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XYZZY Awards 2017: first round open

The XYZZY Awards, honouring the best interactive fiction of 2017, are officially in the first round.

In the first round, you can nominate two works in each category. You need an IF Comp login to vote – if you don’t have one or you need it reset, go here. Then log in and vote! (Logging in will kick you back to this front page, just so you know.)

A reminder: canvassing for votes in the Awards is strongly discouraged. The XYZZYs are not meant to be a battle about which authors can rally the most die-hard fans. Absolutely talk about the Awards if it’s to discuss all the good IF you’ve seen this year – but if your objective is to get a bunch of people to all vote for your work, please don’t.

The first round will be open through May 13th. (Technically, until 1 AM on the 14th, US Pacific time, if you’re an eleventh-hour voter.)


Eligibility for the 2017 XYZZY Awards

We’re almost ready to launch the 2017 XYZZY Awards; the eligibility list has been assembled (thanks to Bruno Dias for help with scraping IFDB), but as usual, we’d like to give people a chance to double-check our work. If any of the following is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know as soon as possible.

The baseline we start from is IFDB entries. (We might be looking into different approaches next year, but we’ll deal with that once this year’s Awards are complete.)

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