XYZZY Reviews 2012 complete

And with that, the reviews are done for this year. Many, many thanks to our all-star team of reviewers. The IF community couldn’t exist without the generosity of talented volunteers, and I’m seriously impressed by how many great people agreed to help out.

A reminder: for next year’s Individual Whatever categories, we have a set of polls up at IFDB, as a way of remembering possible nominees and suggesting them to others. If you happen across a good character or puzzle in an eligible game, consider suggesting it on the appropriate list: Individual Puzzle, Individual NPC, Individual PC.

That said, here’s the thing you’re really here for: the full list of reviews.

Best Writing: Yoon Ha Lee, Paul O’Brian, Robb Sherwin
Best Story: Deirdra Kiai, Emma Joyce
Best Setting: Jacqueline A. Lott, Duncan Bowsman
Best Puzzles: Carl Muckenhoupt
Best NPCs: Wade Clarke, Jenni Polodna
Best Individual Puzzle: Lucian P. Smith, Christopher Huang
Best Individual NPC: C.E.J. PacianJenni Polodna
Best Individual PC: Stephen Granade, Jenni Polodna
Best Implementation: Sean M. ShoreJason McIntosh
Best Use of Innovation: Aaron Reed
Best Technological Development: Dannii Willis, Iain Merrick
Best Supplemental Materials: J. Robinson Wheeler

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