ToyShop & Floyditorium
Conversations in the #peanut-gallery & Notifications from the #jumbotron

Flourish says, "Ha, looks like last time, I forgot to get out of my fancy togs after the XYZZYs"
Olly asks (of HanonO), "Is that aimed at me?"
Porpentine transforms into impure energy
Doug asks, "No place to sit?" * Thurnley has joined the channel.
Zach arrives from the west. * FloatingInfo has joined the channel.
Olly says (to Doug), "You have to imagine one."
Porpentine sits in lava
Porpentine says, "HI TOMMMMMM"
Gerynar sits in one of the invisible chairs Flourish says, "My silk dress made out of a sow's ear has gotten surprisingly little wear in the interim."
HanonO says, "No, I was making sure I had the right shortcut to chat in last channel"
Thurnley imagines a chair
Doug says, "oh, missed the velvet-covered couches."
jmac says, "Swank"
Deesix arrives from the west.
tommchenry arrives from the west.
Porpentine says, "TOMMMM"
Taleslinger says, "Sign me!" Olly says, "Ah."
vimes arrives from the west.
HanonO ducks out for a quick smoke before stuff starts
Porpentine says, "HOORRRSEEEE" * FloatingInfo has joined the channel.
tommchenry exclaims, "Porpy!"
djfletch lounges on a couch
Porpentine says, "IT ME PORPYY"
Grocible arrives from the west.
Porpentine asks, "how are you??"
Thurnley asks, "How do I talk in the peanut gallery again?"
genericgeekgirl arrives from the west.
Marvin arrives from the west. * HappyRock has joined the channel.
Porpentine exclaims, "i am presenting...Individual NPC!"
klimas says, "#peanut-gallery <your message here>"
Olly signed Taleslinger. * liza has joined the channel.
Porpentine says, "which one are we supposed to talk in" Pacian says, "What terribly decadent decor."
Porpentine says, "bwa"
Porpentine says, "bwaaaaa"
HappyRock wanders around with his hands in pockets
Gerynar gets out of his invisible chair and claims one of hte velvet-covered couches for himself
Guest3 arrives from the west.
Mostly_Useless arrives from the west.
dfabulich says (to Porpentine), "The #peanut-gallery is mostly for saying things that you wouldn't say in an auditorium during a presentation." Porpentine says, "oh cool thanks"
* Deesix has joined the channel.
Thurnley exclaims (at klimas), "Thanks!" dfabulich says, "Or, at least, that's my take on it"
Emily says, "wow, there are a lot of people I've never met but only heard of"
* tommchenry has joined the channel.
neotenomie arrives from the west.
ASchultz notes you can Read RTP if you haven't already Olly says, "Yeah, for conversations other than whooping and clapping."
ASchultz says, "yeah, lots of people who just registered a day or 2 ago, cool to see"
JimMunroe looks around shyly. * dfabulich has joined the channel.
Emily says (to tommchenry), "greetings!"
Porpentine exclaims, "hi brenda!!" Porpentine says, "HI BRENDA"
HanonO says, "checks his seat to make sure it isn't labelled 'splash zone'"
Flourish exclaims, "So many new faces! Er, handles!"
Fido wags his tail at JimMonroe. marshal_tenner_winter says, "hi"
HappyRock exclaims, "Hi!"
caleb says, "except for a few random visits to make sure my account was still in existence, this is the first time I've been here in about 10 years"
Porpentine gives witch dress to neotenomie. Johnny says (to ASchultz), "That will leave for a year or more after."
maga says (to HanonO), "it's cool, we invested in some cloaca sludge screens this year"
Thurnley exclaims, "Hello everybodeeee!"
Porpentine exclaims, "good, important safety measures!"
klimas says (to maga), "..."
Pacian lounges on one of the couches. Thurnley says, "It's matt w(einer)"
HanonO exclaims (at maga), "Yay!"
Porpentine gives goth sludge to neotenomie.
ZoeQuinn arrives from the west. Porpentine says, "HI ZOEEE"
tommchenry exclaims (at Emily), ""Hi!"
Thurnley sit on the chair he imagnied
Guest3 says, "@joininc #peanut-gallery"
Thurnley sits on the chair he imagined * tommchenry has joined the channel.
Johnny says, "Guests can't join channels."
Thurnley is not good at mudding HanonO says, "emote changes seats, realizing this one is meant for guests equipped with tentacles."
klimas says, "ouch"
jmac sez hi
HappyRock Hovers cross-legged in the air.
Gerynar says (to Guest3), "you'll need to sign up for a free account to be able to join a channel" Porpentine:neotenomie bwoop
Porpentine sits on tentacle flower
DavidW says, "I don't think I can cross my legs in this outfit." Zach says, "Good luck to all the nominees!"
tommchenry:thinks maybe he picked a bad MUD client
Zach asks (of DavidW), "Is that an edible outfit?"
DavidW says, "no. It's not actual gelatin."
ZoeQuinn concentrates, and disappears. Porpentine says, "whats up with you tom whats going on"
ZoeQuinn arrives from the west.
neotenomie bwoop
neotenomie flies around * ZoeQuinn has joined the channel.
Taleslinger says, "I made myself signable, so everyone feel free to add something with sign taleslinger = (your text)"
HanonO applauds the aerial effects
Guest2 arrives from the west.
Gerynar signed Taleslinger. Doug asks, "what part(s) of Taleslinger are we signing?"
HanonO signed Taleslinger. Marvin says, "Don't ask."
Olly says, "His t-shirt."
Porpentine devours micro galaxy Taleslinger says, "My t-shirt"
DavidW signed Taleslinger.
boucher arrives from the west.
Gerynar signed Taleslinger.
neotenomie devour Porpentine
lpsmith approaches the podium/altar, dressed in a dark red hooded robe that almost covers his eyes. dfabulich exclaims, "It's time to get things start-ed!"
Porpentine absorbs neotenomie baf says, "OK this is kind of weird. There's twinefolk here whose names I'm used to seeing in blogs or on twitter but now that they're on the MUD it's like they're real or something"
Pacian signed Taleslinger.
neotenomie wears goth sludge
lpsmith raises his arms dramatically.
JimMunroe sits down and watches lpsmith.
Porpentine fires laser at goth sludge
lpsmith exclaims, "I welcome you all to the XYZZY awards for the best IF games of 2013: Let the revelry commence!" Porpentine says, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
klimas hoorays!
Gerynar exclaims, "Yay!"
neotenomie signs peace treaty with goth sludge
DavidW cheers!
HanonO revels
Olly sits on the floor next to Fido. jenrexrode says, "huh, I already signed"
baf revelries
dfabulich emotes cheers
lpsmith says, "Libations are available at any time for participants from the many dispensaries located at the back left and back right of the temple." HappyRock exclaims, "Awesome!"
marshal_tenner_winter hangs on for dear life
Gerynar breaks out some sparkling grape juice
Pacian dispenses liberally.
Thurnley says, ""Yay!""
Taleslinger pets Fido.
nm arrives from the west.
lpsmith says, "A portion of todays ceremonies will be displayed on the anachronistic Jumbotron; to fully participate, one must enter the incantation, "@joinc #jumbotron", if one did not already do so." * nm has joined the channel.
* caleb has joined the channel.
Johnny gets his predictions out for max disappointment.
* Thurnley has joined the channel.
* JimMunroe has joined the channel.
lpsmith's enlarged visage appears on a giant screen hovering over the stage. "In other words," he intones, "if you can see this, you're good to go."
* loopernow has joined the channel.
Oak arrives from the west.
tommchenry cheers for jumbotron
lpsmith exclaims, "So, without further ado, let's get started!" Porpentine flies around
* loopernow has joined the channel.
lpsmith exclaims, "First up, we have the presentation for Best Supplemental Materials! And to present the list of the nominees: Flourish!"
ZoeQuinn flails her arms
JimMunroe says, "pip pip"
HappyRock acquires a beverage of a delicious persuasion.
Flourish ascends the stage magisterially
Thurnley signed Taleslinger.
HanonO claps
Emily says, "yay feelies!"
djfletch claps
loopernow arrives from the west.
jmac exclaims, "Hurrah!"
Flourish glances around, akin to Dumbledore in the great hall
Porpentine claps magically
Flourish taps the mic
Zach claps flourishingly
Olly barks joyously.
dfabulich claps adverbially
Thurnley claps
SimonChris clap
HappyRock just claps
SimonChris claps
caleb claps
Flourish exclaims, "The nominees for Best Supplemental Materials are!!!"
Fido barks joyously, too.
Johnny bangs two bricks together.
ZoeQuinn claps unattractively
Flourish exclaims, "The cover of Hill of Souls by Angela Shah!"
Flourish claps
klimas applauds!
Taleslinger clps.
tommchenry claps
Gerynar claps
Pacian claps.
Flourish exclaims, "The Depression Quest trailer!"
HanonO applauds
ZoeQuinn claps
Porpentine claps!!!
Flourish claps
jmac claps
tommchenry claps
StevenWatson claps
Olly says, "Oop oop."
ASchultz oohs and aahs
dfabulich claps, checking his thesaurus for synonyms for applause
Flourish exclaims, "The graphic environment for 18 Cadence!"
Porpentine claps!!!
Flourish cheers
Emily claps for 18 Cadence
klimas claps!
Gerynar claps as well
Mostly_Useless claps
tommchenry claps
Flourish exclaims, "Labyrinth's Lament, the companion comic to The Sixth Sleep!"
Flourish applauds
Gerynar spills his sparkling grape juice while clapping
Emily claps
dfabulich plaudits
Porpentine claps for lament!!!! WHOOO
Olly ovates.
Thurnley continues clapping
HanonO continues to applaud, feeling his hands start to get red and stingy
tommchenry claps with stingy hands
DavidW absorbs the grape juice spill.
Flourish exclaims, "Multimedia - Dominique Pamplemousse!"
lpsmith cheers!
Taleslinger applaudiert.
maga inhales deeply, swaying somewhat.
Flourish hoots
klimas claps!
HanonO cheers
StevenWatson claps
Emily says, "yay Dominique Pamplemousse!"
Flourish says, "Aaaaaaaaand"
Flourish exclaims, "The ship plans for Coloratura!!!!"
Flourish claps
Gerynar claps in a multimediac manner
Porpentine claps powerfully!!
HanonO applauds
ZoeQuinn claps so hard her hands fall off
Emily claps
Pacian applauds.
Flourish shuffles her notecards
klimas still claps!
dfabulich claps
Flourish displays the seal on the envelope
HappyRock cheers wildly.
Flourish breaks the seal
tommchenry suspenseful claps
Flourish reads the enclosed slip of paper
Porpentine holds breath
HanonO poor seal
Flourish says, "And the winner isssss...."
Flourish exclaims, "DOMINIQUE PAMPLEMOUSSE!!!"
inurashii arrives from the west.
Porpentine claps WHOOOOOOOOOOO
Emily says, "yay!!"
klimas says, "wooo!"
zarf says, "Woo!"
genericgeekgirl wooooooo.
ASchultz exclaims, "Congrats!"
caleb says, "woooooooo"
DavidW says, "woot!"
lpsmith cheers!
Gerynar claps loudly
HappyRock says, "Awesome!""
Flourish cheers ecstatically
StevenWatson applauds violently
dfabulich says, "Congratulations!!!""
HanonO applauds!!
adeniro woo hoos
baf exclaims, "Yay Pamplemousse!"
Flourish descends the stage
Fido barks.
ZoeQuinn claps, like, a lot
djfletch says, "hurrah"
maga claps
Emily says, "hooray for amazing claymation and singing!"
tommchenry cheers
jmac exclaims, "Huzzah!"
JimMunroe applauds.
ASchultz sings an autotuned song of congratulations
Pacian cheers.
Thurnley exclaims, "hooray!" baf says, "Pamplemousse is such a fun word to say."
HanonO exclaims, "hooray for the brass instruments!"
marshal_tenner_winter claps maga | *** happy sousaphone ***
Olly says, "Aye."
Gerynar puts his fingers in his mouth and tries to whistle, but just dribbles on himself instead
Marvin says, "Wooooooo"
lpsmith returns to the stage. "I don't suppose we have a Dominique or a representative thereof here tonight?
Thurnley claps in 13/4
Fido whines.
inurashii me ambles in and looks around, still struggling to get their bearings.
Guest3 leaves the auditorium to the west.
lpsmith exclaims, "If not, let's give one more round of applause for Dominique Pamplemousse!" maga says, "yep, all done, you can take it down now"
Emily says, "yay squinky!"
Olly exclaims, "Woohoo!"
Johnny claps!
StevenWatson applaud
inurashii applauds
klimas says, "hooray!"
ZoeQuinn applauds
HappyRock slams some atoms together until they make a bang.
caleb claps!
Pacian stands and applauds.
Gerynar applauds in a round-a-bout way
HanonO applauds for Dominique
Porpentine claps!!!
lpsmith exclaims, "And now, we have Nitku, with the nominees for the Best Technological Development!"
tommchenry claps for Dominique!
Nitku pulls a small device from his pocket, pushes a button on it and vanishes. He reappears on the stage, missing only his left shoe and some internal organs of lesser importance.
Johnny clapclaps.
Thurnley starts clapping again
maga vorples enthusiastically
JimMunroe says, "Yay Niktu"
Olly exclaims, "Yip, yip!"
Flourish claps
Nitku says, "Hey, it worked"
Gerynar tosses Nitku his shoe
marshal_tenner_winter has the clap.
Porpentine claps!!
djfletch claps with high-tech cyborg hands
katherine applauds
Olly edges away from marshal.
