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XYZZY Awards Games

The following games have been collected as eligible for this year's XYZZY Awards. Want to vote on who the winners should be? Go here! Think we missed a game? Mail the organizers.

But first, the categories:

Best Game

Best Writing

Best Story

Best Setting

Best Puzzles

Best NPCs

Best Individual Puzzle

Best Individual NPC

Best Individual PC

Best Implementation

Best Use of Innovation

Best Technological Development

Best Use of Multimedia

List of Games

10 Lost Boys (Mark Sample)
1614 (Manuel Sauceverde)
180 Files: The Aegis Project (Karelia Hall)
3301 (One Eyed Jack)
3x3x3 (Manuel Sauceverde)
4 Days To Extraction (James Lloyd)
4x4 Galaxy (Agnieszka Trzaska)
77 Verbs (MathBrush)
Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits) (ruqiyah)
Accelerate (The TAV Institute)
Acht (Wiebke Scholz)
Advent Door (Andrew Plotkin)
After the Storm (Luiza Alves)
Alien Diver (Daza)
Alien Research Centre 3: Footprints In The Snow (John Wilson)
All of Me: The Twine (Caroline Horton, Alex Swift)
Alone (Paul Michael Winters)
Alvion's Imperator (Alexis, Yann Heurtault, https://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=34zsquelx1bmqet)
Amazing Quest (Nick Montfort)
Another Crusade (Dragon Vein Studios)
Another Love Story (Hélène Sellier)
Another way out (MatchaMilk)
Antique Panzitoum (Caleb Wilson)
Aphrodite's Orphan (Thomas La Homme)
ARC II (Daniel Gao)
Are you there? (Vicimus)
The Arkhill Darkness (Jason Barrett)
An Artist and an Idea (Alex Garbus)
Ascension of Limbs (AKheon)
Assemblage of Angels (Els White)
At Night (Oscar Martinez)
Babyface (Mark Sample)
Barry Basic and the Quest for the Perfect Port (Dee Cooke)
Beautiful in His Stasis (Hannah Nyland)
Better than Alone (willitchio)
Beyond - Your partner, here and there (Jakob Bang)
Big Trouble in Little Dino Park (Seth Paxton, Rachel Aubertin)
Binary (Stephen Granade)
The Bin Bag Theory (Katie Benson)
Blackout: The Darkest Night (Robson Alexandre Siebel)
Blood is Thicker Than Water (Anonymous)
Blow Your House Down (Bill Ingersoll)
The boat and the Islands (Mx. Howe)
BOAT PROM (Brendan Patrick Hennessy)
The Book of Vanishing Tales (Camelon)
Braincase (Dan Lance)
The Brutal Murder of Jenny Lee (Daniel Gao)
BYOD (n-n)
Cabin in the Forest (willitchio)
Caduceus (Sarah Willson)
A Calling of Dogs (Arabella Collins)
The Call of Innsmouth (Tripper McCarthy)
The Camelot Paradox (Jordan Oey)
Captain Graybeard's Plunder (Julian Mortimer Smith)
Captivity (Jim Aikin)
A Catalan Summer (Neibucrion)
Catch That Kitty (Rohan)
The Cave (Neil Aitken)
Cavern of the Evil Wizard (MontieMongoose)
Charlie the Chimp (Garry Francis)
The Check-Out Line (Cory "Tomo" Mason)
Check Please! (balt77)
Checkpoint (Daniel River)
Chesstopia III - The Land of Caissa (John C. Knudsen)
Chimeric Park (Nils Fagerburg)
Choose Your Adventure! (John C. Knudsen)
Chorus (Skarn)
A Christmas Quest (Richard Pettigrew)
CINDE-12 (Kenny Alami, Arthur Protasio)
A Clockwork Noir (Jeremy Lee Harden)
Cómo Proteger Algo (Diego Katabian)
The Cogs of Westminster (Daniel Gunnell)
Congee (Becci)
