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XYZZY Awards Games

The following games have been collected as eligible for this year's XYZZY Awards. Want to vote on who the winners should be? Go here! Think we missed a game? Mail the organizers.

But first, the categories:

Best Game

Best Writing

Best Story

Best Setting

Best Puzzles

Best NPCs

Best Individual Puzzle

Best Individual NPC

Best Individual PC

Best Implementation

Best Use of Innovation

Best Technological Development

Best Use of Multimedia

List of Games

アドベンチャーシーン #1 (稿)
31. Oktober (Danish version) (Finn Rosenløv)
4 Edith + 2 Niki (fishandbeer)
5e Arena (Seth Jones)
70 New Works in (Goncharov 1973) (ksixjs)
Abate: Hide Behind the Curtains (Rohan)
The Absence of Miriam Lane (Abigail Corfman)
According to Cain (Jim Nelson)
Achtung Panzer! (Larry Horsfield)
Admiration Point (Rachel Helps)
Advent Mirror (Andrew Plotkin)
The Alchemist (Jim MacBrayne (as Older Timer))
Alchemist's Gold (Garry Francis)
Aliens in the AAC (Ellwood Colahan)
An Alien's Mistaken Impressions of Humanity's Pockets (Andrew Howe)
All or Nothing (1973) (Autumn Chen)
All Over Town (Devin Cummings)
Am I My Brother's Keeper? (Nadine Rodriguez)
Andelmans' Yard (Arlan Wetherminster)
Andromeda Chained (Aster Fialla)
Anita's Goodbye (IlDiavoloVesteRosa)
Another Cabin In The Woods (Quain Holtey)
answer these 10 questions and i'll tell you what kind of lover you are (frannym)
Approaching Horde! (CRAIG RUDDELL)
Après la fin (Léo Tranlin)
Arborea (richard develyn)
Arcadie: Second-Born (Arcadie & Utopie)
The Archivist and the Revolution (Autumn Chen)
Ataraxia (Lauren O'Donoghue)
A/The Gift (b_splendens)
Atlantis (The Glass Fractal)
La aventura casi original (Tranqui69)
Baby on Board (Eric Zinda)
Bactalia Crimson (Kalpar)
Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon (Dee Cooke)
Batman 66 (Alan Azeredo)
Beneath the Stones (Kieran Green)
Better Off (Oscar Arcane)
Beyond the Chiron Gate (John Ayliff)
Bigfoot Bluff (P.B. Parjeter)
Big Nose on the Big Pyramid (Andrew Schultz)
Birthright (Xiulan)
BLACKOUT (Playahead Games)
Black River Prison (Sparks)
bliss (虎鲸)
Blood Island (Billy Krolick)
Blue (kanade)
Blue Wizard Adventure (Brian Tierney)
爱丽丝的早晨 (BobAlice)
The Bones of Rosalinda (Agnieszka Trzaska)
The Box (Paul Michael Winters)
The Bright Blue Ball (Clary C.)
Brimstone Manor (Frances Pauli)
Buggy (Mathbrush)
Buttered Toast: the Interactive Fiction Starring Billy Davis (William Moore)
Buttered Toast: the Legend of Possum Crotch (William Moore)
Camping (Tristin Grizel Dean)
Campus Invaders (Marco Vallarino)
Cannelé & Nomnom - Defective Agency (Younès R. & Yazaleea)
Carpathian Vampire (Garry Francis)
Las Cartas de Mery (Mery)
A Case of Murder (Edward P. Toovey)
catgirl truckers (Carrogath)
CC's Road to Stardom (OK Feather)
Celestial Tear Experince (White Guardian Studios)
Cell 174 (Milo van Mesdag)
Le Chant du Sable (Gavroche Games)
CHASE THE SUN (Frankie Kavakich)
Chat on a Cold Winter's Day (Spencer Brown)
Cheese Thief (Shea Lutz)
Cher journal (dunin)