Nitku says, "We will now present the award for Best Technological Development."
SimonChris claps
HanonO claps
Pacian now has an extra spleen.
Nitku pushes a button on the device. A thoroughly confused chicken appears on the podium.
Nitku says, "Let's try that again."
DavidW says, "Chicken!"
Nitku pushes a button on the device. A stack of cue cards appears in his hand.
Nitku says, "All right. The nominees are:"
GDorn arrives from the west. * inurashii has joined the channel.
Busta arrives from the west.
Nitku says, "adv3lite, a new alternative standard library for TADS 3, by Eric Eve"
klimas claps! * LynneaGlasser has joined the channel.
Emily claps
HanonO claps
DavidW claps
Johnny applauds softly.
Guest1 arrives from the west.
Pacian exclaims, "Huzzah!"
jmac woowoos
Nitku says, "Twine 1.4, a long-awaited update to the popular story engine, by various community members"
Gerynar claps litely
Thurnley is still clapping
dfabulich claps
HanonO applauds * inurashii has joined the channel.
Emily claps more
klimas claps! Taleslinger asks, "No pre-announcement shows this year?"
Porpentine claps MASSIVELY maga says, "for new arrivals: XYZZY. E."
Olly bangs on the floor.
LynneaGlasser arrives from the west. DavidW says, "I really must check out adv3lite someday."
jmac exclaims, "Yay Twine!"
tommchenry clemote cheers
baf claps in-betweenly
Guest1 says, "woo"
Nitku says, "Versu, a sophisticated but short-lived authoring system, by Emily Short and Linden Labs"
maga mourns
klimas applauds! * Busta has joined the channel.
lpsmith laughs.
HanonO applauds for Emily, not Linden Labs. jmac says (to DavidW), "Yeah, same here."
lpsmith also cheers.
Taleslinger says, "Twine, my cat's favorite IF system"
Johnny claps feat. clapping.
Gerynar claps Emily says (to DavidW), "it's cool -- we had a long overview at the Oxford meetup"
baf sheds a bitter tear
liza applauds and also cries
marshal_tenner_winter holds lighter in air.
SimonChris claps lugubriously * Busta has joined the channel.
Nitku pushes the button again. The heads of two audience members swap places. DavidW says, "mm, yes I saw some of your writeup"
Porpentine spins around excitedly
Fido howls.
ASchultz claps with a serious look on his face
HappyRock looks for his head.
Nitku says, "Oops. Come see me after the show and we'll see what we can do about that."
Mostly_Useless woots
Nitku tries again, and the cue cards are replaced by an envelope. SimonChris says, "test"
Nitku says, "And the winner is..."
Oracizan arrives from the west.
Porpentine claps !!
Gerynar hears a drumroll
Nitku exclaims, "Twine 1.4!"
HanonO the winner is porpentine?
Thurnley asks, "#peanut-gallery Emily, was it you who was saying that advlite was TADS that I7 authors can love?"
Emily says, "yay!"
StevenWatson waves arms sporadically
liza says, "Hooray"
maga claps
Olly claps.
HappyRock cheers!
GDorn says, "woot"
HanonO applauds
Taleslinger says, "woo"
Flourish cheers!!!
dfabulich celebrates!
Gerynar claps
Thurnley says, ""Hoooorayy!""
ZoeQuinn flails arms and cheers
adeniro exclaims, " yayy!!"
djfletch says, "hurrah"
jmac says, "yey"
inurashii falls on their haunches, rears up, and applauds with front paws
loopernow claps
SimonChris applauds wildly!
Olly plays a few notes on their summoning flute.
caleb exclaims, "yay!"
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "Grats!"
Pacian cheers. Emily says (to Thurnley), "I think that was Jim Aikin's comment on the forum"
Porpentine exclaims, "much deserved!!"
HappyRock exclaims, "Congratulations, Twine team!"
tommchenry cheers wildly
ASchultz does Arsenio audience style woofing for Twine 1.4
klimas approaches the stage/altar/?. Porpentine says, "SACRIFICE"
HanonO applauds Porpentine says, "SACRIFICE"
baf claps
Nitku teleports back, missing his seat by only five rows. He promptly proceeds to sell the device to Facebook.
klimas says, "So... thanks! Twine 1.4 was three years in the making, and to say it was a community effort is an understatement."
Emily says, "yay Twine!"
klimas says, "There've been many contributors, but I think one person more than any other made Twine 1.4 happen: Leon Arnott." Thurnley says, "Thanks, Emily."
katherine claps
adeniro says, " yay Chris and everyone"
Gerynar says, "Congrats Twine team"
jmac exclaims, "Leon!"
tommchenry says, "Hooray Twine" Porpentine exclaims, "super true!"
Porpentine claps for leon
Emily claps
Thurnley says, "L1"
HanonO tosses a ball of yarn thinking this is RH.
maga claps
Thurnley exclaims, "I mean, L!"
klimas says, "Leon couldn't be here because of time zone differences. But I want to recognize the work he's done, both in terms of actual code and the organizational work needed to get a release out the door."
Busta applauds
tommchenry claps for Leon
dfabulich exclaims, "hooray for Leon!"
klimas says, "If you've ever worked on an open source project, you probably know how tricky that second part can be." Olly says, "olethros's disconnect was apropos."
adeniro lights a zippo and holds it high for Leon Porpentine says, "many of my games depended hugely on his macros"
klimas says, "So: thank you to everyone who has contributed to Twine, and thanks especially to Leon!"
Gerynar applauds for Leon and the whole twine team
Porpentine CLAPSSS
Emily claps again!
klimas escapes the stage with his life!
Taleslinger claps!
Pacian claps heartily.
ZoeQuinn cheers
StevenWatson applauds twine
caleb is applauding
ASchultz adds to the team effort of applauding a huge team effort
loopernow claps heartily
inurashii applauds moar!
dfabulich rubs chalk on his hands so he can CONTINUE CLAPPING
Clapslinger tales!
tommchenry emote whistling
HappyRock offers dfabulich a pair of extra cybernetic clapping arms.
katherine applauds again
tommchenry says (to Olly), "it's hard to get commands in"
lpsmith claps and returns to the stage.
dfabulich makes a cyclone of chalk dust with the cybernetic arms
tommchenry says (to Olly), "I keep typo-ing"
lpsmith exclaims, "Next up, we have ifMUD's founder back once again to present the nominees for Best Use of Innovation: liza!"
liza slowly ambles her way to the stage.
Olly exclaims, "Wooo!"
Gerynar exclaims, "Woot!"
klimas says, "yay!"
Johnny applauds.
jmac exclaims, "Yay liza!!"
DavidW says, "woot liza!"
HappyRock applauds.
Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"
Fido leaps about.
HanonO applauds inurashii says, "This oldfangled technology makes my head spin y'all"
Taleslinger says, "THAT liza - oooh"
Porpentine CLAPS
Flourish exclaims, "Yay, Liza!"
Busta clap claps
Porpentine BELLOWS
Thurnley exclaims, "Applause!"
liza pulls out a very creaky rocking chair, and begins rocking thoughtfully.
klimas laughs!
inurashii applauds
Olly says, "Super wow."
Taleslinger is am klatschen.
Guest2 laughs.
katherine applauds
liza says, "Many of you young whippersnappers don't remember me, but in my day, we didn't have 'innovation'"
jasonstevanhill arrives from the west.
HanonO laughs
DavidW says, "We had Scrabble!"
Olly giggles. katherine says, "and what a glorious day that was"
katherine says, "(kidding)"
liza says, "We were just happy to sometime be able to use lower-case letters and whistle into our acoustic couplers"
Mostly_Useless claps Emily says, "man, I slightly miss the yearly argument about what "Best Use of Medium" was supposed to mean"
jmac laffs Emily says, "it was so reliable and homey"
lpsmith whistles! Emily says, "not with all this newfangled sense-making"
zarf says, "right, wil be saying 'Old Granny Liza' from now on"
liza says, "But these days y'all have your HMTL 6 and your internets and your fancy animated jiffies" klimas says, "lifetime award winner:"
Johnny says, "'Best Use of Innovation' is infinitely more nonsensical."
Taleslinger says (to emily), "I think most discussions on intfiction have gone back to not making sense"
Emily says (to klimas), "ha"
liza says, "So I guess you have to have an award for all that jibberjabber. The nominees are!"
neotenomie eats innovation
Porpentine eats neotenomie
liza says, "18 Cadence, by Aaron Reed. A story in fragments about a house and a century."
liza says, "18 Cadence, by Aaron Reed. A story in fragments about a house and a century."
Guest1 says, "those animated giraffes..."
klimas claps!
ASchultz hits ctrl-g on his Apple II 10 times to show excitement
Thurnley claps
Emily claps
HanonO applauds
tommchenry claps:claps
Gerynar claps
liza says, "Dammit grandma can't use her fancy thing"
SimonChris applauds
DavidW applauds
Pacian applauds.
neotenomie claps heartily
katherine claps
Taleslinger klatscht.
caleb claps
marshal_tenner_winter claps vigorously for 18 Cadence
liza says, "Ex Nihilo, by Juhana Leinonen. In the beginning there was nothing. From nothing light and darkness were born."
Busta claps
Marvin claps.
dfabulich hails
Porpentine clapsss
StevenWatson claps
Emily says, "yay"
tommchenry claps
klimas claps!!
DavidW claps
caleb claps
HanonO applauds
Pacian claps!
Taleslinger says, "Let there be clapping"
liza says, "Final Girl, by Hanon Ondricek. There were twelve of you when you started the weekend..."
JimMunroe claps!
maga claps
Gerynar claps
StevenWatson claps
DavidW cheers
klimas says, "yay!"
tommchenry claps
Marvin claps again.
liza says, "Sorcery! by Steve Jackson and inkle. An epic interactive fantasy adventure through a weird world of magic."
marshal_tenner_winter claps
StevenWatson claps
Taleslinger says, "woo"
DavidW claps
HanonO applauds for Inkle crew!
klimas claps!
Pacian cheers.
Gerynar claps
maga says, "woo for the innovative 80s"
HappyRock Claps for innovation!
Porpentine claps
ASchultz claps double time to catch up for what he didn't applaud for
liza says, "Trapped in Time, by Simon Christiansen. If you resolutely continue into the institute, turn to 36."
tommchenry innovates clapping
HanonO claps
Oracizan claps
Thurnley dlqpw
Emily claps
StevenWatson continues to clap * jasonstevanhill has joined the channel.
Taleslinger says, "if you want to clap, turn to 12"
jmac says, "Raargh PDFs"
Olly ululates.
DavidW virtually claps
Busta claps
katherine claps
liza frowns.
HanonO claps in multiple time periods
dfabulich was always having been about to have clapped!
marshal_tenner_winter claps in 4 dimensions
liza says, "I just can't seem to remember who the winner is, these senior moments and all..."
SimonChris holds his breath
Guest1 says, "If 2d6<8, clap twice" nm says, "Curveship supports all those types of clapping"
klimas says, "in a variety of tenses and certainty"
Porpentine says, "I LOVE RED PRINCCEE"
liza snaps her fingers. "I even forgot one!
liza says, "Castle of the Red Prince by C.E.J. Pacian"
katherine claps!
Porpentine CLAPS
klimas claps!
DavidW yay to Prince!
marshal_tenner_winter claps
HanonO applauds and is immediately at his destination
Gerynar claps
Taleslinger says, "hooray castle!"
StevenWatson Claps
jmac exclaims, "Hurrah!"
ASchultz pulls out his Clapping Machine innovation to keep himself in shape to applaud more later
Fido licks Pacian.
SimonChris keeps holding his breath
Busta claps
Pacian pets fido, at a distance.
JimMunroe claps for Pacian
liza finds an old piece of gum, and the winner envelope.
liza says, "18 Cadence!"
Thurnley explores clapping maga | Three folded flags behind glass.
HappyRock cheers!
Taleslinger says, "woo"
Porpentine claps
SimonChris exhales
klimas says, "hooray!"
SimonChris claps
caleb says, "yayy"
Pacian cheers! maga | Alice, age ten, trembles in her pretty blue dress, terrified that mister John's family won't like her, will send her away to live with strangers in a strange town, and tries with all her heart to be perfect.
HanonO applauds and cheers Aaron Reed
tommchenry cheers
klimas says, "also hooray excellent presentation!"
djfletch says, "woo!"
dfabulich exclaims, "Yay Aaron!"
Emily assembles a collage of sentences about people applauding in three different time periods
Olly applauds.
Thurnley claps in a chord sequence, 18 times
adeniro cheers
inurashii applauds a bunch
katherine applauds!!
Busta exclaims, "yay!"
StevenWatson applauds
Porpentine gets stuck to a magnet
LynneaGlasser says, "Cool :3"
Oracizan snaps to add a bit of variety to the noises of appreciation.
liza me shows herself back to the home.
liza sighs.
ASchultz applauds and whistles
maga says, "I don't think we have an Aaron, alas."
HanonO begins offering vuvuzelas for a nickle
Olly gives an imaginary flower to liza.
lpsmith returns to the stage.
HappyRock buys a vuvuzela.
Busta claps for liza.
Olly buys a vuvuzela.
katherine applauds
jasonstevanhill cheers
Roger arrives from the west.
HappyRock vuvuzelas joyfully.
lpsmith exclaims, "Well, thank you Aaron, and we'll be sure to fax you your award!"
Taleslinger says, "Hooray for lpsmith" ASchultz saves the vuvuzela for England's next goalkeeping blunder in 2 months
dfabulich snaps a vuvuzela in half to celebrate
Johnny claps!
