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Jenni Polodna on Best Puzzles

Jenni Polodna has written one interactive fiction game; it is called Dinner Bell and people seem to like it fine.  You can read her loud opinions about competition games and other things at pissylittlesausages.wordpress.com, if that seems like a good idea for some reason.

She and Ryan Veeder also have a podcast called Clash of the Type-Ins (Ryan’s idea) where they play IF games over Skype with the people who wrote them.  You can find it at rcveeder.net/clash.

The finalists for Best Puzzles were Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder, Coloratura, and Threediopolis.

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Carl Muckenhoupt on Best Puzzles 2012

Carl Muckenhoupt writes on Counterfeit Monkey, Bigger Than You Think, Dinner Bell, Endless, Nameless, In a Manor of Speaking and Shuffling Around.

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