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XYZZY Reviews 2012 complete

And with that, the reviews are done for this year. Many, many thanks to our all-star team of reviewers. The IF community couldn’t exist without the generosity of talented volunteers, and I’m seriously impressed by how many great people agreed to help out.

A reminder: for next year’s Individual Whatever categories, we have a set of polls up at IFDB, as a way of remembering possible nominees and suggesting them to others. If you happen across a good character or puzzle in an eligible game, consider suggesting it on the appropriate list: Individual Puzzle, Individual NPC, Individual PC.

That said, here’s the thing you’re really here for: the full list of reviews.

Best Writing: Yoon Ha Lee, Paul O’Brian, Robb Sherwin
Best Story: Deirdra Kiai, Emma Joyce
Best Setting: Jacqueline A. Lott, Duncan Bowsman
Best Puzzles: Carl Muckenhoupt
Best NPCs: Wade Clarke, Jenni Polodna
Best Individual Puzzle: Lucian P. Smith, Christopher Huang
Best Individual NPC: C.E.J. PacianJenni Polodna
Best Individual PC: Stephen Granade, Jenni Polodna
Best Implementation: Sean M. ShoreJason McIntosh
Best Use of Innovation: Aaron Reed
Best Technological Development: Dannii Willis, Iain Merrick
Best Supplemental Materials: J. Robinson Wheeler

J. Robinson Wheeler on Best Supplemental Materials 2012

J. Robinson Wheeler writes on the feelies for Muggle Studies, Marco Innocenti’s cover art for all the Andromeda games, the CYPHER website and other materials, and the covers for Cover Stories.

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