalmady)
Uxmulbrufyuz (Andrew Schultz)
Vale, voy (Johan Paz)
La venganza (forta)
The Very Old Witch and the Turnip Girl (Megan Stevens)
View From The Window (jaboja)
Voyageur (Bruno Dias)
VR Gambler (Robert DeFord)
A Walk In The Park (Extra Mayonnaise)
The Wand (Arthur DiBianca)
Ward Z (Otto Condliffe)
Wastes (Nick Montfort)
Welcome to Moreytown (S. Andrew Swann)
Welcome to Nightmare Dungeon! (Joel Marler)
What Once Was (Luke A. Jones)
When Hell Froze Over (Peregrine Wade)
Where we'll live for nine days (Pseudavid)
Who Are You? (TheWrittenSword)
Who to Haunt? (Katie Benson)
why is this dragon so fucking cute?? (nadia nova)
Will Not Let Me Go (Stephen Granade)
Winter's Heart (Mighty Owlbear)
Witness Available (Kitty Eden)
The Wizard Sniffer (Buster Hudson)
Word of the Day (Richard Otter)
Yami-Nabe!! (Brian Kwak)
YOU are a General in Kaiser Oblivion's Mutant Horde! (Max Birkett)
You Got This, Brutadon! (Plus Ultra)
Your Utterly Unbeatable Natalya (Leon Arnott)
ZAC Investigators and the Case of the Dinosaur Tracks (Kos Scribe)