XYZZY Awards ifMUD Walkthrough

While we’re still using ifMUD as a ceremony venue for now, we know that it can be a less-than-transparent tool for new users. Joey Jones has kindly written up a condensed version of the FAQ that only deals with the stuff you’ll need for the actual ceremony.

Getting on the MUD

1. Go to

2. Pick a username and submit a valid email address. A password will be sent to your email address.

3. Go to

4. Type connect username password to login, where “username” is your username, and “password” is your password. Like:

Connect jojo password1

Getting to the Ceremony

1. Type U
2. Type S
3. Type E

This will travel from the Dorm Room to the Long Hall, and from there to the Massive Auditorium via the Cavernous Cave.

If you get lost, type XYZZY to teleport to the Long Hall. From there, type S, then E.

Talking at the Ceremony

You can applaud, and make speeches when it’s your time just by typing as in a normal chat room.

1. Type @joinc peanut-gallery

This will allow you to chat with other audience members without disturbing the main announcements.

2. Type ; before saying something to speak in the peanut-gallery. Like:

;My bet’s on Stiffy Makane to win Best Writing!

[Peanut-Gallery] jojo says, “My bet’s on Stiffy Makane to win Best Writing!”

Useful Tricks

To emote, use a colon. Like:

:claps politely.

jojo claps politely.

You can even emote on a channel, like:


[peanut-gallery] jojo nods.

To speak to someone specific, you can use to single them out. Like:

;..maga Don’t keep us waiting!

[peanut-gallery] jojo says (to maga), “Don’t keep us waiting!”

One thought on “XYZZY Awards ifMUD Walkthrough

  1. Lucian Smith

    Typically, we redirect ‘xyzzy’ to just take you straight to the ceremony room once that starts.


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