Porpentine claps
Olly toots on the vuvuzela.
inurashii chews on a vuvuzela
HappyRock plays the drums with two vuvuzelae.
lpsmith exclaims, "And now, the nominees for Best Implementation, presented by... your host!"
jmac exclaims (at dfabulich), "No! You'll let the bees out!"
lpsmith bows, sweeping his robes back majestically.
SimonChris claps
Olly decides to bang it on the floor instead. HanonO says, "<snrrk> "vuvuzelae""
HappyRock exclaims, "I try!"
lpsmith exclaims, "Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser!"
ZoeQuinn cheers
Porpentine claps!!
klimas claps! Roger asks, "Is someone on chalkboard duty?"
Emily claps
Busta claps
tommchenry cheers!
(From Taleslinger) Taleslinger's trill says, "What? I have nothing prepared!"
StevenWatson claps
Gerynar claps
inurashii says, "Woooo""
lpsmith exclaims, "Depression Quest, by Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, and Isaac Schankler!"
Johnny applauds.
DavidW says, "yay Color"
katherine claps
Emily says, "yay"
Porpentine claps!!
dfabulich is clappy again!
Johnny or claps.
StevenWatson cheers
tommchenry applauds! Olly says, "No, apparently not."
JimMunroe claps!
HappyRock applauds for everyone!
Gerynar applauds
lpsmith exclaims, "Robin & Orchid, by Ryan Veeder and Emily Boegheim!"
djfletch says, "imple! mentation!" dfabulich says, "We've got [LINK]
SimonChris claps
StevenWatson claps
Busta claps
ASchultz applauds some more
Olly bangs the vuvuzela on the floor to great effect.
klimas cheers!
HanonO works out "Do you know the way to San Jose" on vuvuzela.
lpsmith exclaims, "Their angelical understanding, by Porpentine!"
Gerynar claps
ZoeQuinn cheers for everyone
DavidW claps
Pacian cheers!
tommchenry stomps feet and cheers!
Porpentine YAYY
Emily claps
Gerynar claps
Porpentine spins!!
HappyRock cheers for creepy angels! Nitku says, "Social media has surpassed ancient chalkboard tech"
Taleslinger says, "Hooray"
lpsmith exclaims, "And finally: Trapped in Time, by Simon Christiansen!"
StevenWatson claps
Porpentine angels angels angels!!
Emily fears a creepy rain of hands
Porpentine claps
StevenWatson claps
tommchenry cheers
liza claps and then falls asleep in her barcalounger.
Emily claps!
katherine applauds for everyone! dfabulich exclaims, "It's raining hands!"
lpsmith says, "And the winner is..."
inurashii gallavants in Porpentine's slime-spin waves
HappyRock notes that rains of hands are good for all this clapping.
lpsmith pulls out a blank piece of paper.
Oracizan claps
HanonO nooo noooo hands
lpsmith chants something mystic that you can't quite understand, but sounds suspiciously like, 'frotz winner'. Glowing runes appear on the paper!
Porpentine passes out
lpsmith exclaims, "Trapped in Time, by Simon Christiansen!" maga | The professor tears his hair. "What the devil went wrong? Did you push the right button? Why are you smiling?"
ASchultz says, "cool, Deirdra retweeted the xyzzyaward tweet"
Porpentine says, "claps"
klimas cheers!
SimonChris exclaims, "Holy shit!"
Emily says, "yay!"
inurashii claps!
Olly exclaims, "Yay!"
ZoeQuinn cheers
caleb claps
katherine claps
Busta exclaims, "woot!"
StevenWatson cheers
Gerynar exclaims, "Yay!"
dfabulich says (to SimonChris), "CONGRATS"
jmac says, "Whoa"
Pacian caps.
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "Well Done!"
genericgeekgirl cheers!
HanonO applauds heartily. and spleenily
HappyRock cheers!
Guest2 says, "clap"
SimonChris ascends the stage
lpsmith says, "SimonChris! Come up here and say something."
adeniro exclaims, "yay!"
djfletch hurrah
Pacian also claps.
tommchenry applauds
ZoeQuinn says, "congrats!!""
Thurnley claps
ASchultz applauds SimonC
DavidW says, "yay the winner being here"
SimonChris exclaims, "Thank you everyone!"
Porpentine spins wit slime
klimas says, "woooo!"
Johnny claps.
LynneaGlasser claps some more.
HappyRock dances joyfully.
Emily ooks herself into the ether.
Emily arrives from the west.
Olly claps quietly, ready to stop as soon as SimonChris show signs of saying something.
Taleslinger says, "Speech! Speech!"
lpsmith says, "Was that your entire acceptance speech? If so, yay brevity! If not, keep typing."
SimonChris says, "My speech is available in PDF format at [LINK]
Johnny says (to Olly), "Copying and pasting from PDFs can be tricky."
HanonO laughs
Taleslinger says, "Ha ha ha ha ha"
klimas cackles
jmac says, "Well done"
Emily says (to SimonChris), "whoa, preparation!"
Doug says, "I totally called that"
dfabulich says, "niiiiiice""
SimonChris exclaims, "Let's take 5, so people can read it!"
Nitku says, "hooray"
Emily says, "best implementation of a best implementation acceptance"
Guest2 laughs.
Olly exclaims, "Hooray!"
Porpentine teleports on stage
Olly waves vuvuzela.
Porpentine asks, "shall I begin?"
Porpentine says, "bwaahahah"
lpsmith says, "Wow, I'm glad you won, just so we can see that."
Porpentine exclaims, "i rule this roost!!"
dfabulich dies at the hands of a ravenous gorilla
Porpentine exclaims, "Alright!"
lpsmith exclaims, "Yes! Porpentine, for Best Individual NPC!"
katherine applauds!!!
Porpentine exclaims, "Yes! Best Individual NPC! its me!"
SimonChris get's down from the stage
jmac yeyz?!
Porpentine says, "soooooooo"
inurashii says, "Good speech!"" HappyRock exclaims, "Welcome to Corneria!"
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "I always knew you were a robot!"
ASchultz would've applauded the acceptance sooner but had to read through it all
Taleslinger says, "Wow Porpentine!"
Porpentine says, "The NPC was invented in 1997 in order to keep sane those brave gamers working on difficult levels in the Arctic." adeniro says, ""be sure to add that speech to ifdb"
Porpentine says, "It stands for Naive Persona (Cyber)." klimas says, "this acceptance speech sure involves a lot of dying..."
Porpentine says, "Now by law you will find at least 1 NPC in every videogame." zarf says, "hm."
Johnny says, "Just read it straight through."
Taleslinger says, "I will not translate it into german."
Porpentine exclaims, "First up!" SimonChris says, "I will :)"
Porpentine says, "I will now read verbatim the descriptions I was sent by maga"
Porpentine says, "-bitmap-zer0- from Bell Park, Youth Detective: a hacker unfreaked by anything that doesn't offer firm statistical grounds for freakage." HanonO says, "Now wouldn't that speech have been better in Twine or something? (ducks)"
klimas claps!
Olly laughs.
tommchenry claps!
StevenWatson claps
Gerynar claps
Pacian freaks out, mathematically. SimonChris exclaims, "For some reason, I can't copy-paste things into this stupid MUD client. I had to type in the link by hand!"
adeniro claps
Porpentine says, "Captain Verdeterre: a bold entrepreneur creating work opportunities in a challenging sector." katherine says, "PDF"
Busta claps
StevenWatson claps
tommchenry claps
jmac exclaims, "Yay Verdeterre!" dfabulich glares silently at HanonO like a terra-cotta statuette.
Porpentine says, "The ghost from Faithful Companion: not dead but lagging."
klimas cheers!
Gerynar applauds
inurashii says, "wooo"
tommchenry claps
DavidW says, "hee hee"
StevenWatson applauds
Pacian applauds two turns later.
Porpentine says, "Your horse from Horse Master: a drug-addled carapace murder beast, yet strangely huggable."
tommchenry looks bashful
klimas claps!
HanonO applauds
StevenWatson cheers
caleb exclaims, "yay!"
jmac says, "a horse"
Gerynar claps
Emily claps for the disgusting yet lovable horse dfabulich says, "claps and claps and claps and claps"
Porpentine says, "Mercy from Coloratura: a woman controlled and damaged by an indescribable monster, who must reclaim her face and battle with - wait."
tommchenry says, "strangelly huggable"
adeniro applauds dfabulich says, "bah"
DavidW says, "Not to be confused with Horse World"
dfabulich claps and claps and claps and claps
StevenWatson claps
tommchenry cheers!
Pacian applauds enthusiastically.
Gerynar claps Emily says, "definitely not"
Porpentine says, "tears the guts out of random bystander and divines the winner"
Porpentine says, "oops"
HappyRock claps!
Porpentine tears the guts out of random bystander and divines the winner
HanonO exclaims, "ow!"
Taleslinger says, "ow my guts" Emily says, "this ceremony needed some haruspicy"
Fido growls at Porpentine.
inurashii says, "Poor random bystander. But with a name like that ..."
Porpentine says, "by the way, i didn't get the winner name lol" katherine says, "fortunately I am gutless"
Flourish says, "I want to know what species that bystander was. It matters."
Emily says, "must be a dud liver" Pacian says, "Gutosaurus Rex"
Porpentine says, "IT'S CAPTAIN VERDETERRE"
katherine claps!
Porpentine exclaims, "CONGRATULATIONS!!"
Taleslinger says, "wheeee"
klimas hoorays! Pacian says, "The auditorium is now awash in dino-guts."
maga | Captain Verdeterre cuts an imposing figure, with his plumed hat and his snappy jacket. There are so many reasons to look up to him: his tactical brilliance, his dauntlessness, his self-certainty, and his ability to inspire the certainty of others in himself.
jmac exclaims, "Yayeee rats!"
Thurnley claps enthusiastically
tommchenry claps!
Gerynar exclaims, "Congrats!" ASchultz asks, "it's the bystander's fault for being a by-runner, amirite?"
caleb claps!
djfletch says, "yarrr!"
Olly beats their chest like Tarzan.
SimonChris applauds wildly
adeniro says, "whoo hoo" baf says, "Thank goodness I'm not random."
Emily claps!
Johnny says, "yay"
HanonO says, "Ryan will be SHOCKED I tell you." DavidW says, "I know the word haruspex from a comic book."
Pacian applauds!
Porpentine teleports gracefully offstage
HappyRock cheers!
Pacian gathers applauses to put in a sack.
dfabulich exclaims, "huzzah!"
ASchultz cheers for the Cap'N
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "Squeak, squeak!"
Busta woots!
inurashii stomps enthusiastically with all paws
genericgeekgirl squeaks!
Gerynar oils genericgeekgirl
lpsmith cheers!
Olly douses neighbors with grog.
genericgeekgirl squeaks even more loudly at Gerynar and hides under a chair.
lpsmith asks, "I don't suppose we have a Ryan Veeder here today?"
HanonO exclaims, "He's counting the rest of his awards!"
Taleslinger pats ggg'S chair. "There, there"
Mostly_Useless goes home.
lpsmith exclaims, "No doubt!"
katherine applauds
ASchultz searches for an optimal way to applaud all the nominees before the auditorium fills with water
lpsmith exclaims, "Well, onward, then!"
lpsmith exclaims, "Next comes the award for Best Individual PC. And, for the first time in XYZZY history, a clear winner emerged from the nomination stage!"
Porpentine claps
HanonO bites his nails
jmac laughs at both more awesome IF authors here than ever, and more absent award-picker-uppers at the same time
lpsmith exclaims, "So, I'll invite you all to congratulate this year's single nominee and winner: The Aqueosity in Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser!" Johnny says, "Not showing up seems to increase your chances of winning by lots."
Porpentine claps majestically
Johnny says, "hooray!"
HappyRock claps!
katherine applauds
StevenWatson claps
Gerynar yay
Emily claps
caleb says, "hooray"
Gerynar exclaims, "Yay!"
Pacian exclaims, "Yay!"
Busta claps a whole lot. maga | You sing, sing, sing the song of ancients, of the unending, of all to come and be. Your semi-aqueous body kneads upon itself, in time to the rhythm: Spread, then fold, spread, then fold.
djfletch says, "hurrah!"
Emily says, "yay unusual and cool PC abilitis!"
HanonO exclaims, "Yay for last month!"
adeniro yays
Emily says, "with an e even"
klimas cheers!
dfabulich exclaims, "Hooray! I just knew this would happen!" tommchenry says, ""Testing the escape character"
LynneaGlasser says, "Yay, thank you all! :D I modeled it after myself ^_-"
inurashii howls the glorious song of their people.
Porpentine fixes unfortunate flesh
Porpentine repairs meat entity
Olly beats their feet on the floor, making a great big noise.
maga says (to lpsmith), "okay, don't touch her flesh when you hand over that statuette"
HappyRock applauds LynneaGlasser
lpsmith gingerly sets the award on a small trolley, and pushes it across the stage to Lynnea.
JimMunroe applauds, with human hands.
Pacian colours himself blue.
Porpentine claps
tommchenry claps
Olly hopes the hands belong to JimMunroe.
LynneaGlasser Only melts the award a little bit.
HanonO presses the applause button on his armrest
Gerynar didn't notice the applause button on his couch
Pacian only has an electro-shock button on his couch.
liza becomes a svelte purple hottie.
SimonChris says, "claps"
Gerynar pushes the button on his couch. The couch makes a whining sound and begings to fold up for storage.
ASchultz applauds
lpsmith exclaims, "Let's all give another warm round of applause to Lynnea, in the hopes she doesn't kill us all!"
lpsmith cheers.
