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XYZZY Awards Games
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XYZZY Awards Games

The following games have been collected as eligible for this year's XYZZY Awards. Want to vote on who the winners should be? Go here! Think we missed a game? Mail the organizers.

But first, the categories:

Best Game

Best Writing

Best Story

Best Setting

Best Puzzles

Best NPCs

Best Individual Puzzle

Best Individual NPC

Best Individual PC

Best Implementation

Best Use of Innovation

Best Technological Development

Best Use of Multimedia

List of Games

1915 (Gregor Duddy, Luke Powell, Finlay Macpherson)
69105 More Keys (Andrew Schultz)
Abandon Them (Alan Beyersdorf)
Actual Workers (Anna Carna, Gabrielle Barboteau)
Additional Tales from Castle Balderstone (Ryan Veeder)
AI Dungeon (Nick Walton)
ALICE BLUE (Chris Selyms)
All World Pro Wrestling (David Monster, Jim Dattilo)
Alone Among the Stars: Twine Edition (Adam Roy)
The Amazing Maze (Daniel Gunnell)
American Election (Greg Buchanan)
American Maniac (MelonPro)
Among the Seasons (Kieran Green)
Andrew's first retro text adventure (RPettigrew)
Arram's Tomb (James Beck)
Ars Poetica (David Filipe, Isaque Sanches, Joao Costa, Joao Eiras Antunes, Tiago Marques)
Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked (Fay Ikin)
Bad Water (Waking Media)
Balanced Breakfast (Soda51)
The Ballroom (Liza Daly)
Being Beyonc (Green Chyna)
Be There! (William Dooling)
BIOS Errors (B Minus Seven)
Bipboupbop (Titre Temporaire) (Ivandesnouilles)
Black Sheep (Nic Barkdull, Matt Borgard)
A Blue Like No Other (Dan Cox)
Bodiless (Selim Sevim)
BOOK OF PRAYERS (Karin Malady)
Bradford Mansion (Lenard Gunda)
Break Stuff (Amy Clare Fontaine)
Bullhockey 2 - The Return of the Leather Whip (B F Lindsay)
The Call of the Shaman (Larry Horsfield)
A Capa da Escurid (Janos Biro)
Carpool Simulator (rdaneel)
La Casa (ESP Soft)
Cassandra the Wolf Princess (Amy Clare Fontaine)
Cavern of the Dinosaurs (David Melinkoff)
Chalk Lines (minute)
Chaos Quest (J 'MilesDaFoo' K)
Chelonia Demersus (Nils Fagerburg)
Chesstopia II (John C. Knudsen)
Chesstopia (John C. Knudsen)
The Chieftain (LeSUTHU)
Choose your own end to the viking world (Declan Taggart)
Chronicon Apocalyptica (Robert Davis)
Chuk and the Arena (Agnieszka Trzaska)
Citizen of Nowhere (Luke A. Jones)
Class Challenge (Daniel Gunnell)
Clusterflux (Marshal Tenner Winter)
The Coffin Maker (A.M. LeBlanc)
The Collector (Rev)
The Computer Lady (Daniel Gunnell)
The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor (Logan Noble)
Crème de la Crème (Hannah Powell-Smith)
Crumbs 2: The Will of the People (Katie Benson)
Cup of Frost, Palm of Gold (Emma Osborne)
Cure for Death (Ingrid Wolf)
Darkness (Jeff Schomay)
Dashiell Hamlett: The Blue Dane Meets the Black Bird (Tony Pisculli)
Dawnfall (RoAnna Sylver)
Day of the Dead--One Soul's All Souls Procession (Shadowdrake27)
Deadly Vacation (Anonymous)
The Dead of Winter (William Dooling)
Deep Space: Exodus (Ukiyo)
Deer Creek (Gareth Pitchford)
De Novo (cyb3rmen)
The Devil and the Mayor (Jonathan Laury)
