First-round voting open for XYZZY Awards 2013

The nomination round of voting in the 2013 Awards is open. You can log in here and then cast your votes here. The first round will remain open through March 9th.

A reminder: it is not OK to canvass for votes, either for your own games or for someone else’s. Talking about the Awards is fine, but “hey guys, this game I wrote is up for an award, go and vote for it” is not, regardless of whether you do so on a major game blog or your personal Facebook page. Exercise your best judgement.

The exception to this rule is the set of (experimental) For Your Consideration polls on IFDB for the Individual categories – Best Individual Puzzle, Best Individual Player Character and Best Individual Non-Player Character. These awards can be more challenging to vote for, so if you’re struggling to come up with something and would like to try a few more games before you make your mind up, or if you think there’s a puzzle or character that deserves a second look, go forth and have fun.

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