HappyRock applauds from joy and fear!
klimas hoorays!
HanonO holds down the applause button, wondering where Gerynar went.
Gerynar applauds as best he can, folded up in a couch
Porpentine explodes happily
Olly claps diligently.
Busta applauds from his hiding place.
jmac exclaims, "Hooray for our undersea overlords!"
Pacian applauds in fear of his life.
dfabulich claps cautiously
maga says, "yay us not dying"
katherine applauds
inurashii stomphowls
tommchenry exclaims, "Hooray for death's opposite!"
lpsmith exclaims, "And now, with an interpretive dance that might include the nominees for Best Individual Puzzle: zarf!"
Grocible goes home.
Grocible has disconnected.
zarf stands, slowly maga | A lone violin plays.
zarf says, "I apologize in advance for typos -- this laptop has a janky keyboard"
HanonO presses the "vuvuzela promenade" button on his armrest.
zarf says, "Also, the vuvuzelas disorient and confuse me"
Gerynar finally excapes fom the couch and quietly finds another couch to sit on.
Olly gives theirs to Fido to chew.
zarf says, "But I now present: 'The Puzzle: A Solo'" Taleslinger says, "Don't startle the zarf, it's rare to see one in the wild"
zarf says, "(I also apologize for not having played any of the nominees. It's been... a year.)"
zarf waves a hand in a way that intimates creating the meat monster in Coloratura
SimonChris goes home.
maga claps
Emily claps for meat golem
Pacian exclaims, "Yay Newsong!"
klimas cheers!
lpsmith waves his hand in a way that indicates appreciation.
Porpentine claps
StevenWatson claps
Busta claps for meat monsters, still hiding.
Taleslinger makes the sound of one hand clapping.
Gerynar claps
SimonChris arrives from the west.
dfabulich waves his hands in a way that implies joyful clapping
zarf turns slowly on his heel, which means discovering the type of route that works in Threediopolis
jmac claps two frozen steaks together
StevenWatson sned
katherine applauds again!
StevenWatson claps
Emily faces in various directions to cla
klimas claps!
maga arranges his arms in tree shapes
HanonO claps implicitly
Busta v;s[d, which happens when he claps one key to the right. SimonChris asks, "Did I miss anything?"
zarf rubs his fingers and thumb together in the style of Earning One Million Dollars in ULTRA BUSINESS TYCOON III Olly says, "No."
maga says, "zarf dancing"
Taleslinger shoots himself with the c-remover and ends up with a lot of laps.
Pacian cheers loudly!
klimas cheers!
inurashii applaudses
dfabulich applauds
StevenWatson applauds deafeningly
Emily claps two wallets together HanonO says, "Just Keith Moon up there on stage"
Gerynar claps
Porpentine happily spins
tommchenry cheers
jmac yarps
zarf performs a getting out of the lab in Chemistry and Physics arabesque
Busta throws money into the air, and all the portraits applause.
Porpentine explodes into dollar bills
ASchultz claps with 1 1/2 hands, beacuase clapping for yourself doesn't quite feel right
Porpentine claps
Emily claps
inurashii wags tail!
Olly toots the Fido-chewed vuvuzela. The tone is greatly improved.
Taleslinger says (to inurashii), "hey"
zarf tries to remember what a plie is while maximising your profit in Captain Verdeterre's Plunder
Guest1 goes home.
StevenWatson claps
Porpentine claps
Gerynar claps
lpsmith maximizes his plie in response. Emily says, "I assume that zarf is performing this dance while wearing a traditional plaid costume"
zarf undertakes an unholy storm of tap-dancing to spell out the three-latch door in Faithful Companion
jmac aronofskys
Busta maximizes his number of claps. Doug says, "no, just purple"
Gerynar applauds
klimas claps!
Olly bangs on the floor.
Pacian claps.
dfabulich exclaims, "ia!"
Emily claps but the ghost keeps unclapping
Olly mimes taking a battering ram to the door.
zarf spins in a premonitory manner
katherine applauds!
HappyRock kvells.
katherine pre-applauds, more lke
Porpentine passes out
zarf continues spinning, waiting for the envelope dfabulich fails to paste in Unicode characters
HanonO exclaims, "Emily Short EEEEEEE!"
Olly says, "Eeeemily."
Emily says (to HanonO), "I hang out here all the time, I'm not surprising :)"
Johnny says, "First system with a Tableflip extension wins."
ZoeQuinn goes home.
zarf brings on a chorus line of ... meat monsters! maga | The Newsong greenly bubbles into gleeful thankfulness.
inurashii exclaims, "Wooooo!"
katherine applauds!
Emily says, "yay!"
ASchultz applauds!
StevenWatson cheers
Busta claps claps claps.
maga claps
Pacian cheers.
Gerynar woots
caleb exclaims, "hooray!"
Porpentine bursts into appreciative flesh chunks
Oracizan leaves the auditorium to the west.
adeniro exclaims, "yay!"
djfletch cheers
zarf the monsters go rampaging.
jmac exclaims, "Flesh chunks!"
zarf says, "Damn."
Thurnley claps, two turns later
dfabulich will eat anything.
Olly exclaims, "Hoorah!"
inurashii exclaims, "Yayyy meat!"
maga says, "okay, sludge-control team in aisles 3-4"
Johnny says, "hooray" HanonO says (to Emily), "sorry, a few things turn me into a japanese schoolgirl"
zarf says, "Okay, next presenter clean up."
zarf drops mic
LynneaGlasser Gurgles in a joyous New Color!
lpsmith exclaims, "Lynnea! Come up and get your award!"
zarf sits
inurashii steals a slime-basted meat chunk genericgeekgirl hides the tentacles fro Hanon.
genericgeekgirl says, "*from"
klimas asks, "first mic drop at an XYZZY cereony?"
jmac hurrahs!
HanonO asks, "Should Lynnea just sit on the stage?"
LynneaGlasser says, "Thanks everyone, I'm glad that you had fun doing some amazing crazy meat-manipulation. :)"
Fido sniffs a chunk, then scoots away whimpering.
dfabulich oozes, aaahses.
Porpentine claps
klimas cheers!
LynneaGlasser says, "That puzzle changed a lot over the course of development, and I'm really happy with the outcome"
HanonO is going to clap but realizes he's covered in veiny goo
tommchenry claps in viscera
maga says, "everyone loves to manipulate the meat"
HappyRock claps with meat!
Olly says, "Look, we are doing it right now."
HanonO facepalms at Maga
Taleslinger says, "Making meat jokes in a second language is hard" Johnny says, "@xyzzyawards is gaining followers by the several minutes."
lpsmith exclaims, "One more round of applause, in honor of meat monsters everywhere!"
dfabulich ululates with meat
SimonChris cooks meat and eats it
genericgeekgirl makes a meatcar and vrooms around the room.
LynneaGlasser says, "And we are all of us, meat monsters ourselves."
Porpentine claps massively!!
Gerynar applauds squarely
Pacian applauds with hands made of meat and bone.
Olly slaps the meats at the end of their arms together.
Taleslinger says, "Hooray for Meat!"
katherine claps
Busta claps.
HappyRock exclaims, "Meat for everyone!"
lpsmith nods wisely.
HanonO presses the 'shower' button on his armrest
Gerynar is wary of the buttons on his new couch
lpsmith exclaims, "Next up: Jim Munroe, presenting the nominees for Best NPCs!"
Olly douses HanonO with grog.
HappyRock cheers wildly!
HanonO pulls a green diamond curtain around him and showers nonchalantly in row 16
adeniro claps
JimMunroe takes the stage in a single bound, nearly slips on a flesh chunk, but manages to turn it into a dramatic swivel and faces the audience.
dfabulich holds his breath while clapping rhythmically
Olly whistles for JimMonroe.
jmac is impressed.
JimMunroe beams out at the awesome IFolk.
katherine applauds
Johnny places pipes so as to maximally provide applause to Jim.
JimMunroe says, "NPCs are fun to have around, when they're not giving us impossible quests or trying to kill us. In this year's finalist games we met..." Porpentine asks, "??"
JimMunroe says, "The weirdo adults in Bell Park, Youth Detective by Brendan Patrick Hennessy..."
Porpentine claps
klimas cheers!
dfabulich claps weirdly
Emily claps
Gerynar claps
JimMunroe says, "The just-slightly-exaggerated monstrous legal colleagues in Choice of the Deathless by Max Gladstone..."
StevenWatson claps
HappyRock applauds!
lpsmith cheers
Porpentine claps
Pacian claps.
tommchenry claps Emily asks, "hey, what's unrealistic about a boss with no flesh?"
HappyRock turns cartwheels
jmac says, "Oorah"
Guest1 arrives from the west.
HanonO claps from behind his shower curtain, his shower cap has crab designs on it.
SimonChris claps
Olly waves their arms.
dfabulich claps monstrously
ASchultz cheers some more Porpentine says, "flesh is an impediment"
Gerynar applauds
StevenWatson claps HappyRock exclaims, "That's what I thought!"
dfabulich says (to Emily), "you've worked some odd jobs"
JimMunroe says, "The spunky schoolchildren in Ollie Ollie Oxen Free by Carolyn VanEseltine.."
katherine claps
Busta claps
klimas cheers!
Johnny says, "hooray"
Emily claps
Porpentine claps
HanonO exclaims, "spunky!"
StevenWatson claps vigorously Taleslinger says, "management has been working with a skeleton crew"
jmac makes a PR-IF gang sign
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "Omg yes, Bell Bark's crazy cast!"
dfabulich claps like a little schoolboy
HappyRock says, "Yay Carolyn!"" tommchenry exclaims, "Long live the non-flesh!"
loopernow goes home.
Olly oxens freely.
JimMunroe says, "The cyberiffic sludge dwellers in Ultra Business Tycoon III by Porpentine..."
klimas cheers!!
HanonO me claps without managing to unjoin hands
Porpentine exclaims, "claps!!!"
Emily says, "and don't forget, BEES"
Porpentine claps
jmac says, "Sludge chunks"
tommchenry cheers Porpentine says, "DONT FORGET THE BEES"
HappyRock applauds, though he is covered in bees.
dfabulich agrees that BEES
Pacian is murdered by skelegroans.
Guest1 says, "@listc -recent"
tommchenry says, "or that cop!""
StevenWatson claps
JimMunroe says, "The whimsical magic users of Witch's Girl by Geoff Moore..."
Busta claps for bees.
Porpentine claps
tommchenry claps
HanonO claps for Geoff
Emily claps
Olly douses neighbors with mead.
marshal_tenner_winter claps!
dfabulich claps whimsically
Taleslinger wee wee
JimMunroe says, "and the winner is..."
inurashii gets back from putting dinner in the oven to applaud
JimMunroe pushes the envelope, and it conveniently pops open.
Gerynar claps
JimMunroe exclaims, "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free by Carolyn VanEseltine!"
katherine applauds
Porpentine claps maga | His mom was an astronaut candidate. She died in a car crash, which is why George lives on base with his dad, but George either forgets that or won’t admit it most of the time. His art projects are littered with women with recognizable cornrows waving hello out of rocket ship windows.
Taleslinger holds his breath
HappyRock applauds heartily!
jmac exclaims, "Yaay whee!"
zarf says, "Yay Boston"
Johnny says, "yay!"
StevenWatson claps obstreperously
Emily says, "yay!"
genericgeekgirl whacks inurashii on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper for breaking character.
tommchenry claps
klimas cheers!
caleb claps
DavidW slaps
ASchultz applauds!
dfabulich exclaims, "Congratulations!"
DavidW claps
Doug says, "yay CvE"
Busta claps claps claps.
HanonO bursts out of the shower stall in nothing but a crab-festooned shower cap, and streaks up the aisle, clapping for CVE as he runs dripping
Olly oxens even more freely.
Pacian applauds.
djfletch says, "hurrah!"
StevenWatson claps again
Johnny says (to zarf), "Save it for the rap album."
Gerynar exclaims, "Yahoo!"
adeniro claps zarf says, "right, right"
JimMunroe returns, relieved, to his chair.
inurashii, though duly chastised, happily stomps all four paws!
Emily says, "hooray very challenging-to-implement characters"
inurashii exclaims, "Yayyyyy she'll be thrilled!"
LynneaGlasser says, "Awesome job! (Some of those kids made me cry)" Johnny says, "zarf/maga double-album."
lpsmith cheers and returns to the stage. "I don't suppose we have a Carolyn here today?"
Guest2 goes home.
inurashii says, "Nooo sadly she couldn't make it due to scheduling sadness."
HanonO returns to his seat in a comfy robe.
inurashii says, "It was sad."
lpsmith exclaims (at inurashii), "Well, make sure she gets this award, then!"
Fido looks sad as only a dog can.
inurashii says, "Ok I will chew it not very much."
lpsmith says, "That's all we can ask."
lpsmith exclaims, "And now, I'd like to invite Emily to the stage, to present the nominees for Best Puzzles!"
katherine applauds!
dfabulich asks his kid to schlep the award over to Carolyn; he's too weak to do it himself.
StevenWatson cheers
Emily climbs up on stage
HanonO screams EEEEEEEE!!
Gerynar applauds ASchultz says, "I've never scheduled sadness in my life. Revenge, yes. Sadness, no."
adeniro applauds
jmac says, "Yay"
tommchenry applauds
caleb applauds inurashii says, "Carolyn is comprehensive about her gcal."
Olly exclaims, "Puzzles, puzzles, rah rah rah!"