Content Moderator Sim (Mark Sample)
Conversations With A Cape (Alice Chen)
Conversations With Deleted NPCs (JoshLabelle)
Copérnico 86 (Xavier Carrascosa)
The Copyright of Silence (Ola Hansson)
Cover Me In Leaves (Elliot Herriman)
Creatures (Andreas Hagelin)
Creatures of the Snow (Bill Ingersoll)
Crocodracula: The Beginning (Ryan Veeder, Harrison Gerard)
The Cursèd Pickle of Shireton (Hanon Ondricek)
The Curse of Rabenstein (Stefan Vogt)
The Curse of the Scarab (Nils Fagerburg)
Day of the Sleigh (Dee Cooke)
Days with Shaylin (Ann Hugo)
Death Plays Battleship (Nerd Date Night)
Deborah Miller, Vampire Slayer (M. Nite Chamberlain)
Deck the Halls, Gieves (VerdantTome)
Deelzebub (Morgan Elrod-Erickson, Skyler Grandel, Jan Kim)
Deep Below (nremis)
De lo que aconteció a Kanwa Tathimizu (Ruber Eaglenest)
Depositions and Defenders (Alkaline Dust)
Desolation (Earth Traveler)
The Detective's Apprentice (John C. Knudsen)
Deus Ex Ceviche (Tom Lento, Chandler Groover)
Don't Push The Mailbox 2 And Aisle (Ralfe Rich)
Doppeljobs (Lei)
Drachenjagd (Simseron)
Dreamtruder (Mystic Warrior)
Dr Ego and the egg of Man-Toomba (Special Agent)
Duck Diary (MathBrush)
Dumped in a Tower (Marcus Hunt)
Dungeon Memalign (memalign)
Dungeons & Deadlines (Miles Matrix)
Each Glimpse A Mirror (Jack Sanderson Thwaite)
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 (David Welbourn)
Ebony & Ivory's Halloween Party (M. Nite Chamberlain)
The Eidolon's Escape (Mark Clarke)
Electric word, "life" (Lance Nathan)
The Eleusinian Miseries (Mike Russo)
Elsegar I: Arrival (Silas Bryson)
End of Life Care (80% Relatable)
Entangled (Dark Star)
La fée des rêves (Eve Mercé)
Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure (Amy Clare Fontaine)
Fracture (Ralfe Rich)
From Thanet to New Romney (Daniel Gunnell)
FUNGUS! (Thingomy)
Gaia, (Harkness)
The Game That Never Ends (Earth Traveler)
Gamma Intruder (cyberlouse)
The Gay Science (Capricorn van Knapp)
Ghostfinder: Shift (Han-Joo Kim)
Ghost King (Jason Compton)
Goblin Decathlon (Dee Cooke)
Goblin Quest (Dee Cooke)
The Golden (Kerry Taylor)
Good dog (Tracy Canfield)
Great Mouse Escape (Chiara Grimaldi)
Guilt Free (Erica)
Halloween (Finn Rosenløv)
Happyland (Rob Fitzel)
Hawk the Hunter (Jonathan B. Himes)
Hercules - Birth of a Hero (Gilbert Gallo)
He who gets mauled (Yash Kulkarni, Debashish Mahapatra)
High Jinnks (M. Nite Chamberlain)
Héméra (Narkhos)
Homebound (Troy Atkinson, Luke Holdstock, Harriet Slee, Lizzi Osborne)
How The Elephant's Child Who Walked By Himself Got His Wings (Peter Eastman)
How to say Goodbye in a Pandemic (MajicKat)
Hunting the Alphabet Killer Will11 (https://ifdb.org/viewgame?id=mx38ycr0fbdm2f2v)
Igor's Quest (Garry Francis)
The Impossible Bottle (Linus Åkesson)
The Imposter (Carter Gwertzman)
I'm Sorry, I Didn't Know (Rebecca Zheng)
The Incredibly Mild Misadventures of Tom Trundle (B F Lindsay)
Indistinguishable (MathBrush)
INFINITUBE (Tom Charles Bair III)
In Her Own Hands (SurpriseDelight)
Instincts (Madison Vassari)
The Interview (Mark Walsh)
Intro to A Fool's Rescue (Ralfe Rich)
The Investment (Xal, Pepper Ivy)
The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove (Emilie Reed)