chiaroscuro (Kim Berkley)
The Child Miners (Shaquele Roberts)
A Chinese Room (Milo van Mesdag)
Chloe Is Home (KhairikaSinani)
Choice of the Viking (Declan Taggart)
Cien años después (Princess internet café)
Civil Seeming Drivel Dreaming (Andrew Schultz)
Colour Beyond Time (Jamie Bradbury)
Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games (Eric Moser)
Computerfriend (Kit Riemer)
Confessing to a Witch (HeckinRobin)
Construction Cancellation Order (Royerson)
ConText NightSky (XxTheSpaceManxX)
Così fan tutte (prologue) (Julien Zamor)
The Counsel in The Cave (Josh)
Crafty's Escape Room (dkmGames)
Crash (Phil Riley)
Creating Goncharov (Albie)
Crown of Exile (Ramona G)
A Crown of Sorcery and Steel (Josh Labelle)
Crow Quest (rookerie)
Custard & Mustard's Big Adventure (Christopher Merriner)
The Day After Ever After (Matt Simpson)
Dear Elise (CD Libine)
Death by Lightning (Chase Capener)
Defrosted (Riyadth)
De l'orge académique (El Lobo)
The Deluge (Lionstooth)
Desrosier's Discovery (Ben Ehrlich and Isabel Stewart)
Dessert Island Adventure (Nils Fagerburg)
The Detective's Bot (C.E.J. Pacian)
Diario de una promesa (textagames)
Die erste Nacht (Hannes)
Die Polarstation (Jürgen Popp)
Digit (Joey Acrimonious)
Le Discours (Écrivouilleur)
La Division Engagée Volontairement pour Occupé le Terrain Initialement Occupé par Napoléon (SAB)
Donum (BITFANS, F3M0, Mr. Rancio)
The Dragon and the Djinn (Athar Fikry)
Dragonchoice - You Choose: Candidate (Faye Upton)
Dreamland Chapter One (Kasey Annis)
A D R I F T (Pinkunz)
Le Dévorateur (KorWeN)
Electric Nest (Ale Huehue)
Elux (axoona)
Elvish for Goodbye (David Gürçay-Morris)
emergency (虎鲸)
emergency!! (虎鲸)
End of The World (short) (Lowhim)
ENGLAND ON FIRE (Stanwixbuster)
The Enigma of the Old Manor House (Daniel M. Stelzer)
Epithymía (Luis León)
EROSTASIS (DOMINO CLUB, candle, Beck Michalak)
Escape from Hell (Nils Fagerburg)
Escape From Mystery Mansion (CityXen)
Escape From the Deep (John Blythe)
Espiritu Roboto (Ray Leandro)
Estado Profundo (n-n)
Esther's (Brad Buchanan, Alleson Buchanan)
Euphoria Brighter Than A Comet (Naomi Norbez (call me Bez))
The Euripides Enigma (Larry Horsfield)
Evanescent Eclipse (nikkefort)
Evangelical Escape (JamesAggression)
Ever Soaring, Chapter One (Matto)
Every Path to Purgatory (AngelicDirt)
Exoplaneta (BlueTeapot)
exPhrasis (Alexandra L. Martin)
externoon (nune)
Fairest (Amanda Walker)
The Fall of Asemia (B.J. Best)
Fenrir 13 (Marc Biegota)
Fervency (Niko Charos)
Filthy Aunt Mildred (Guðni Líndal Benediktsson)
Firmament (Thomas Spader)
five poems. (actuallydael)
fix it (Lily Boughton)
Forgotten Island (Josh Goebel)
Fourmisson (cagibi)
Fragment d'une vie (Laura Crossheart)
Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets (Raven de Hart)
Friends? (MBoone)
La fuite (KorWeN)
The Garden of Earthly Regrets (solipsistgames)
GDIST (Thomas Csigai)
Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand (AZ / ParserCommander)
George and the Dragon (Pete Chown)
Glimmer (Katie Benson)
Gloire au dieu des énigmes (Léo Tranlin)