Emily says, "We now celebrate the games nominated for Best Puzzles. Not all IF needs to have puzzles, but a good puzzle is an art form in itself"
Emily says, "and the nominees this year are:"
Emily says, "Captain VerdeterreÕs Plunder, by Ryan Veeder, another entry in Veeder's ongoing exploration of what the world would be like with talking rats."
DavidW says, "yay puzzles!"
Emily says, "It challenges the player to find the best way off a sinking ship with a load of plunder, and is definitely a learn-by-drowning game."
Porpentine says, "claps"
inurashii exclaims, "Hooray plunder!"
StevenWatson claps
Busta claps.
tommchenry claps
HanonO claps (eeeeee!)
genericgeekgirl says, "That would be a wonderful world."
Gerynar claps
Olly burbles.
Johnny applauds for everything at once. Taleslinger says, "Emily, summing up and ending the puzzleless IF discussion in two sentences."
Emily says, "Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser, in which the player has to learn to think like an alien entity in order to control the minds and the physical environment around her."
Porpentine says, "claps"
StevenWatson claps
Porpentine says, "claps"
inurashii is all blue and stuff
lpsmith cheers!
Gerynar claps
jmac says, "yay mind-control alien rat captains"
ASchultz applauds
Olly whistles.
Busta claps in a spectrum of color.
Emily says, "and Threediopolis, by Andrew Schultz, a wordplay puzzle game with, let's say, a unique approach to geography, not to mention a number of fun Easter eggs."
Taleslinger says, "hooray"
StevenWatson sends due applause
Pacian applauds.
klimas cheers!
jmac loves words!
Gerynar applauds
inurashii gets super confused, hits the walkthrough, and claps
DavidW yays all puzzles
Olly spalc.
StevenWatson senses new applause
HappyRock would applaud if only he could figure out what combination of items he was supposed to use...
pollux arrives from the west.
Emily takes out the envelope and a letter opener that she found in a locked drawer on the far side of a labyrinth filled with combative flame-breathing minotaurs who could only be suppressed by means of a special recipe of potion...
Emily says, "and the winner is" * pollux has joined the channel.
Emily says, "COLORATURA" maga | You reach out, caressing Emily's delicate aura, willing it to become indigo. Her aura absorbs this new state willingly, as though they were her own emotions.
Taleslinger says, "woo"
zarf cheers
ASchultz applauds!
adeniro woo hoos
Johnny says, "hooray"
Busta claps claps claps.
dfabulich exclaims, "yay!"
katherine applauds!
caleb exclaims, "hooray!"
Gerynar exclaims, "Yay!"
StevenWatson claps
jmac exclaims, "Aiee!"
djfletch says, "woot!"
Pacian applauds.
Olly drums their heels on the ground.
SimonChris claps!
LynneaGlasser says, "Oh wow, thanks! It's all about hardest puzzle of all: figuring out how people work."
klimas amens!
Taleslinger says, "true"
Busta exclaims, "without dissection!"
Olly looks solemn.
Nitku says, "I hope someone has written a walkthrough" katherine says, "agh, place closes an hour earlier than I thought, must be off"
katherine applauds!
Emily says, "yay games about humans!"
inurashii enthusiastically stomps.
katherine is gonna get back baby bad balls to you, love, cretin.
katherine has disconnected.
DavidW claps
Emily says, "(and aliens also)"
LynneaGlasser says, "And thanks to my husband, for his patience slamming his head into walls for me along each milestone."
Porpentine claps!!!
jmac yays
Busta claps for supportive husbands.
lpsmith applauds supportive spouses. dfabulich says, "You'd think that'd be uncomfortable, but my understanding is that the two of them are equally gelatinous."
Emily says, "ha ha"
LynneaGlasser laughs.
Taleslinger says, "hooray for cool spouses"
Olly says, "With flat heads."
lpsmith claps and returns to the stage once more.
Porpentine claps!!
lpsmith exclaims, "The next award is for Best Setting. And here to present the nominees, our man behind the scenes: maga!"
maga ascends the stage
Taleslinger says, "hooray for that guy"
Olly exclaims, "Yay, maga!"
Johnny says, "woo"
Busta claps.
inurashii says, "yay for that guy again"
caleb claps
DavidW says, "oo, I've heard of him."
HappyRock cheers!
Nitku says, "Don't look behind the curtai... too late"
Gerynar says, "Hooray for ex-Alaskaiens"
maga says, "How's it going tonight, all? Having a pleasant whateverpartoftheday? Try the wine."
dfabulich tries the wine; dies.
maga hyperventilates, and has to be restrained from disrobing and climbing up one of the pillars.
HappyRock tries the wine. Explodes.
Taleslinger says (to nitku), "I'd watch a Wizard of Oz with maga as the Wizard"
Olly douses neighbors with wine.
klimas laughs!
maga says, "Or on second thought, don't."
jmac exclaims, "Hi maga!"
maga says, "So, like, I totally love all of you guys. You make worlds, man. *Worlds.*"
Pacian spits out a mouthful of wine.
Olly nods.
Porpentine orbits Johnny says, "The wine is made of people!"
inurashii says, "wurlz"
HappyRock finds the wine quite ... explosive. Taleslinger says, "Still, it's a good year"
maga says, "Usually strange and horrible worlds that in real life you'd sacrifice an arm to escape from, but still." djfletch asks, "then what are the people made of?"
Busta says, "Hopefully appropriately aged."
Olly frowns. Pacian asks, "Grapes, I guess?"
HappyRock asks, "...Other people?"
Pacian asks, "People grapes?"
maga exclaims, "So without further ado: this year's Best Setting finalists!" pollux says, "Bees."
dfabulich exclaims, "Very clever, young man, but it's people all the way down!"
Pacian laughs.
maga says, "Or, you know, last year's. I *said* not to try the wine." zarf asks, "soylent bees?"
Olly pulls the ring of a reference ack'er. It glows brightly and a voice says, "A cultural reference is acknowledged."
lpsmith claps, and keeps his arms. HappyRock asks, "S, if people are made of other people, and hell is other people, then are people hell?"
maga says, "Choice of the Deathless: a perilous multiverse ruled by laws with lucrative loopholes." HappyRock says, "*so"
dfabulich claps!
Busta claps.
klimas cheers!
HappyRock pulls himself back together to applaud.
inurashii claps
tommchenry claps
Gerynar claps
LynneaGlasser claps Olly says, "Yeah, I think so."
jmac exclaims, "Yay scary skull people!" Emily says, "it's true that the only one of this year's settings I'd be willing to visit is the one from Robin & Orchid, the rest being a bit too fatal"
Taleslinger tries to clap, but his strength isn't high enough.
Olly whoops.
Olly whoops for loops.
maga says, "Coloratura: a carefully-researched research vessel, an ocean floor, the boundless dark of the soul."
HappyRock bows.
tommchenry claps
Gerynar claps
Emily says, "yay meticulous research"
SimonChris claps
StevenWatson claps Pacian says, "Robin and Orchid is a world of rampant church pillaging though."
Busta claps for research.
djfletch claps darkly
ASchultz claps for weird and crazy worlds I like to visit when I'm too lazy to walk outside
dfabulich claps double for research
maga says, "Horse Master: a biotech blood-dressage dystopia."
Porpentine claps!!
Pacian applauds!
Emily claps and claps Johnny says (to Emily), "One of them's not if your a watergoo person."
StevenWatson cheers!
dfabulich claps rampantly
klimas claps!
SimonChris claps wildly! Johnny says, "*are"
Gerynar claps
caleb exclaims, "hooray!"
inurashii claps!
Thurnley goes home.
Porpentine sprays liquid applause from spinal hole
tommchenry gapes
Olly cries.
maga says, "their angelical understanding: a trauma-shrouded world of strange monsters and alien economies."
Emily says, "yay!!"
tommchenry whistles
Porpentine flips around like an orca
Pacian cheers happily.
Busta claps claps claps.
Gerynar claps
klimas cheers!!
HappyRock cheers!
caleb claps
dfabulich claps traumatically
adeniro claps
Porpentine says, ":)"
jmac claps!
HappyRock claps with the rain-hands.
Taleslinger cheers !1!!1!!1!
maga says, "and Robin & Orchid: the exciting world of church basements."
Olly applauds.
StevenWatson claps
Porpentine claps
tommchenry applauds
inurashii rolls in slime!!
Pacian visits the pipe room.
jmac exclaims, "Yay scary church people!"
inurashii claps from on their back.
Olly cheers for churches.
Emily says, "and stackable ark dioramas"
Gerynar applauds
adeniro looks up applause in the big book
dfabulich stacks up the clapping devices
maga says, "and the winner is:"
Oak goes home.
Taleslinger says (to emily), "don't remind me"
maga fumbles with the envelope. Emily says, "without that game I would never have realized there was a disambiguation challenge between the Ark of the Covenant and Noah's Ark"
lpsmith cheers! inky says, "ha ha"
maga fumbles with the envelope some more. It's starting to unfold.
Fido looks on with interest.
HappyRock holds his breath. BrenBarn says, "not to mention noah's wife"
maga continues unfolding the envelope until its folds cover most of the stage. Map diagrams cover its surface.
dfabulich hasn't breathed since his death earlier in this category.
Pacian tears off some of Happyrock's breath to hold too.
maga finds one very small rectangle in the lower left-hand corner.
Mostly_Useless arrives from the west.
maga exclaims, "Robin & Orchid!"
Emily claps!!
Porpentine claps!!
zarf says, "Yay"
jmac cheers!
klimas cheers!
HappyRock applauds!
DavidW cheers!
Olly waves their arms.
inurashii says, "Woooo!""
tommchenry applauds! maga | You flick through the notes and read Casey's scrawly handwriting: "I volunteered to paint a mural in the basement, and Patrick the youth leader gave me permission, so I painted a mural of the Four Beasts (the man and the lion and the ox and the eagle) and it was a GREAT MURAL but once they saw it they went ahead and covered it up with JONAH."
Gerynar cheeres
dfabulich claps
Johnny claps.
adeniro woo hoos
ASchultz exclaims, "Awesome!"
Pacian exclaims, "Yay!"
Busta claps for church basements.
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "Huzzah! The scariest setting won!"
djfletch woooos like a spooky ghost
Doug says, "yay for scoobydoo mysteries"
StevenWatson claps
Mostly_Useless applauds
HappyRock claps!
genericgeekgirl squeaks like a spooky rat.
maga says, "I believe that neither author is present, once again confirming the rule that the best way to win is not to attend"
jmac plays a tape of spooky halloween sfx
lpsmith asks, "We have a different Emily. Can we give the award to her?"
lpsmith says, "We have a different Ryan, too, for that matter."
maga says (to lpsmith), "right, because her mantelpiece is kind of lonely"
lpsmith asks, "I know, right?"
Gerynar is proud to be the only Gerynar
Olly gives a consoling cookie to Emily.
Emily says, "I'm sure it's just a matter of offsetting the award ceremony to the correct time zone"
lpsmith exclaims, "Well, let's give one more round of applause to Ryan and Emily, the ones that aren't here!"
Emily claps
Taleslinger says, "whoo"
maga claps
Busta claps.
klimas claps!
caleb applauds
tommchenry applauds
StevenWatson applauds
Pacian claps clappingly.
Olly claps.
Gerynar applauds Johnny asks, "What *is* BST?"
HanonO claps
lpsmith says, "The award for Best Story is next, with me once again presenting the nominees."
Porpentine claps
dfabulich claps Pacian asks, "British Summer Time?"
tommchenry claps klimas asks, "to see your enemies driven before you?"
Pacian says, "Daylight Savings for GMT."
lpsmith exclaims, "First up: Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser!" DavidW says, "Bermuda Summer Triangle"
StevenWatson claps
HappyRock cheers! maga says, "also known as bullshit time"
Emily claps
Busta claps.
klimas claps!
adeniro claps
tommchenry applauds
Porpentine claps Nitku says, "No-one can be told what BST is."
Gerynar claps djfletch says, "Her Majesty's Britannic Greenwich Summer Hours"
inurashii exclaims, "Woo!" Pacian high-fives maga.
Taleslinger says, "yay"
lpsmith says, "You know, it only now occurs to me that always presenting the awards in alphabetical order lends a certain predictability to this ceremony, but anyway."
JimMunroe checks his watch and looks anxious, slips out with small goodbye waves. HanonO returns from kitty emergency
lpsmith exclaims, "Second: Horse Master, by Tom McHenry!"
Porpentine neighs happily
tommchenry buzzes
klimas claps!!
adeniro applauds
StevenWatson applauds!
Emily claps for Horse Mastery
Busta claps claps.
JimMunroe goes home.
Taleslinger clappity clap clap.
inurashii waves a carefully-extracted nerve disc in the air
lpsmith exclaims, "Third: Solarium, by Alan DeNiro!"
klimas cheers!
StevenWatson claps
Emily claps and stamps fet
Gerynar claps
dfabulich claps two horses together
tommchenry claps
dfabulich claps two alchemical compounds together
caleb claps
Taleslinger says, "Wheeee"
Olly applauds.
Pacian applauds.
Johnny says, "woo" Emily says (to dfabulich), "only once. after the first clap, they're the philosopher's stone"
lpsmith exclaims, "Fourth and finally: ULTRA BUSINESS TYCOON III, by Porpentine!"
Porpentine claps
ASchultz applauds all 4 nominations
klimas cheers!!
tommchenry smashes a cop against a pile of money
Porpentine spirals into the sky
Emily says, "yay Ultra Business Tycoon III!"
adeniro woo hoos
djfletch chants "show me the money"
dfabulich claps two capitalist pigs together
SimonChris applauds
StevenWatson claps!