Ironheart (Lee Williams)
I See Leaf People (balt77)
I Summon Thee! (William Dooling)
It is 1995 (xolotlll)
I've Attached My CV And Cover Letter (Jaime Monedero March)
I Wasn't Sure What to Make of My New Flatmate. (Dan Henderson, Isaac Fisher)
I Went to the Graveyard (Bilbo)
Jadeite for the Queen (Yvette Martin)
Jay Schilling's Edge of Chaos (Robb Sherwin, Mike Sousa)
JELLY (Tom Lento, Chandler Groover)
Jimmy's Christmas Foul (Kieron Scott)
Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale (Kreg Segall)
Just another Fairy Tale (Finn Rosenløv)
Karma Manager (Jérémie Pardou)
Kentish Plover (Daniel Gunnell)
Khellsphree (Ralfe Rich)
Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday (Charles Battersby)
Kink Queens of Venus (Christopher Brent)
The Knot (Richard Goodness)
A Labyrinth at Woodstock (Endelyon)
Labyrinth (Brandon Smith)
Laika (Ian Michael Waddell)
The Land Down Under (The Marino Family)
The Land of Breakfast and Lunch (Daniel Talsky)
Last Adventure (Mavridis Philippe)
Last Day (Earth Traveler)
Last House on the Block (Jason Olson)
Last Night in the Office (Tim Jacobs)
Left Behind (Amanda Maria Stokholm Jones)
The liberation (Stephane F.)
Life of a UMW student (Daley Jennings, Kat Raffa)
Light Years Apart (Anaea Lay)
Limerick Quest (Pace Smith)
Little Girl In Monsterland (Mike Stallone)
Little Women Choose Your Own Adventure Game (Jessica Bickley)
Llamageddon (Damon L. Wakes)
The Long Nap (Paul Michael Winters)
Lore Distance Relationship (Naomi "Bez" Norbez)
LouveSystems' ADVNTURE (Louve Hurlante)
Love Lost: Final Week (Oculuman)
Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl (Bitter Karella)
Luminous Underground (Phoebe Barton)
Luster - A Lucid Dreams Story (Mauricio Salamon)
MADNESS OF THE COASTAL STRUCTURE: an Choice Chooser experience (Porpentine)
The Magnificent Museum of Masterly Masterworks (Nils Fagerburg)
The Magpie Takes the Train (MathBrush)
Main Course - The Retro Cut (Quantum Sheep, quantumsheep)
La Malédiction dont vous êtes le héros (Nighten)
Malleus Maleficarum (Keith Dechant)
Mask of the Plague Doctor (Peter Parrish)
The Matrix (Joe Anderson)
Meeting Time (RobTheFiveNine)
Memoria (Incanus)
Merlin: Origins (Shadowdrake27)
Micropuzzle (Gavin Lambert)
Mikala (Flanagangames)
Mind The Gap (quackoquack)
Minor Arcana (Jack Sanderson Thwaite)
Mirror Mirror (Gareth Pitchford)
Monk by the Sea (Elizabeth Decoste)
The Moon wed Saturn (Pseudavid)
The Morning Tea Party (Simseron)
Mortal Kombat: Fire and Ice (James Mullish)
Mother Tongue (Nell Raban)
Move On (Serhii Mozhaiskyi)
Moving (On) (quackoquack)
Mr Cuddle Cuddle, Bop Bop (Nils Fagerburg)
Mud Warriors (Ryan Veeder)
A Murder In Engrams (Noah Lemelson)
A Murder in Fairyland (Abigail Corfman)
Museum Heist (Kenneth Pedersen)
Mythion Adventures (Brynn Mountain, Ian Fowler, Kyle Aulerich)
La Nageuse Écarlate (smwhr)
Nameless (NinjaPitka)
Napier's Cache (Vivienne Dunstan)
Narcissi (Teela Brown)
The Narrows (Ash Green)
Navigatio (P. James Garrett)
Night In the Unpleasant House (Joel Haddock)
Nix (Frosti)
La noche del protector (Cobra626)