Glory of the Kingdom (adeptus7)
God is in the Radio (catsket)
The Golden Rose (Ana Ventura)
Golden Seas (Paul Weller)
GONCHAROV 2073 (sweetfish)
Goncharov: Coda (Lapin Lunaire Games)
Goncharov Escapes! (manonamora)
Goncharov (Stanwixbuster)
Good day to have a good day (Benjamin Wilcks)
The Good Ghost (Sarah Willson, Kirk Damato)
GPT (Thomas Csigai)
Grandma (Oliver Lomax)
Grandma's Flying Saucer (Kenneth Pedersen)
Graveyard Shift at the Riverview Motel (Seb Pines)
Graveyard Strolls (Adina Brodkin)
Gray Eyes of Death (Norbert Mohos)
The Gray Painter (William Loman)
Greetings from Squalor Holler (Mark Arenz)
The Grown-Up Detective Agency (Brendan Patrick Hennessy)
GUTLESS (DOMINO CLUB, cecile richard, isyourguy)
Habitación 310: El Despertar (DaReInt)
Half-Alive (Bellamy Briks)
The Hallowed Halls of Archenjuld (Westley Kossuth)
Halloween (阿洛)
Halloween (baltasarq)
Hanging by threads (Carlos Pamies)
the hanging heart (wilderlingdev)
A Happy End for Liars (Ayin)
Haudrauf-Battlebook (Dennis Schwender)
The Haunted Carnival (Joe Lesko)
The Haunted Help Desk (DSherwood)
Head Case (C. Scott Davis)
Headlights (Jordan White and Eric Zinda)
Heart of Battle (Fay Ikin)
Hello Sunshine (Titus Thompson)
Her Mark (GiannisG, cassiesoli, Dom Parker)
The Hidden King's Tomb (Josh)
Hinterlands: Marooned! (Cody Gaisser)
The Hole Man (E.Z. Poschman)
The Hole (MythicStories)
HOURS (aidanvoidout)
a housecat knows when it's time (Nadine Rodriguez)
A House on A Hill (Devin Cummings)
HSL Type Ω MEWP Certification Exam (Duncan Bowsman)
Hypercubic Time-Warp All-go-rhythmic Synchrony (Ben Kidwell, Maevele Straw)
Hypogea (ScatteredA)
Idols Watch | Истуканов дозор (Klockwerk Kat)
I Eat Dreams As a Living (fuzzyAgent, Jun1chi, AngelCui)
The Impossible Stairs (Mathbrush)
Improv: Origins (Neil deMause)
I’m the Echo when You call (PDRRook)
In Auctorem Credimus (Franzinyte)
Incredible, I hate this (Stanwixbuster)
Incredible, yet... (1VJ)
INK (Sangita V Nuli)
Insatiable Jeunesse (filiaa)
Inside (Ira Vlasenko)
Interactive Bonbons (Sam Ursu)
Into The Sun (Dark Star)
Into the Void (MilesC)
The Intruder (Christopher Lee Simpson)
The Intruder (Thomas Robbins)
I, Robot 2 (StamblerRambler)
Island (Kevan Thurstans)
Isle of Beasts (Zarkonnen)
Italianate (Andy McDermott)
i wish you were dead. (Sofía Abarca)
January (litrouke)
Le Jeu de La Dévotion (manonamora)
Jungle adventure (Paul Barter)
Just Cosplay (Deadnettle Games)
Kangaroo Interactive (kangaroointeractive.com)
The Keepers Hut (CatePos)
Kenny Koala's Bushfire Survival Plan (Garry Francis)
kindness (虎鲸)
The King's Demise: Chapter One (Chelsea Sachs)
Knight of the Living God (Rudy Johnson)
Kobold in Search for Family (tosxychor)
Kondiac (Picarly)
Lady Thalia and the Rose of Rocroi (E. Joyce, N. Cormier)
Le Lande di Erisvalle (Paolo Lucchesi)
Lantern (Sylfir)
The Last Christmas Present (JG Heithcock)
The Last Sanctuary (SjoerdHekking)
Lazy Wizard's Guide (Lenard Gunda)
Leda and the Swan (Lapin Lunaire Games)
The Legacy of Markham Island (Edward P. Toovey)
The Legend of Horse Girl (Bitter Karella)