Din in the Seventeenth Minute (M.H. Abdul-Rahim)
Disco Elysium (ZA/UM)
Do I Date? (Aurora Kakizaki)
Don't Push The Mailbox (Ralfe Rich)
Drag Star! (Evan J. Peterson)
Draw Nine (Damon L. Wakes)
Dull Grey (Provodnik Games)
Dungeon Detective 2: Devils and Details (Wonaglot)
Duskwood - Interactive Thriller (Everbyte)
Each-uisge (Jac Colvin)
Eight Feet Under (Stefan Vogt)
Ein sp (Markus Witzmann)
Eldritch Everyday: The Third Eye (Norbez)
The Empty Chamber: A Celia Swift Mystery (Tom Sykes)
Empyreum (n-n)
Enceladus (Robb Sherwin)
The Enchanted Castle (Gregg Roberts)
End of the Continent (Bottils)
Entrapped (Andrea Baroni)
Escape - Final Version (Kirsty McGill)
Escape Game (Bryan)
Escape! (Marnix van den Bos)
the eternal adventures of tits magee (Kayleigh Van Overen)
Extinction Escape: Your Travel Guide to the Apocalypse (Katie Benson)
Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition (Hazel Gold)
Eye Contact (Thomas McMullan)
Faerethia (Peter Eastman)
Fairyland (Daniel Gunnell)
Fat Fair (AKheon)
(feeling like a) Fake Bisexual (Aimee M)
Fein's Deluge (Nick Petrou)
The Fifth Continent (Daniel Gunnell)
Firefly (Indigo)
Five Scarabs (Agnieszka Trzaska)
Flight of the Code Monkeys (Mark C. Marino)
Flygskam Simulator (Katie Benson)
The Fog Knows Your Name (Clio Yun-su Davis)
Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus (Bennett R. Coles)
Fool! (Ben Rovik)
Forever Warped (SpookyBot)
For the Cats (Lei)
For the Moon Never Beams (J. Michael)
Founder's Mercy (Thomas Insel)
The Four Eccentrics (Tim Wolfe & Caleb Wilson as Mild Cat Bean)
The Fourth Riddle (reconditarmonia)
French Adventure (jmacpher)
Frenemies; or, I Won An Andy Phillips Game! (B F Lindsay)
Frog Quest! (Roos Speelman)
Gamebook (Roman Vartanov)
Ganga Zumba's Request (Janos Biro)
The Gateway of the Ferrets (Feneric)
Get Your Gun, Dragonfly (Palimrya)
Girth Loinhammer and the Quest for the Unsee Elixir (Damon L. Wakes)
GOLEM (Linus Ersson)
Gone Out For Gruyere (B F Lindsay)
The good people (Pseudavid)
Go West (Hugo Labrande)
Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel (Katherine Nehring)
The Grand Tour (Daniel Gunnell)
Habeas Corpus (G.C. Baccaris)
Hard Puzzle 4: The Ballad of Bob and Cheryl (Ade McT)
H.E.LLC (Lynda Clark)
Heretic's Hope (G.C. Baccaris)
Heroes of Myth (Abigail C. Trevor)
Hero or Villain: Genesis (Adrao)
Home Invader (James Beck)
The House on Sycamore Lane (Paul Michael Winters)
Iamb(ici) (Jo Lourdez)
in the living room (Nick Petrou)
In the Service of Mrs. Claus (Mathbrush)
Irrésistibles possessions (Nicolas P)
The Island (Ann Hugo)
Island in the Storm (JSMaika)
I Will Be Your Eyes And Hands (Cam Miller)
Jazz Age (Nicola R. White)
Jon Doe: Wildcard Nucleus (Olaf Nowacki)
Journal Of Anatomy V 1.0 (Vedek Bheemaiah)
A Journey to Omega Station (DWaM)
Le jour où la Terre dégusta (Yakkafo)
Just Bros Being Bros (Not Safe Or Sane)
Keeping Up with the Buzzards (Ingrid Wolf)
Keep of the Mad Wizard (Felix Plesoianu)
Kitchen IO IB (Anonymous)
Kitty and the Sea (Felix Plesoianu)
Language Arts (Jared Jackson)
The Legendary Hero Has Failed (Tom Martin)
Les Masques du Carnaval (St)
Let Me Out!! (Edward Clark)
Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: The Text Adventure (Pippin Barr)
La libération (Stephane F.)
Lies & Cigars (Katherine Morayati)
Limerick Heist (Pace Smith)
Limerick Night (Pace Smith)
Lionkiller (Sisi Jiang)
The Littlest Griffin (Jeff Creswell)
Logged In (anChupacabra)
The Lost Labyrinth of Lazaitch (Larry Horsfield)
Love, Prestige & Spookiness (Elizabeth Smyth, Pedro Alves, D'Ack Games, Maria Vittoria Patti, Ed Roberts, Alan Wills, Anita G. Zadeh, Aria Zadeh)
Lucerne (Dimitri Kaviani)
The Magician's Workshop (Kate Heartfield)
Magnetic Moon (Larry Horsfield)
The Mall (Jason Self)
The Mansion (Manuel Sagra)
The Mansion (Nicholas Kingsley)
Marooned on Giri Minor (Bill Ingersoll)
Masks (Mark Sample)
Meandering (Stray)
Meeting Robb Sherwin (Jizaboz)
Mental Entertainment (Thomas Hvizdos)
MetaComp [es] (n-n)
The Milgram Parable (Peter Eastman)
Mimetics (Jabberwok)
Mindful (Ian Michael Waddell)
The Missing Ring (Felicity Drake)
La Monta (Enric B Llobregat)
Mushroom Hunt (Polyducks)
My Daughter Is A Cultist! (Virtua Worlds)
The Mysterious Stories of Caroline (Soham S)
My Very Own Train Station (Niklas Gl)
Night City 2020 (Hoper)
Night Guard / Morning Star (Astrid Dalmady)
Night of the Crescent Moon (Roc Studios)
Ninja die-men (Bobnibu)
Ocean Beach (James Banks)
An Odyssey: Echoes of War (Natalia Theodoridou)
Office Goose (Liz Henry)
OK Boomer: The Game (E.I. Wong)
Old Jim's Convenience Store (Anssi R)
One Hour Degree (University of Kent)
One Minute Mysteries (Michael Gray)
O que fazer? (Janos Biro)
OTHER (Fetus Commander)
Our Darkest Thoughts (Jesse Villa)
The Ouroboros Trap (Chad Ordway)
Out (Viktor Sobol)
O Verbo (Janos Biro)
The Painter of Devil's Fangs (Aiden Pain)
Panoptique (Hugo Labrande and Nighten Dushi)
Pas De Deux (Linus Åkesson)
The Path (Chris Ainsley)
Pepe and the Balloon v 1.0 (Vedek Bheemaiah)
Personal Project (Andres Ortiz)
Pirateship (Robin Johnson)
A Pirate's Pleasure (Lisa Fox)
Planet C (Mark Carew)
The Planet Is Exploding! (Christian Simmers)
Play with Me (illusions) (Airem)
Pluto, en los tiempos del flamenco (Billy Fern)
Poppet (Bitter Karella)
Porter Cave Adventure (Cam Miller)
Preventing Suicide- An Infotainment by Vayu Vaidya (Dr Bheemaiah and Anil Kumar)
Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (expanded 2019 version) (Briar Rose)
Psy High 2: High Summer (Rebecca Slitt)
Pulgas al Rescate (Billy Fern)
Pumpkin Pie for your soul (Nils Fagerburg)
Push: Block (Green Giraffe)
PuzzleTales: Svalbard (by Jake Olefsky and Lavie Tidhar)
queer (re)collections (Tobias Paul)
Quiet (Martyna "Lisza" Wasiluk)
Quite Queer Night Near (Andrew Schultz)
Racing Team Career (Bharat Ramanathan)
Raishall (Jac Colvin)
Randomized Escape (Yvan Uh)
Remedial Witchcraft (dgtziea)
The Reptile Room (Elizabeth Smyth)
The Revenge of Moriarty (Gareth Pitchford)
Rip Retold (Hipolito)
Roads Not Taken (Doug Egan)
RoadStop (canami200)
Río Alto: Forgotten Memories (Ambrosio)
robotsexpartymurder (Hanon Ondricek)
Rogue Star Rescue (Chute Apps)
The Room (A Twine Puzzle) (jbcaveman)
Ryan Veeder's Authentic Fly Fishing (Ryan Veeder)
The Saga of Oedipus Rex (Jac Colvin)