La noche en la ciudad (Juan Antonio Paz Salgado)
Nonessential (Brad Kraeling)
Northpole (John Blythe)
Oh, Reader (Seb Pines)
Old King Nebb (Caleb Wilson)
The Old Man By The Sea (Adam Saltsman)
One Last Thing... (Dee Cooke)
Out of Phase Synchronicity (Pedro Giglio)
Pageant (Autumn Chen)
Paris Aires (Fabien Vidal)
The Party Line (Robin Johnson)
Passages (Jared W Cooper)
The Paul McCartney Simulator (Ramsey Ess)
Penrose (Michael Townsend)
Pensées Profondes (White Fangs)
Pepper & Smoke (maltedsoymilk)
Phantasmagoria (Jac Colvin)
Phantom (Peter Eastman)
A Pilgrim (Caleb Wilson)
The Pinecone (Joseph Pentangelo)
The Place (Ima)
A Player's Heart (Melissa Scott)
Polemic (Davis G. See)
Popstar Idol Survival Game (CrunchMasterGowon)
A Potion Labeled 'Time' (Finn Fabish)
Pre-Marie (Dee Cooke)
Present Quest (Errol Elumir)
President Disaster (Maeve Adam, Marc Faletti)
The Prongleman Job (Arthur DiBianca)
Psyops (Fluxion)
Pumpkin Peril (Christian Duran)
The Queen's Footsteps (Davide Bucci)
Quest for Arete (Dene Grigar, Judith Pintar, Jazz Jackson, Katya Farinsky, Betsy Hanrahan, Elyse Mollahan, Viet Anh Nguyen, Preston Reed, David Sabrowski, Andrew Swanson, Andrew Thompson, Brandan Touhey, Craig Vesterby, Keegan Walden, Ruth Woodcock)
Quest for the Homeland (Nikita Veselov)
The Quest for the Philosopher's Stone (Hew)
Quest for the Serpent's Eye (Lazygamedesigner82)
Quest for the Sword of Justice (Damon L. Wakes)
Quintessence (Andrea M. Pawley)
Radicofani (Rob)
Rat Chasm (Hatless)
Reddex (Phlegethon)
RED FAST BENT (B Minus Seven)
Red Radish Robotics (Gibbo)
Return to Castle Coris (Larry Horsfield)
Return to the Castle (John Wilson)
The Revenge (Nitsan)
Richard Quest: Canada™ Edition (Will Vale)
Rite of the Druid (Paul Weller)
Ritus Sacri (quackoquack)
Roguelike Goose (Lizzard)
A Rope of Chalk (Ryan Veeder)
Royal Responsibility (LA2KMATT)
Sage Sanctum Scramble (Arthur DiBianca)
Saint Simon's Saw (Samuel Thomson)
The Saint's Tomb (Seth Jones)
SANTAPUNK 2076 (Gymcrash)
Santa's Trainee Elf (Garry Francis)
Save Bigfoot's Christmas! (Quizlock)
Savor (Ed Nobody)
Scarlet Portrait Parlor (MathBrush)
Scents & Semiosis (Sam Kabo Ashwell, Cat Manning, Caleb Wilson, Yoon Ha Lee)
School Stud (Honrby05)
Scoop (Thomas Martin)
The Screaming Skull (Will11)
The Seance (Quantum Sheep)
Seasonal Apocalypse Disorder (Zan, Xavid)
Sense of Harmony (Scenario World)
Sergeant Guffy's Day (TheDefiant)
Several Other Tales from Castle Balderstone (Ryan Veeder)
The Shadow In The Snow (Andrew Brown)
Shadow Operative (Michael Lauenstein)
Sheep Crossing (Andrew Geng)
Shell Song (Everest Pipkin)
Shelter For the Night (Bill Ingersoll)
Sheol's Passage and the Fallen (ninjapitka)
SIEGE (The Siege of Plataea) (Elizabeth Lumley)
Si j'avais su... (Eve Mercé)
silences (beams)
Sky Pirates of Actorius (Kyle Marquis)
Sleepover Rules (SjoerdHekking)
Slenderman - L'Incubo (Flavio)
So Are the Days (Dawn Sueoka)
Social Lycanthropy Disorder (E. Joyce)
Sock City (Konrad Mampe, Jonas K. Lundbye, Massimiliano Masala, Nadia P. Larsen, Ronny S. Mikkelsen)
Sohoek Ekalmoe (Caleb Wilson)
The Solstice Sovereigns of the North (Natrium729)
Some Sword / Some Play (Moniker Ersatz)