Olly toots on the improved vuvuzela.
Pacian cheers and finds money.
lpsmith says, "I'd like to tell you a story to let you know who the winner is. It starts back when I was a boy, and it has lots of excitement and danger and narrow escapes."
inurashii stompy stomps
lpsmith says, "Unfortunately, there's no time for that, so I'll skip to the end."
HappyRock claps for everyone!
lpsmith exclaims, "The winner is Solarium, by Alan DeNiro!"
Porpentine claps! maga | If the One who created us exists -- or once existed -- It wanted nothing to do with us afterward. And in that sense, the archon and I are brothers. Or brethren in arms.
Busta claps claps.
tommchenry applauds
klimas says, "yayyyy!"
caleb exclaims, "woohoo!!"
DavidW cheers!
HanonO claps for something not coloratura!
Pacian applauds.
Olly waves their arms.
dfabulich says, "yay!""
LynneaGlasser cheers!
Johnny says, "yay"
jmac presses the button to release elemental cheering!
zarf cheers
SimonChris applauds!
Gerynar claps
inurashii gives cheerings!
adeniro omgs
genericgeekgirl sets up a tf5 macro to clap at appropriate intervals.
Emily claps for scary story!
Taleslinger says, "..lpsmith You've been known to not finish stories."
StevenWatson stands up in appreciation. (And to make a quick trip to the bathroom.)
lpsmith exclaims, "adeniro! Come up here and say something!"
adeniro is kind of breaking the pattern with nominees?
adeniro lumbers up to the stage thing
Richie arrives from the west.
Olly claps for someone who is here to give a speech. dfabulich asks, "Solarium is the first Twine game to win an award today, isn't it?"
ASchultz applauds the Golden Banana winner winning an even cooler award.
Porpentine claps klimas says, "yep"
adeniro says, "hi...i was going to give any acceptance in my own personal alchemical dentist chair, but I couldn't get it through MUD customs..." DavidW says, "Twine itself got an award, though."
Olly boos MUD customs.
maga says (to adeniro), "sorry, man, new biohazard rules" Johnny says, "Twine is the ultimate Twine game."
klimas says, "... whoa"
dfabulich says, "papers, please"
adeniro says, "so I just want to briefly thank the Twine community: particularly again Leon Arnott, without whose Twine work Solarium wouldn't have been possible"
Olly says, "Maybe that's why so many winners aren't here."
Emily claps for Leon again
marshal_tenner_winter goes home.
klimas cheers Leon! Nitku says, "Fun fact: Twine 2 is made entirely in Twine"
Taleslinger says (to adeniro), "I really loved your game."
Pacian claps. Johnny says, "That's why cats love it."
jmac hrays! zarf says, "... whoa"
Busta claps claps.
Porpentine claps Nitku says, "(disclaimer: not true)"
StevenWatson claps
SimonChris applauds! dfabulich puts on his sunglasses. "What if I told you that the XYZZY voting system was actually a multiple-choice game?"
tommchenry claps
adeniro says, "and also my awesome beta testers...I'm very thankful...! All right, I think that's it."
Emily claps
caleb claps jmac says, "ha ha"
dfabulich claps
klimas cheers! Doug says, "and also some XYZZY acceptances"
adeniro says, "(thanks to all who played solarium too)"
ASchultz applauds again.
tommchenry applauds
adeniro meanders back down
lpsmith returns to the stage, clapping.
Taleslinger says, "yay"
lpsmith exclaims, "We'll now welcome maga back to the stage to present the award for Best Writing!"
maga swirls up onto stage
maga says, "Writing! *jazzhands*"
Olly exclaims, "Yay maga!"
Johnny typed "hooray" into a mud client all of a sudden.
Olly exclaims, "Yay writing!"
HanonO claps for show choir
Flourish jazzhands in response
lpsmith does backup choreography.
maga says, "IF is a craft that requires a lot of individual skills, which is why we have so many bloody awards."
DavidW says, "ha"
StevenWatson laughs HanonO says, "They weren't bloody till the ceremony started..."
zarf says, "this ceremony has been moving along pretty well though"
zarf says, "some of the early years we hit three hours"
HanonO exclaims, "whoa!"
Olly exclaims, "Wooo!"
maga says, "But for me, at least, writing is the crucial one, the one where the rubber meets the road, and if you don't have your shit together everything's going to end up in a twisted, smouldering heap of metal."
HappyRock dances. dfabulich asks, "wha, how?! song and dance numbers?"
Emily says, "pretty much"
klimas says, "kinda, yeah"
HanonO says, "eew" dfabulich asks, "lifetime achievement awards?"
Emily says, "there was a fair amount of horsing around"
DavidW says, "mmhm"
Guest1 goes home.
maga exclaims, "Here are the most shit-together-having games of 2013!" inurashii says, "Horses are serious business"
DavidW says, "yay fiber"
Porpentine gravitates
Olly cheers. djfletch says, "more of the winners need to show up and make lengthy speeches"
HanonO says (to davidw), ""
maga says, "A work which manages to contain thousands of words about colour/emotion synaesthesia and the harmonies of the universe without sounding like an insufferable hippy: Coloratura."
inurashii says, "yay shitting together" klimas says, "I remember having my mind blown by the first use of #jumbotron, but I don't remember what it was used for"
LynneaGlasser asks, "Wow, Did they not have a peanut gallery back then?"
Johnny says, "h'ray"
klimas claps!
DavidW claps
tommchenry claps!
Emily claps
jmac exclaims, "Squishy color aliens!"
Olly exclaims, "Yay!"
lpsmith cheers!
Pacian applauds.
maga says, "A lyrical hero's journey with more than a hint of Kafka: their angelical understanding."
klimas cheers!
DavidW claps
Emily claps many times
Porpentine pops
inurashii gallavants!
Pacian applauds still!
StevenWatson cheers heartily
Olly toots their vuvuzela.
maga says, "And a comedy building on the rich, nuanced literary tradition of laughing at foreigners: You Will Select A Decision."
jmac applauds for awful angels!
Porpentine CLAPS
tommchenry cheers angelicness
StevenWatson claps
klimas cheers!
Emily chooses to clap
Taleslinger says, "woo"
HanonO applauds Russian
Olly decides to clap.
dfabulich is behind on clapping
djfletch says, "da"
Johnny says, "yay"
tommchenry cheers
Richie clap clap clap
ASchultz performs a clapping routine
maga says, "AND THE WINNER IS"
Porpentine passes out
lpsmith does a drum roll on the podium/altar.
maga exclaims, "their angelical understanding!"
(From Taleslinger) maga has disconnected.
Emily says, "YAY"
SimonChris applauds
Porpentine SCREAMS
klimas says, "yayy!"
zarf says, "Yay"
jmac exclaims, "Hurrah!"
Emily claps
caleb exclaims, "woo!"
tommchenry exclaims, "YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!"
ASchultz applauds
lpsmith exclaims, "Huzzah!"
Gerynar exclaims, "Hurah!"
StevenWatson exclaims, "yay!"
Pacian exclaims, "Woooooo!"
Busta claps claps claps.
LynneaGlasser Cheers loudly!
adeniro yayyyyys
inurashii plays in slime forever
HappyRock rains hands. maga | I think I'll just keep moving forward.
Olly beats their feet on the floor.
LynneaGlasser claps together bloody angel wings!
dfabulich exclaims, "huzzah!"
Porpentine teleports on stage
HanonO runs in expectation of a buffet of hands crashing down
djfletch says, "hurrah!"
Porpentine handstorm sucks everyone into the sky
HappyRock gets some more hands from the buffet.
jasonstevanhill cheers
lpsmith cheers for Porpentine, and hands over the award.
Porpentine exclaims, "Well thanks! Jee!"
inurashii says, "wheeeee"
DavidW drinks a swig of face.
Porpentine absorbs award into biomass
Pacian deploys parachute.
HanonO says, "noooooooooooo not hands....eeeeeeeeewww"
Gerynar tries the wine and melts into the couch
inurashii says, "Everybody raise your face"
Porpentine says, "angelical understanding means a lot to me..."
Taleslinger says, "Speech! Speech!"
Olly shushes Tale. HanonO says, "Yes, thank you porpentine for creepy hand and face nightmares!! :)"
Mostly_Useless applauds loudly and belatedly
Porpentine says, "It's probably one of the biggest distillations of pain I've put into a game, I'm glad people could share that with me."
Porpentine says, ":)"
HanonO says, "Yay for sharing pain!""
Olly hugs Fido.
Porpentine says, "It started from that one image of training to fight angels, which is really kind of significant to me, this idea of being set against something everyone loves."
StevenWatson says, "nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around"
ASchultz applauds again, symathizing, with hands very slightly aching from clapping
LynneaGlasser exclaims, "I'm all for that!"
Draconis arrives from the west. * Draconis has joined the channel.
Porpentine says, "I think a lot of marginal people come up against that. The values set up as good and sacred in our culture are rarely good for those on the bottom."
Porpentine says, "Plus the association of goodness with light and whiteness...I wanted to fight that too."
Porpentine says, "The total obsession with purity that an angel me, an angel is about mercilessness."
Gerynar says "bloop" and shrinks down into a little dot, then winks out...just like those old-fashioned B&w televisions.
Gerynar has disconnected.
inurashii says, "Thank you much for sharing."
Porpentine says, "They're the opposite of compassion."
inurashii wags tail. Johnny says, "Ryan-senpai noticed us: thank you xyzzy voters"
Porpentine exclaims, "so yeah thanks for fighting angels with me!"
Porpentine teleports into shadows
Taleslinger says, "Woo"
StevenWatson applauds
Emily claps
klimas claps!
Pacian cheers heartily.
adeniro applauses
HappyRock cheers!
tommchenry cheers wildly!
jmac applauds an awful lot
Draconis applauds
zarf clas
inurashii happy howls
lpsmith says, "Hey, an actual live acceptance speech! w00t."
Olly bangs their vuvuzela on the ground.
SimonChris applauds zarf says, "give or take a keystroke"
Draconis says, "Testing..."
lpsmith returns to the stage, and applauds Porpentine one more time.
HanonO applauds
Porpentine curtseys destructively
lpsmith exclaims, "And now, finally, the moment you've all been waiting for!" Draconis asks, "Sorry I'm late. Which awards have been announced?"
lpsmith says, "At least, the moment those of you who are still here have been waiting for."
Taleslinger asks, "Free booz?" Johnny says, "All but Best Game."
HanonO asks, "hot buffet?"
lpsmith says, "Not that we don't all wait for all moments, in a manner of speaking."
Olly douses Taleslinger with booze. Johnny says, "Hit up @xyzzyawards on Twitter."
Pacian fails his curtsey armour-roll and loses 5HP.
inurashii exclaims, "Free booze! Booze is innocent!" dfabulich says, "[LINK]
lpsmith says, "Like booze and food! Indeed." LynneaGlasser says, "Amazing speech! :) I loved all those points."
lpsmith says, "And of course, on the MUD, as in real life, you don't have to keep hitting 'z'."
Taleslinger says (to olly), "Here's hoping you don't have a match." Porpentine says, "thanks :)"
lpsmith exclaims, "But anyway!" LynneaGlasser says, "Thank you for the amazing work"
lpsmith exclaims, "The nominees for the Best Game of 2013!" Porpentine says, "melts happily"
lpsmith exclaims, "First: 'Coloratura', by Lynnea Glasser, for her tenth nomination of the night!"
Emily claps!
dfabulich claps
Busta claps claps.
StevenWatson claps maga | Her mind still swims with bliss, and her Song is perfectly tuned. "Thank you. I... everything is so beautiful now," she moves her body and picks you up, "I know what you want - to return," you can feel her flesh react where it touches you, "I want to help you, get you back to your home," the flesh now oozes and ashes, "as thanks for the magnificence that you have granted me," her flesh now scalds acidic, but the Mercy continues, "what should I do for you first?"
tommchenry claps
inurashii claps!
Pacian applauds.
Flourish claps
DavidW claps
Doug claps!
djfletch claps
Draconis claps
Porpentine claps
Johnny says, "yay"
LynneaGlasser says, "Aw, thanks."
lpsmith exclaims, "Our next nominee is 'Horse Master', by Tom McHenry, that game's fourth nomination!"
Taleslinger says, "yay"
klimas cheers everybody!
Johnny says, "yway"
dfabulich applauds
tommchenry blushes
Emily claps
Draconis applauds.
Porpentine cheers
Pacian exclaims, "Wooo!"
StevenWatson cheers
DavidW claps
HanonO applauds
djfletch shouts "hoooorse"
inurashii says, "Hooooorse"
adeniro yay Coloratura and Horse Master!
Fido barks
Porpentine feeds horse nutrient sludge Allen asks, "is it xyzzy time?"
Busta claps claps.
Allen arrives from the west.
Firion arrives from the west. Olly says, "Aye."
Draconis says, "Yes."
HappyRock drugs himself.
Firion asks, "Did we start yet?" Draconis says, "Yes."
lpsmith fumbles in the podium for the remote control, and angrily pushes the button onit, aiming it at the jumbotron. HanonO says "Fool."
Draconis says, "Apparently. I was late."
Allen asks, "is it almost over?"
DavidW says (to Firion), "We're on Best Game." * Firion has joined the channel.
nm says, "peanut gallery xyzzy time, peanut gallery xyzzy time"
Emily says, "yes"
Taleslinger says, "yes"
maga | There are banners welcoming the 86th Annual Southwestern Region Horse Master Championship Gala on every lightpost for miles around.