Les Androïdes (Atozi)
Les choix de Wyn (Julien Falconnet)
Lethe (Thomas M. Disch, Tom Blackwell)
Let Me Tell You Who You Are (Kit Riemer)
Let's Talk Alex (Stephanie Smith)
Let Them Eat Cake (Alicia Morote)
The Library of Alysaril (abbax)
Library Quest (starflame149)
Lieutenant Bokit (Ju / smwhr)
Life of a Space Force Captain (Mike Walter)
The Light in the Forest (Emily Worm)
The Little Match Girl 2: Annus Evertens (Ryan Veeder)
L'île des morts (Gavroche Games)
Locked Door (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door II: Fair Trade (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door III: Crate Expectations (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door IV: Safety In Numbers (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door IX: Under Obstruction (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door VIII: Enemy Mine (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door VII: Out Of Line (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door VI: It Takes Two (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door V: Switched On (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door XI: The US Theatrical Cut (Cody Gaisser)
Locked Door X: The Workprint (Cody Gaisser)
Locked In! (Simon D. Allan)
The Lonely Troll (Amanda Walker)
A Long Way to the Nearest Star (SV Linwood)
Los happy days (paravaariar)
Lost at the market (Nynym)
Lost Coastlines (William Dooling)
The Lottery Ticket (Anonymous)
Low-Key Learny Jokey Journey (Andrew Schultz)
Lucid (Caliban's Revenge)
Maddie Goes Shopping (HHRichards)
Mage Elite (Teemu Salminen)
A Mage Reborn (Adam Alamsyah)
The Making of ACMJ Game (Sharon Liu)
Malédictions (Fabrice G)
Malefactor (adeptus7)
Mal Fario (Xavi Carrascosa)
Manifest No (Kaemi Velatet)
MARTYR ME (Charm Cochran)
Ma Tiger's Terrible Trip (Travis Moy)
吟游诗人的重生 (matrix67)
A Matter of Heist Urgency (FLACRabbit)
Mayor Mystery (Blue Cat Productions, Green Guy)
Meatmonger (Joey Acrimonious)
科伦坡至新加坡 (Meg Jayanth, Chlokers)
Mental Escape (Colton Poole)
凡德玛尔遗闻录 (Meriya Molin)
Mermaid Adventure (Leaflet Games)
Meurtres en eau profonde (Narkhos)
Midelle and the Blessings Gone Wrong (Stepwise, noseflautist, cactusbrain, nicotype)
Midnight at Al's Self Storage, Truck Rentals, and Discount Psychic Readings (Thomas Insel)
The Midnight Saga: The Monster (C.C.Hill)
Le Miroir = The Mirror (Lilie Bagage)
Moonlight Grove (Dax Fugue)
More a Haunting than a History (E. Jade Lomax)
Le Morte D'Arthur (Chris Crawford)
Mousetrap (Albie)
The Muse (Xavier Carrascosa)
Mutiny on the Batavia (Henry Patrick Coburn)
Mysteries Beyond the Arch (Bryce Mino)
Mysteries of the Cave (Tyler Johnson (Ya Boi Tyler))
The Mystery of Markham Manor (Edward P. Toovey)
Mystery of the Missing Wand (William Moore)
The Nascent Necromancer (Samuel Young)
ナツノカナタ (natsuno-kanata) (Kazuhide Oka)
Never Ending Story (Parcaran)
NeverEverLand: Killer In The Woods (gregdude)
New Year's Eve, 2019 (Autumn Chen)
Next in Line (writingmysoul)
Nightmares Within Nightmares (Grahamw)