Something Broken (Austin M Jones)
Sonder Snippets (Sana)
The Soul Stone War (Morgan Vane)
SOUND (CynthiaP)
SPACE FROG! (npckc)
Speed Dating (on) the Night Bus (Hannah Nyland)
Spring 2020 (Phillip J Rhoades)
A Squire's Tale (Benjamin Appleby-Dean)
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Kenneth Pedersen)
Sétanta - Au Cœur Du Labyrinthe (Luigi June)
Stars Above (Alexandria Baker)
States of Awareness (Kerry Taylor)
Stay? (E. Jade Lomax)
Sterling City (NinjaPitka)
Sterling Suburbs (NinjaPitka)
Stilstand (Ida Hartmann & Niila Games)
Stoned Ape Hypothesis (James Heaton)
Stuff of Legend (Lance Campbell)
Superstition S2 (13Leagues)
Surfboard (Daniel Gunnell)
(s)wordsmyth (Tristan Jacobs)
Tallest Trees (Peter Bates)
Tangled Tales (JimJams Games)
Tavern Crawler (Josh Labelle)
Temple of God (MatchaMilk)
The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon (Damon L. Wakes)
Text Adventure Collector (Rex Mundane)
Ti Hanno Fregato i Gettoni! (Flavio)
Timeout in the Wasteland (Feneric)
Time's Enigma (Jim MacBrayne)
Toadstools (Bitter Karella)
Tombs & Mummies (Matthew Warner)
Tonciven (Donald Conrad, Peter M.J. Gross)
Torreoscura (Bieno Marti)
A Treatise on Heartly Manners (Enterpride)
Tribute: Return to the City of Secrets (Kenneth Pedersen)
Tristam Island (Hugo Labrande)
The Trope Exploit (John C. Knudsen)
Trusting My Mortal Enemy?! What a Disaster! (Storysinger Presents)
Turbo Chest Hair Massacre (Joey Acrimonious)
The Turnip (Joseph Pentangelo)
Twelve Days, One Night (B.J. Best)
Twinefoolery (John C. Knudsen)
Ulterior Spirits (E.J. Holcomb)
Unbroken (ninjapitka)
Uncle Clem's Will (Tony Rudzki)
Under They Thunder (Andrew Schultz)
Undying Gratitude (E.J. Rosa)
Une affaire rondement menée (Dunin)
unmemory (Daniel Calabuig)
Untold RPG (Adam Gerthel, Christopher Entzenberg)
Upon the Spooky House (Ben Poisonor)
Utopia Planitia (Bill Ingersoll)
Vain Empires (Thomas Mack, Xavid)
Vampire Ltd (Alex Harby)
Vampire: The Masquerade (Kyle Marquis)
#VanLife (Victoria)
Veiled (Michael Thomét)
The Verus Effect (John C. Knudsen)
A Very Dangerous Criminal (C.C. Hill)
The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al (Michael Penner)
Virgin Space (Billy Y. Fern)
The Virtual Grand National (Daniel Gunnell)
Walking (John C. Knudsen)
The Wandering Words (InkThinks)
Wanderlust: Transsiberian (Different Tales)
Warriors and Dragons (Two Schoolmates)
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Mishka Jenkins)
The Wayward Story (Ralfe Rich)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest (Different Tales)
Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality (Jeffrey Dean)
What Keeps Us Apart (Paele)
What the Bus? (E. Joyce)
Where the Wind Once Blew Free (No Sell Out Productions)
A Whispered Dream (Depetrification)
Winter in June (Katie Moses)
Word Game (Boho Interactive)
Yet another experiment (He4eT)
You Couldn't Have Done That (Ann Hugo)
You Gen #9 (Mark Sample)
You Will Thank Me as Fast as You Thank a Werewolf (B.J. Best)
Zip! Speedster of Valiant City (Eric Moser)
Zombie's Adventure Into Bone Malone's Spooky Gang (Aspwil)
Zombie World (Joe Anderson)