Awards ceremony this weekend

The winners of the 2014 XYZZY Awards will be announced in the usual ifMUD ceremony, held in the Grand Auditorium on April 26th at 12 noon US-Pacific / 3 PM US-Eastern / 8 PM UK. (The results will also be announced over Twitter: @XYZZYawards.) Please join us to celebrate the best IF of the past year.

To get to the Auditorium, go south, then east from the Long Hall. (The Long Hall is east of the Lounge.) The Auditorium doors don’t open until just before the ceremony.

You can vote through April 24. The XYZZYs use the same login system as the IF Comp, and the Comp site has changed around. Your IF Comp account will still work fine for voting, but if you want to make a new account you’ll have to register over at the IF Comp site.

You can also log in with an existing account, and then vote over here.

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