2014 Awards results

The winners of the 2014 XYZZY Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all our winners, and many thanks to the many people who make the XYZZY Awards possible. I’ll be taking a short break before getting to work recruiting post-XYZZY analysis writers.

Without further ado, the results!

Best Game: 80 Days (inkle, Meg Jayanth)

Best Writing: With Those We Love Alive (Porpentine, Brenda Neotenomie)

Best Story: 80 Days (inkle, Meg Jayanth)

Best Setting: Hadean Lands (Andrew Plotkin)

Best Puzzles: Hadean Lands (Andrew Plotkin)

Best NPCs: Creatures Such As We (Lynnea Glasser)

Best Individual Puzzle: the sequence of time-travel in Fifteen Minutes (Ade McT)

Best Individual NPC: the Empress in With Those We Love Alive (Porpentine, Brenda Neotenomie)

Best Individual PC: the PC in the uncle who works for nintendo (michael lutz)

Best Implementation: Hadean Lands (Andrew Plotkin)

Best Use of Innovation: Hadean Lands (Andrew Plotkin)

Best Technological Development: Twine 2 and Inform 7 6L02 (tie)

Best Use of Multimedia: 80 Days (inkle, Meg Jayanth)

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