Saint City Sinners (dgallagher)
The Salvage (Daza)
San Francisco, 2118 (Leah Case)
Sapphire Lung (Pleroma)
Saving the Princess (Ingrid Wolf)
Savior Complex (NoShortJokes)
Seaside (vrav)
The Secret (Amy Clare Fontaine)
Secret of the Grass Planet (Bill Ingersoll)
the secret of vegibal island (ralf tauscher)
A Serviço de Ganga Zumba (Janos Biro)
The Shadow Witch (Healy)
a short walk in the spring (Amorphous)
Sire Jehan le Crapouillot (Nicolas P)
Sirens in the Distance (Astrid Dalmady)
Skies Above (Arthur DiBianca)
Skybreak! (William Dooling)
Sláine the Slacker (TangledVirus)
Slugocalypse (Charlotte Blatchford)
A small & simple text adventure (Daniel Gunnell)
Snark Quest (Luke Roberts)
The Sock Puppet Killer (Jason Cantalini)
Soul Witch (Superbard)
The Sparkstone - Tales of Florb (Roby Sherman)
Speed Demons (Pleroma)
Das Spiel (Alexander Klimon)
Spoons (Cass Vulturepunk)
The Sprit of Ballarat (Pointsizepress)
The Storm (Stephane F.)
Strange Encounter in Space (suchamazingdoge)
Sugarlawn (Mike Spivey)
Summer Night City (ghoti)
Sunless Skies (Failbetter Games)
supa lape mi li ike (jan Sepulon)
The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds (Alice Ripley)
The Surprise (Candy Meldromon)
The Sweetest Honey (Mauro Couto)
Sword of the Slayer (S. Andrew Swann)
Tales from the Road (Iforgotmybrain)
Talk to him about love (Auraes)
Taxonomy of Narrative Choices (Public Version) (Clara Fern)
Tempête sur les bermudes (Stéphane Wiart, Christophe Bourrier, and Philippe Bousquet)
That Night at Henry's Place (Jei D. Marcade)
There's Always Somewhere To Go (necropocene)
They Perished (Bret Sepulveda)
This Game is a Dog (Amy Clare Fontaine)
Threads of Magic and Memory (C.J. Wilson and Chad Finch)
Through Time and Space (Amy Clare Fontaine)
Time For Some Real Fun (Allusions19)
Tlaotl (The SurvivalVis)
Today is the Same as Any Other (Adam Wasserman)
tombs of earth and oak (Tobias Paul)
To My Wife (Jana Vieler)
Tony Hawk's Pro Shopper (Karin Malady)
Treasure Hunt in the Amazon (Kenneth Pedersen and Niels S)
Truck Quest (Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross)
The Trumpman (Jesterbells)
Turandot (Victor Gijsbers)
TWO (Chris Ainsley)
Two Days to the Race (Davide Bucci)
Unbecoming (hexcavator)
Underground (Phlegethon)
Under the Sea (Heike Borchers)
Under the sun (kwon bohyoun and Oh Youngjin)
An Unspecified Cosmic Adventure That Doesn't Have Words Quest and Space in the Name (Karmo Talts)
Untitled Nopperabou Game (Stewart C Baker)
The Untold Story (Michael Pavano)
URA Winner! (Carter Sande)
The Verb (Janos Biro)
Very Vile Fairy File (Billy Boling)
The Village (Helene Vitting)
Vincent and Brooks (Goraph and Enola)
The Virulence Protocol (D.G. Chichester)
VKT Prime System Crash (Mia Blais-C)
The Void Horizon (Mayara Albuquerque)
WE R THE WORLD (Dan Hoy and Mike Kleine)
What to do? (Janos Biro)
When He Died (O Bluefoot)
Whole Souls (Drumclem)
Wild Party (kunludi)
Winter Break at Hogwarts (Brian Davies)
Witch Beyond the Woods (Bitter Karella)
Wizard's Magic (Daniel Gunnell)
Wolfsmoon (Marco Innocenti)
Writing Program Five (Dan Cox)
Zozzled (Steph Cherrywell)