The Night Market (Zinnia Demitasse)
Night Train (Evan Farris)
Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents (Dora Klindžić)
Noblesse Oblige (Hannah Powell-Smith)
No One Else Is Doing This (Lauren O'Donoghue)
Nose Bleed (Stanley W. Baxton)
Nowheresville (Morpheus Kitami, Cody Gaisser)
October 31st (Finn Rosenløv)
Of Their Shadows Deep (Amanda Walker)
Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Sam Ursu)
One Angry Poem (b-r-i-a-n)
One Day (Daigua Lizi)
One Final Pitbull Song (at the End of the World) (Paige Morgan)
One Way Ticket (Vitalii Blinov)
The Only Possible Prom Dress (Jim Aikin)
Orbital Decay (Kayvan Sarikhani)
origin of love (Sophia de Augustine)
Otolith (LemonPoppyseedGames)
Overrun (Janos Biro)
Over the Blood-Dark Sea (Dave Morris, Jamie Thomson, SD Separa)
Paranormal Preparatory School (David Spain)
Parlez-lui d'amour (auraes)
Parásito (Textagames)
Pasión de hortalizas (Mery)
The Passenger (Jime Rolón)
Past Present (Jim Nelson)
Pesky Kids! (Gareth Pitchford)
La Petite Mort (manonamora)
Phenomena (Dawn Sueoka)
Piercing through the Darkness (thealchemists)
Plasmorphosis (Agnieszka Trzaska)
please tell me you love me (ellis dex)
Polarity (William Moore)
The Pool (Jacob Reux)
The Prairie House (Chris Hay (Eldritch Renaissance Cake))
Pride and Prejudice and Murder (Abigail Fuller and Michael Gra)
Prier (Écrivouilleur)
La Princesse spéculaire (Nathanaël Marion)
The Princess of Vestria (K Paulo)
Prism (Eliot M.B. Howard)
P-Rix - Space Trucker (manonamora)
Professor of Magical Studies (Stephen Granade)
Project Veritas (Kiromitsu)
A Pumpkin (fos1)
Purpose (Christopher M.)
python game (theernis)
Quinn & Flynn (Stanwixbuster)
Quintessence (Lapin Lunaire Games)
Radio Tower (brojman)
Raspberry Jam (Sylfir)
Raygun Diplomacy (Reason: Optional)
Reclamation (groggydog)
Reg and the Kidnapped Fairy (Caranmegil)
Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb (James Shaw)
rescue (虎鲸)
Retorno a las mazmorras de Antur (Ricardo Oyon Rodriguez)
Retrospection (Hel @HelFarewell, Mylène Caillon, Cobb)
Rock, Paper, Scissors! (William Moore)
Roger's Day Off (Sia See, Jkj Yuio)
Rougi (Lapin Lunaire Games)
Révolution Diabolique (Chris Conley)
Sanctuary in Time (Max Ingram)
Sandwiches (LyxusDusk (Grace Cardoso))
Scandal Notes (Evelyn Pryce)
Scene Kid Simulator (Sam Sanford)
Schief (Olaf Nowacki)
Schizoidia (Bob the Developer)
Le secrétariat des aventuriers (KorWeN)
Shadows of Plato (Eris Object)
A Shift in the Night (Muulk)
Siege of Treboulain (Jed Herne)
Siluetas (Fran_Kane)
Sindrella's Potions (Tristin Grizel Dean)
A Single Ouroboros Scale (Naomi Norbez)
Skystrike: Wings of Justice (E. Chris Ambrose)
Social Services of the Doomed (Fade Manley)
Someone Else's Story (E. Joyce)
Something Blue (E. Joyce)
Songsinger (Jon Ingold)
The Soul Stone War 2 (Morgan Vane)
A Space For Flavor (Ben Holloway)
The Spectators (Amanda Walker)
The Spirited: Origins (yuveim)
The Spooky Mansion (Tim Jacobs)
SPS Iron Hammer (manonamora)
Stanley and the Battle for Terraria (Alexander King)
Starless Vagabonds (Story Hunters Studio)