Firion asks, "Best Game... how far in is that?"
lpsmith says, "There we go." Draconis says, "Last."
dfabulich says, "just keeps reposting [LINK]
Firion says, "Shit. I'm too late."
maga | You realize your posture is stooping forward and remind yourself you need to focus on standing up straight for the judges."
klimas makes a Big Lebowski reference.
Allen says, "there'll be a transcript"
Johnny says, "Try a red button." Firion says, "I prefer being there in real time. Well there are other comps coming up I'm sure."
Olly asks, "What do they taste like?" Draconis asks, "I'm examining the murals, and I think I get all the references but one: who is the man flourishing flaming trousers on a pole?"
Firion says, "Something about liar liar pants on fire I'd think."
lpsmith exclaims, "Up next: 'Their angelical understanding', by Porpentine, also coming in with four nominations!" zarf says, "Lost Pig, surely"
Draconis applauds.
Olly claps.
Johnny says, "way"
tommchenry cheers, stamps feet
klimas applauds!
DavidW claps
Busta claps claps.
StevenWatson says, "yay!""
inurashii howlstomps
Taleslinger claps.
jmac whirrs maga | You can't think of anything to say that will do honor to your friendship. It was made of so many gentle gestures. So many subtle understandings. Broken people supporting each other's weight.
adeniro woo hoos
djfletch claps
dfabulich cheers
Pacian applauds happily.
HappyRock claps
Emily hoots Draconis asks (of zarf), "I don't remember setting the pants on fire in that one. Is there a way?"
Firion golfclaps.
lpsmith exclaims, "And finally, 'ULTRA BUSINESS TYCOON III', also by Porpentine, with yet another four nominations!"
HanonO applauds, ready for a drink Draconis says, "applauds."
StevenWatson cheers
Porpentine claps for all happily
Busta claps claps.
Draconis applauds.
adeniro yayyys
Johnny says, "hay"
tommchenry applauds wildly
klimas claps! zarf says, "it's an easter egg."
Olly stomps on the floor.
tommchenry bullets a cop
Porpentine gasps in horror
Pacian stares. "Double Porpentine! All the way!" maga | One of your earliest memories is being stung by a bee and sitting by the sink holding your arm under the cold water.
Porpentine eats the cop for nutritin maga | At the time it was the worst pain you could imagine.
Emily says, "yay!"
dfabulich tries to refocus his eyes Firion asks, "What exactly is this the award ceremony for?"
lpsmith says, "And the winner is..." Draconis says, "The XYZZYs."
Emily holds breath
Draconis plays a drumroll.
lpsmith gestures dramatically to the jumbotron. maga | The connection of this place overwhelms you, and you Sing unending. Mercy sings with you, an eternally blissful duet.
maga |
maga | White. Perfection.
Firion holds breath too
lpsmith exclaims, "Coloratura!"
zarf says, "Woo!"
klimas cheers!
Firion golfclaps again.
Flourish cheers
inurashii thundrous howlstomping!!
Johnny says, "HOORAY!"
dfabulich jubilates
Olly cheers.
Zach cheers
Olly barks and runs in circles.
Doug says, "yay"
Marvin cheers.
tommchenry applauds
djfletch says, "hurrah!"
HappyRock cheers!
StevenWatson claps HanonO says, "So... I'm guessing I need to play this Coloratura game thing."
LynneaGlasser Is floored!
Porpentine morphs into clapping
Busta claps claps.
DavidW cheers
Draconis finishes the drumroll with a rimshot.
Porpentine claps!!
adeniro exclaims, "congrats!!"
Draconis applauds.
Pacian applauds.
Fido barks and runs in circles, too. Zach says, "Congratulations to all!"
LynneaGlasser says, "Well, thank you very much! When I was younger, I wanted to be a marine biologist."
ASchultz gives congratulations
HappyRock congratulates everyone! Firion says, "I'll actually take part in an IF comp when I've actually learned how to write in a language that's used nowadays. TADS 2 is too outdated, which really hurts."
jmac exclaims, "whee!"
Nitku asks, "Who didn't?" adeniro exclaims, ""and now they're kicking me out of this coffee shop. ALMOST perfect timing...congrats to all the winners!"
LynneaGlasser says, "...and live in an undersea research facility."
maga asks, "so you wanted to make a game that would make you not want to be a marine biologist any more?"
HanonO laughs
LynneaGlasser says, "but I have wicked-bad motion sickness, which ruled out boats." maga says, "eh, TADS 2 is fine for most purposes"
Zach sings Under The Sea
Olly says, "Interesting quote given Porpentine's speech."
Firion says, "But most people use TADS 3 nowadays."
dfabulich says (to klimas), "You're going to have to update that Storycade article with a pie chart of the systems of the winners. 1 Flash, 1 Obj-C, 1 PDF, 2 Twine, 7 Inform"
maga says, "you could be an intertidal-margin biologist"
LynneaGlasser says, "so I made a story where I could pay homage to that original dream." klimas says, "hooray diversity!"
LynneaGlasser says, "(I actually did some intertidal research on seagrass flowers. But it was not the same.)" Firion says, "Not to mention T2 and T3 use different interpreters, so it might be a pain for some to download two different interpreters."
Porpentine listens Johnny says, "It's the same terp generally."
Firion asks, "So you only need one interpreter for both T2 and T3?"
maga says (to Olly), "it was ENTIRELY UNPLANNED, I assure you"
LynneaGlasser says, "And then who doesn't love Elder Abominations? The two seemed a perfect fit." Olly says, "Mm."
maga says, "that said, in my headcanon Mercy is totally the protagonist of their angelical understanding"
lpsmith laughs.
lpsmith exclaims, "Apparantly so!"
dfabulich loves Elder Abominations, too!
LynneaGlasser says, "And I'm just glad that it came out as fantastically as it did. Thanks to my husband, thanks to my co-workers, thanks to my testers." Porpentine says, "lol"
Firion needs to try these games.
LynneaGlasser says, "and thanks to all of you for showing up, now listen to this color-song."
jmac says, "They're so cute and squishy and sanity-warping" DavidW says (to maga), "That could work."
inurashii exclaims, "ack!"
Pacian covers his ears.
Porpentine listens to color song Draconis asks, "Another mural question: who is the gloomy and awkward young man who is considering talking to a girl?"
maga says, "Rameses"
DavidW says, "yay testers"
Emily says, "yay!"
lpsmith exclaims, "And thank you again for writing it, and sharing it with us!"
dfabulich stares slack-jawed, hypnotized by the color-song.
Olly says, "Hooray." LynneaGlasser says, "I actually really like that interpretation for Mercy, lol"
HanonO hopes he isn't going to need another shower
Taleslinger says, "yay"
HappyRock is mind-controlled.
Pacian claps.
lpsmith exclaims, "And thank all of you for showing up again, and for your votes, and for your continued support of the IF community!"
maga asks, "okay, if everybody will gather around the stage for a text selfie, then I think we're done here?"
Porpentine spirals into heaven
HappyRock cheers!
tommchenry cheers
Olly jumps up and down waving their arms.
Porpentine gathers for selfie
inurashii says, "yayyyyyyyyyyyy"
klimas says, "hooray games made out of words!"
Porpentine adjusts sludge
Pacian makes the peace sign.
SimonChris gathers around stage
zarf cheers
Draconis walks up to the stage.
jmac photobombs
SimonChris adjusts tie
Firion gathers by the stage
HappyRock skitters stageward
Olly gives Tale bunny ears.
inurashii ambles to the stage
lpsmith says, "Here we go:"
Zach says, "Another award-winning awards ceremony!"
HanonO says, "I probably really should download Coloratura"
LynneaGlasser grins like a goof
tommchenry fluffs cardigan
inurashii looks super cute and stuff
Johnny sneezes.
FloatingInfo joins the gathering.
Zach gets sneezed on
lpsmith | ;Ha.
Olly exclaims, "Sneeze!"
lpsmith | User On Idle Why do you want to attend the Xyzzy Awards?
lpsmith | lpsmith 05d04 00m00 Grinnin' like a fool.
lpsmith | Draconis 16m34 00m04 Just now.
lpsmith | zarf 02h23 00m05 03m39
lpsmith | SimonChris 01h07 00m06
lpsmith | Pacian 04h09 00m08 Must be ClubFloyd or the Xyzzy Awards!
lpsmith | Porpentine 03h57 00m08
lpsmith | maga 07h48 00m10 Some of the higher samesteads are *splitly*.
lpsmith | inurashii 01h50 00m11
lpsmith | klimas 03h03 00m11 You mean I'm not dreaming?
lpsmith | Olly 03h29 00m12 Anything for a weird life.
lpsmith | tommchenry 02h00 00m13
lpsmith | HappyRock 02h01 00m17
lpsmith | FloatingInfo 02h04 00m25
lpsmith | Doug 02h20 00m26 procrastinating
lpsmith | Taleslinger 03h00 00m33 Ineffective Taleslinging!
lpsmith | HanonO 02h54 00m34
lpsmith | LynneaGlasser02h04 00m37
lpsmith | dfabulich 02h06 00m50 This is the owl of your doom.
lpsmith | Markov 10h13 00m55 I am the cure for brane
lpsmith | Emily 14h13 01m05
lpsmith | DavidW 01d06 01m08
lpsmith | Johnny 17h27 01m24 What's scented meat?
lpsmith | inky 08h18 01m25 intrepid condiment gambler
lpsmith | jmac 02h21 01m47 The winner of the ham battle is you.
lpsmith | Firion 12m16 01m53
lpsmith | Allen 06h43 02m21 Busy as beavers on ice with blowtorches
lpsmith | Alex 0106d 02m59 This Parrot Plays Games
lpsmith | Zach 21h00 04m12 Not labeling GMO's.
lpsmith | adeniro 02h11 04m46
lpsmith | Nitku 13h00 04m47
lpsmith | ASchultz 04h11 05m01 Learning the Mud commands, I guess
lpsmith | Fido 02h46 05m24 Talking to Olly.
lpsmith | Busta 01h45 05m33
lpsmith | StevenWatson 02h07 05m36
lpsmith | djfletch 03d06 05m37
lpsmith | Marvin 06h42 05m39 Incandescent Gas
lpsmith | Flourish 02h39 05m45 enjoying lovely Seattle
lpsmith | boucher 10h13 09m22 Visiting Club Dead
lpsmith | nm 01h51 10m26 Open to pain and crossed by the rain
lpsmith | genericgeekgi20h10 13m11 These little ninjas get ya every time.
lpsmith | Richie 32m05 13m14 Egad!
lpsmith | Auda 43d17 15m16 Just stopped by to listen in.
lpsmith | Mostly_Useles36m06 17m23
lpsmith | jasonstevanhi01h37 18m35
lpsmith | caleb 02h08 19m11 couth, kempt, and heveled
lpsmith | jenrexrode 04h15 30m36 Jumping into a hole in the floor
lpsmith | GDorn 0106d 32m42
lpsmith | K-Y 48m47 35m53 Communication let me down
lpsmith | BrenBarn 48m33 35m59 Busta busta busta!
lpsmith | Grocible 38m10 38m09 The satin finish provides darkly deviant good l
lpsmith | pollux 36d17 40m29
lpsmith | vimes 77d07 44m31 electric-coconut
lpsmith | *baf 02h02 01h16
lpsmith | *Roger 08h00 01h26 [LINK]
lpsmith | *marc 53d10 01h28 weaving
lpsmith | *neotenomie 01h57 01h32
lpsmith | Deesix 09h29 01h57
lpsmith | *two-star 07h50 01h59 I like eels!
lpsmith | *ghira 10h51 02h47 all shelves done! so.. er.. nothing
lpsmith | *Jacqueline 20d23 03h08 My pet karma's getting better, actually.
lpsmith | *Fink-Nottle 10d08 03h08 Beelzebub himself will fear the Bagger 288!
lpsmith | *DorianX 05d12 03h55
lpsmith | *Jota 04h53 04h00 My omnincompetence is inherent and absolute.
lpsmith | PerrySimm 04h54 04h50
lpsmith | *Ryan 20d05 06h26 Llyr fflyg wynyn cwn.
lpsmith | *annabianca 11d03 06h34
lpsmith | *Yuri 09h04 09h04
lpsmith | *Ferret 04d00 09h23 Looking confused, as usual
lpsmith | *ToxicFrog 07d08 10h25 There's a squirrel in my brain.
lpsmith | *logicmoo 03d05 14h26 !!!! Lets Discuss AI & Interpreters !!!!
lpsmith | *McMartin 18d18 16h10 ASCII-encodable text
lpsmith | *Jon 09d21 16h53 My part to balance out others' frenetic activit
lpsmith | *Bishop 01d11 23h16 Oh no, I got stuck in my French Horn!
lpsmith | Floyd 0106d 01d19 waiting for someone to play with me
lpsmith | *Steve 53d04 01d23 Me! *I* am not a vesseled vegetable!
lpsmith | *Recchi 02d17 02d17 The hardest trick is making it look easy.
lpsmith | *katre 47d07 05d01 I have a low saving throw vs. 'shiny!'
lpsmith | *ramn 11d01 11d01
lpsmith | *markm 11d07 11d06 Start your collection today! Trousers not incl
lpsmith | *rjbs 17d04 13d01 [LINK]
lpsmith | Uptime: 0106d; pollster: Olly; Users online: 80
lpsmith | End of List.