Starlight Shadows (Autumn Chen)
Star Tripper (Sam Ursu)
The Statue (Persimma)
The Staycation (Maggie H)
The Substitute (Valnati)
The Sun Doesn't Shine Here (Stanley W. Baxton)
Super Mega Tournament Arc! (groggydog)
Super Star Soccer Striker (Chris Viola)
Sweetpea (Sophia de Augustine)
The Sword of Rhivenia (Ayan Mammadli)
Sylvar (KrisDoC)
System Processing (Albie)
Talon City: Death from Above (Eric Moser)
tarot dot how (loveyoumissyou)
Teahouse of the Gods (Naca Rat)
Thanatophobia (Robert Goodwin)
There Those Dare Doze (Andrew Schultz)
The Thick Table Tavern (manonamora)
Thief of the Thousand Suns (Dom Kaye)
Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge (Dee Cooke)
Thin Walls (Wynter)
The Thirty Nine Steps (Graham Walmsley)
This Old Haunted House (Jason Love)
A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things (Charm Cochran)
Three Sleep Sheep Soup (いわいしさき)
Through the Forest with the Beast (Star)
The Tin Mug (Alice E. Wells, Sia See, Jkj Yuio)
To Persist/Exist/Endure, Press 1 (Anthony O)
Torche et Sors (Khü Bone)
Tours Roust Torus (Andrew Schultz)
The Tower of Eamon (Frank Black, Thomas Ferguson, Huw Williams)
Tower of Plargh (caranmegil)
Towers of Hanoi (Phil Riley)
Tratamiento Mortal (ivsaez)
Traveller's Log (Null Sandez)
The Trials and Tribulation of Edward Harcourt (MelS and manonamora)
Trick or Treat or Trick or Treat or Trick (Stewart C Baker)
Trigaea (RynGM)
Trouble in Sector 471 (Arthur DiBianca)
The Twine Fishing Simulator (maxine sophia wolff)
Uncle Mortimer's Secret (Jim MacBrayne)
Under the Bridge (Samantha Khan)
Une Histoire (berty44)
Une Histoire (dunin)
Une soirée costumée (Julien Zamor)
Untitled Ghost Game (Damon L. Wakes)
Upheaval (Alex Leone)
The Up Here (Rose Behar)
Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee's (Geoffrey Golden)
U.S. Route 160 (Sangita V Nuli)
Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires (Natalia Theodoridou)
Vespertines (mondaysandwich)
VESPERTINE (Sophia de Augustine)
El Virulé (paravaariar)
A Walk Around the Neighborhood (Leo Weinreb)
Waste Sorting Challenge (Nancy)
WATER LEVEL (Rudy Johnson)
whoami (n-n)
Who Shot Gum E. Bear? (Damon L. Wakes)
The Winograd Matrix (Richard Holeton)
Witchfinders (Tania Dreams)
Wizard's Club (Robert Szacki)
The Wolf and Wheel (Milo van Mesdag)
The Wolf of Derevnya: Chapter 1 (Gwen C. Katz)
Working Stuck Inside (Arthur Cavalcanti)
The World Ends Today, I Think... (Diego Lucano (broadwaydude))
Wry (Olaf Nowacki)
WWII Elevator Escape (Kenneth Pedersen)
XXX-Men, Ch. 1 -- The Sinful and the Sinister (Alec Roberts)
You Are a Zombie Yelp Reviewer (Geoffrey Golden)
You Are Digger (mysticeti)
You Can Have It All At The Caperville Mall (Mark Arenz)
You Feel Like You've Read this in a Book (Austin Lim)
You May Not Escape! (Charm Cochran)
You, Me and Coffee (Florencia Minuzzi)
You're In Deep (Xuelder)
You Won't Get Her Back (Andrew Schultz)
Zero Chance of Recovery (Andrew Schultz)
ZIT (Amanda Walker)
Zombie Blast 2023 (Sam Ursu)
Zombie Eye (Dee Cooke)
Zorlok (Albie)
今天去溜猫 (辟茧)
在黑暗中 (辟茧)