Mostly_Useless catches cold
HanonO presses a button on his armrest and is catapulted through the background of the picture
lpsmith exclaims, "And that's a wrap!"
maga says, "okay, text selfies are, in fact, the worst idea"
Olly sets off all of their toys at once "Woe unto ye! A cultural reference is acknowledged, indicating humor. Pop!"
jenrexrode exclaims, "ah, my hair!"
lpsmith exclaims, "Thank you all for coming, and if you want to participate in the post-ceremony discussion, I believe the Carousel Bar and Grill is now open!"
inurashii says, "This oldfangled technology STILL makes my head spin."
nm disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
ASchultz leaves the auditorium to the west.
lpsmith asks, "Which is, what, west, north, up?"
Olly is borne away by a squadron of flying toads.
klimas scribbles that down.
Draconis leaves the auditorium to the west. SimonChris exclaims, "I'm afraid I have to go to bed now. It was great seeing you all!"
dfabulich exclaims, "Thanks, everybody! Got to run!"
Doug leaves the auditorium to the west.
Fido heads back home.
Zach leaves the auditorium to the west.
dfabulich leaves ifMUD without any non sequiturs at all.
Johnny is whisked away by a violet beam of violent energy!
DavidW disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
HanonO leaves the auditorium to the west.
inurashii leaves the auditorium to the west.
jmac leaves the auditorium to the west.
Porpentine leaves the auditorium to the west.
klimas leaves the auditorium to the west.
maga hollers, "= Also, a reminder that the Spring Thing games will be coming out in just a few days: [LINK]"
Firion leaves the auditorium to the west.
zarf leaves the auditorium to the west.
Mostly_Useless goes home.
lpsmith says, "I hope that was right."
jenrexrode leaves the auditorium to the west.
HappyRock leaves the auditorium to the west.
Nitku leaves the auditorium to the west.
StevenWatson leaves the auditorium to the west.
tommchenry leaves the auditorium to the west.
Marvin disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
Pacian leaves the auditorium to the west.
LynneaGlasser leaves the auditorium to the west.
djfletch leaves the auditorium to the west.
Taleslinger leaves the auditorium to the west.
maga leaves the auditorium to the west.
Emily disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
SimonChris goes home. McMartin says, "Aw, crud, I forgot this was today. Yay winners!"
Busta disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
FloatingInfo goes home.
maga hollers, "Coincidentally-not-coincidentally, ShuffleComp signups are due on the same day."
boucher goes home.
lpsmith leaves the auditorium to the west.
Richie leaves the auditorium to the west.
The 'Carousel Room' Bar & Grill
Zagat's says, "The Carousel may not actually spin -- but after a couple cocktails prepared by master mixologist Flanz Loomi, you'll think it does!" This more than makes up for that barb in the local indie weekly declaring, "Why do they call it the Carousel? Because the men act like small children and the women look like horses." Goddamn smart-ass Gen-X punks.
You can see: IF WRITER'S FORUM ground rules, Grue Bouncer, MUD Author Chat Suggestion Book, verbs for interview situations
Players: ASchultz, Doug, Draconis, Zach, jmac, zarf, Johnny, inurashii, jenrexrode, klimas, Porpentine, Nitku, Taleslinger, djfletch, HanonO, Pacian, maga, LynneaGlasser, lpsmith, Richie
Visible Exits: down
lpsmith has teleported you to The 'Carousel Room' Bar & Grill.
maga says, "oof"
Doug says, "three cheers to maga for organizing!"
maga says, "so only a half-dozen things went wrong; I feel that's a respectable standard"
lpsmith exclaims, "Yay maga!"
klimas agrees!
HanonO exclaims, "hip hip!"
lpsmith laughs.
klimas says, "with both statements!"
Taleslinger says, "hurray"
ASchultz says, "if only a half-dozen bugs appeared in my games, I'd be utterly thrilled"
inurashii exclaims, "Thanx for hosting, maga!"
HanonO asks, "What went wrong?"
maga says (to HanonO), "if you don't know, that's all the prize I need"
ASchultz says, "I think I was guilty of a half dozen typos during the ceremony."
maga says, "that and a Fremont Interurban IPA, which I will now open"
lpsmith asks, "We didn't have a chalkboard this year, I think--is there a place the winners are being posted?"
HanonO grumps.
LynneaGlasser says, "I also thought it all went smoothly."
zarf says, "Twsitter"
lpsmith says, "Or I could make this google doc public or something."
maga says (to lpsmith), "I'll throw it up on the blog in a few"
zarf says, "Really, I just kept the twitter page open for the accumulating results"
HanonO says, "I think the highlight was the choose-your-own acceptance speech"
Johnny says, "The clapping drowns everything out."
maga says, "[LINK] is the oldschool version"
Taleslinger says, "I think I managed to tweet without typos, wheee"
maga says, "the main panic was totally losing half the quotes for Best Game and having to improvise"
Draconis heads back home.
HanonO says, "Oh that was you in the microphone? :)"
maga says, "also, a big hand to Taleslinger, who handled the twitterage"
ASchultz applaudes Tale
LynneaGlasser says, "I went through the panic of not planning ahead for the fact that I forgot how MUDs worked."
ASchultz says, "I'd planned to say "*SWUNES*" if I won, but that was all I got. Simon's idea was lots of fun, yeah."
klimas says, "I thought at first the PDF was just a jokey thing... but an actual puzzle! I'm impressed."
inurashii says, "Yeah I kinda had no idea what I was doing logging in, which is why I missedthe first award."
HanonO says, "This is like the oscars where I can pick winners because they are all movies I've not seen."
zarf says, "I am going to put this thing away and give my lap a rest."
zarf says, "Good evening"
zarf walks off through the wall; rich crimson light flares briefly around him.
Doug says (to ASchultz), "nice"
Johnny says, "And the average voting age is one million."
LynneaGlasser asks, "Is a transcript of the MUD text going up anywhere?"
Johnny says, "*isn't"
Porpentine exclaims, "congrats lynnea!"
Porpentine says, "i liked the protag of that game a lot...all for alien perspectives"
maga says (to LynneaGlasser), "Jacq has recorded a transcript, and we'll be putting it up somewhere at some point"
LynneaGlasser says, "thank you, and congrats to you as well! :)"
maga says, "not immediately, though, since she's at a funeral"
Porpentine says, "thanks :)"
Pacian says, "I liked the ending of Coloratura a lot. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, and wound strangely glad."
Pacian says, "*wound up"
Porpentine says, "i love that its an alien horror game from the perspective of the alien"
Porpentine says, "and it makes it sympathetic"
Johnny asks, "The ending that presents you with the epilogue?"
Porpentine asks, "btw pacian any new games on the horizon?"
LynneaGlasser says, "I love things that warp your perspective"
Porpentine says, "killing monsters is so boring"
LynneaGlasser says, "and glad you liked the ending! It was a chore figuring out the best way to help players get it."
Porpentine says, "it assumes this need for dominance as well that pervades a lot of media"
maga says, "c'mon, gotta kill *something*, and it may as well be a deproblematised Other"
Porpentine weeps
Pacian says (to Porpentine), "I kind of finished something recently. Just letting it sit for a while before I go back to it."
Porpentine says, "cooool, good luck with it"
maga says, "oho"
Pacian says, "Thanks."
Porpentine says, "i'm frustratingly on the cusp of a bunch of twine games that are all totally different and all totally incomplete"
ASchultz is looking forward to Pacian's next, whatever it may be
ASchultz says, "Well, if you keep writing ideas down, one project will probably eventually snowball"
Porpentine says, "yes...they're slowly achieving sentience"
ASchultz says, "maybe you can combine 2 games you didn't think you could, too"
Pacian says, "Good luck, whatever you wind up doing. :)"
HanonO says, "I really liked Threediopolis. I can't believe this entire game world came out of Andrew's head."
inurashii says, "I really look forward to seeing what you all come up with. :D"
Porpentine says, "thanks :)"
ASchultz says, "Well, Hanon, it came out of a 10MB text file of dictionary words to start :)"
Porpentine says, "i have a few smaller ones totally wrapped up, probably gonna release them as a collection"
HanonO says, "And Porpentine did give me nightmares about accumulating hands.""
Porpentine says, "once i make another one or two"
inurashii says, "And I will strive to have a few more entries next year."
ASchultz says, "Oops only 3."
Porpentine asks, "ahahah did it really give you nightmares??"
HanonO says, "I had a dream about it. They were crawling like spiders."
Taleslinger says, "oh dear, pushing 1 am here. G'night."
Taleslinger falls beyond time and memory.
Taleslinger has disconnected.
Porpentine says, "excellentttt"
ASchultz says, "So, is anyone here going to enter in ST if I may ask? I'd be looking forward to it"
maga says, "apparently it's got record intents this year"
HanonO asks, "Aren't the entires all done?"
HanonO says, "entries"
ASchultz says, "Registered authors have 2 more days to send stuff in"
maga says, "speaking of, shameless plug: you have until Wednesday to get ShuffleComp intents in"
HanonO says, "Oh, but yeah, I can't sign up now with a new game.""
inurashii says, "Shufflecomp exciteddddd"
ASchultz says, "I'd like to offer testing for SC. No way I have time to enter"
inurashii says, "I really need to finish Xenobabysitter before that starts"
maga says, "(that this deadline matches up near-exactly with the Spring Thing deadline is not a coincidence)"
Porpentine says, "yes i will be doing something for shufflecomp"
Porpentine says, "music is a big deal to all my games"
Johnny says, "I'm starting to believe it's not a coincidence."
jenrexrode disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
HanonO asks, "You also did Crystal Warrior Kesha?"
maga says, "also also, expect the shiny new IF Comp website to debut very shortly"
Porpentine says, "yes"
maga says, "you know, if I was thinking I'd have done the AOB crap *before* Best Game"
HanonO says, "That was the first time I actually cued up the music like you instructed and it fit with the game."
jmac says, "Shiny! Yes."
inurashii says, "The Game That Was Too Mighty For That Loaner Laptop at WiG"
jmac says, "Sometime this week there will be shininess and I shall post about it on the usual places."
jmac says, "I am also very stoked for ShuffleComp."
HanonO asks (of porpentine), "Cyberqueen is your too?"
Porpentine says, "awesommme"
Porpentine says, "yeah thats me too"
HanonO asks (of Porpentine), "Was that an intentional System Shock homage, or did it just work out that way?"
Porpentine says, "a bit inspired, sure"
Porpentine says, "i have no mouth but i must scream"
HanonO asks (of Porpentine), "did you actually play those games?"
Porpentine says, "as well. but def a lot of shodan. and yeah i played system shock"
Johnny has left.
HanonO says (to Porpentine), "Yeah, I *love* Shodan."
Porpentine says, "yup"
genericgeekgirl has arrived.
HanonO says (to Andrew), "Do you dream in anagrams? :)"
ASchultz says, "Nah, I just throw stuff at the anagram server :)"
ASchultz says, "actually Threediopolis is more like my dreams. The whole going north and south and being somewhere completely different."
HanonO decides to stop being a fanboy and shuts up
ASchultz says, "I bet that's a common sort of dream though--I have a game based on some other dreams I have but I don't want to give anything away"
Zach disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.
ASchultz says, "No problem, better that than awkward silence :)"
HanonO says (to aschultz), "Definitely don't give it away. And I assume there are terribly important private conversations happening."
ASchultz says, "and by give anything away, I mean, give anyone here an idea they might execute better than I could"
ASchultz says, "Well, I'm pleased with the piles of notes I've drawn up. You never know when they reach critical mass."
HanonO says, "And I'd be doing good if I'd stop forgetting to save my Twine project..."
LynneaGlasser says, "Anyway, thank you all. And congratulations again! I'm off to the movies :)"
HanonO exclaims (at Lynnea), "Bye! Congrats!"
klimas says, "enjoy!"
ASchultz exclaims, "goodbye and congratulations!"
Pacian exclaims, "Congrats!"
HanonO asks (of klimas), "Is Twine 2 all in the browser only?"
klimas says, "it's JavaScript-based, so strictly speaking, yeah."
LynneaGlasser goes home.
klimas says, "you can export stories as real files, and download backups of your work too."
HanonO says (to klimas), "So there won't be like...a mac version and a windows version..."
klimas says, "yeah, I don't see that happening."
jmac exclaims, "The Boston crew is going to a post-XYZZY dinner. Congratulations everyone, and thanks once again maga et al!"
jmac waves
maga says, "woo dinner"
klimas says, "I mean, apparently you can make Windows 8 apps out of HTML/JavaScript? So maybe."
jmac goes home.
klimas says, "Similarly you can make Chrome apps too... but for now I just want to get it into workable shape."
Nitku has been discontinued.
HanonO says (to klimas), ""neat actually. I'm just trying to figure out Twine. I keep deleting my work by accident."
klimas says, "yikes"
klimas asks, "how come?"
HanonO says (to klimas), "Well, mostly I am used to I7 which saves every time you compile. I was closing some passage windows and they *weren't* actually closed, but behind the main window. Then when I went to close, it asked me about saving and I saw all these windows and was like...'it's not NO...' " My fault mostly."
klimas says, "ah, I see."
klimas says, "Twine 2 insta-saves as you work, at least."
HanonO says (to klimas), "I thought I was closing passages but they were only getting sent behind the story diagram somehow"
klimas says, "one of my UI rants in general is, the concept of 'saving' is kind of outdated from my perspective."
inurashii says, "Well, there is something to be said for versioning"
klimas says, "then again, Apple tried taking it away in OS X and it feels super weird to me."
klimas says, "oh yeah, absolutely."
HanonO says (to klimas), "RIGHT. I have a couple text documents that I've never saved, just minimized and OSX won't let me touch them without protesting"
Porpentine goes home.
inurashii goes home.
klimas says, "awwright, peacing out myself! congratulations to everybody!"